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August 12, 2017 18:06

What is the best paint for painting the walls in the apartment ?

What is the best paint for painting the walls in the apartment ?

To the walls were painted with high quality, you first need to plaster the surface, and thus to prepare it for painting.

drops of solution are removed from the surface with a spatula or sandpaper.

surface before painting is required to be dry, smooth and durable.If the defects are, the paint just will not be able to hold on firmly and exfoliates.

Today diverse range of colors.For example, you can use today's popular water-based paints.It's easy to be diluted with water, it is non-toxic and dries quickly.

suggest you watch this video, which will help you to choose the right paint:


  • Water based paint - living room
  • Oil paint - bathroom and kitchen
  • Textured paint (stucco)

Water based paint - living room

latex paint for walls perfectly fits and gives a view of uniform coating.There is an enormous variety of colors depending on which dye was added to the paint.

This paint can be easily applied on wood.Also, stone, concrete and porous substrates, such as particle board

s or plaster.


But metal it can not be painted, it is only suitable for painting inside premises.Emulsion

film formed in the dyeing has excellent strength and has high air permeability and water vapor permeability.

This feature is valuable for interior residential buildings, because thanks to this microclimate inside the housing is significantly improved.The walls begin to "breathe."

latex paint, which is the basis of polyvinyl acetate emulsion, not waterproof, so it is not suitable for painting exterior walls.

Oil paint - bathroom and kitchen

For walls with high humidity or exposed to moisture or contamination, for example, bathroom walls, kitchens, bathrooms, you need to use oil paints.


This type of paint - the material quite cheap.It can perfectly replace expensive coverage.

wall, which is painted with oil paint, you can for eight years not tint.

walls are painted with special tools: roller, brush.

Textured paint (stucco)

now produce and special so-called "textured" paint.

With this paint hides various types of defects, and colors makes it much more interesting and varied.Before you paint her wall, you can not even do training.

The textured surface can be colored paints which contain various fillers, such as wood chips or quartz sand.

In this respect, decorative wall paint - very convenient.We invite you to watch a video about it.


So, the question of what kind of paint to paint the wall - is not so difficult, if this carefully prepared.