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August 12, 2017 18:06

Design Ideas and Photos of bedrooms in classic style

Design Ideas and Photos of bedrooms in classic style

Photo examples bedrooms in classic style offer to make the room cozy and stylish.

Each issue seeks a place to sleep so that it corresponds to the character, taste host.

bedroom is not only to relax in comfort and coziness.

furniture, curtains, decorative elements in this room should be pleasing to the eye.One like the bright, sunny colors in the decoration of the premises, and some prefer muted, light colors.

By decorated bedroom is approached responsibly.Before the repairs necessary to consider all the styles bedrooms.The visibility to better understand the styles on the photo.

They presented a large number of solutions for the bedroom: modern, creative, design.

But most people prefer to see my bedroom in a modern classical style.

Classical in the bedroom - the luxury, comfort, the desire to show off your exquisite taste.


those who appreciate the traditional canons of beauty,perfect shape, this style is ideal for design solutions of their bed


bedroom interior in classic style can combine the interweaving lines.This may be the Empire, Rococo, Baroque.

Combinations antique style, country give the Italian classic bedrooms.

Nevertheless, the classic has its own characteristics:

  • observed symmetry in the room, cupboards, tables, beds, ottomans obey conceived composition.If the elements of the situation are located randomly, then the overall image will be destroyed;
  • The bedroom should prevail warm colors: sand, terracotta, olive, peach, and the like.Abrupt transitions from one color to another is not supported by the style;
  • Furniture should be wood, and wood, from which it is made, only the valuable species.Built-in, foot of the bed, a chest of drawers can be decorated with a gold-plated bronze, nacre.Italian bedroom must contain in the interior elements of pine, oak, that need to be varnished;
  • In the interior there are natural materials: ornamental stone, natural fabrics, bronze, silver, natural fiber carpets;
  • walls, ceiling, furniture should have a decoration in the form of rosettes, moldings, another type of stucco.Today, they are made of modern materials, so stack them easily and quickly;
  • The interior must be present paintings, statues, vases.When placing such items, you should choose them according to the style of the bedroom.Welcome antiques or items made under the old.This can be a mirror, clocks, picture frames, candle holders, can be specially made old box in the closet;
  • In the center of the room should be a bed.It is the main element that sets the style.The rest of the furniture and accessories are chosen under it.

room bedroom should be large and spacious.After all, it should fit spectacular furniture, expensive accessories - components of the classical style.

Do not overload the bedroom objects - lost sophistication, glamor, room will resemble the bench, trading in expensive interior.


  • color, texture bedrooms in classic style
  • decoration of walls, floor, ceiling
  • Lighting in classical bedroom
  • textiles, décor in classical bedroom
  • furniture in classical bedroom

color,texture bedrooms in classic style

Beautiful bedrooms in a modern classical style can be designed in warm colors: sand, olive, chocolate, burgundy.Most stylish classic bedroom is white.

But not only limited to such shades of the room decoration.It is allowed to include details of your favorite shades.


It is important to maintain the basic rule - do notavoid striking contrasts and abrupt transitions from one color to another.

All furnishings - furniture, curtains, textiles, should waft tranquility, peace.

Fans of saturated colors can choose deeper shades.The room, decorated in deep burgundy, dark green color will look truly royal.

In addition to the closet, you can add a little aged bronze, gilt.Such elements will express generosity, elegance of design.

Elegant bedroom will look, in black and white.As highlights may make objects of purple, shades of coffee.

In the photo, you can choose the design that will appeal.

Texture in classical bedroom welcome any.The main condition - it should be close to natural wood, fabric, white stucco.On the floor looks nice parquet.


plastic products, synthetic fibers present should not.Cabinets can be decorated with frescoes pattern.

permitting design, the cabinet can contain built a large mirror.

decoration of walls, floor, ceiling

During repair work is necessary to pay great attention to the ceiling.Even the slightest unevenness, it is important to remove the defects, the surface must be flat.

Classic style requires subtlety, so the ceiling must include a graceful elements: friezes, frescoes, stucco.

Such details may be made of gypsum or of modern materials, which have a smaller weight and ease of installation.Cabinets can repeat elements, which decorate the ceiling.

for decoration classical bedrooms can be set ceilings.Fabrics preferable to choose those which depict classic story.

ceiling will focus throughout the room and set the style of the room.


walls must also conform to the classical style.Before coating they need to make perfectly smooth.On a basic framework can be put decorative plaster.

in DIY stores, it is presented in a wide range, but the classic style you should choose imitation of marble, Venetian plaster.

For the walls is also suitable stone, ceramics.

section of the wall that is easily visible from all seats bedroom, you can decorate decorated with paintings.

Exquisitely will look white bas-relief column, which is considered part of the Empire style.

Looks great on the walls of silk, brocade, which depicts flowers or other fanciful images corresponding to the classical style.

Curtains with this decision bedroom should be in harmony with the walls.

not always have the opportunity to acquire the column, expensive stucco, a special silk fabric, brocade.There are more than a budget option - pokleit wallpaper.

They must be shown the plant elements, fancy monogram.Wardrobe should contain decorations, repeating patterns on the walls.


figure often applied in a strict, laconic manner, range of colors selected calm, soft.Sometimes on canvas wallpaper pattern is applied, containing gold and platinum shades.

If such stick wallpaper in the bedroom, the room will get gorgeous, attractive appearance.In the photo there are examples of design bedroom wallpaper.

not worth all the walls with wallpaper paste, as you can overload the interior of an abundance of elaborate ornaments.

worth a small section of the wall to paste over self-colored cloth.It can take a box of plaster.

floors in the bedroom must be covered with flooring.His geometric shapes and natural colors, he will be in harmony with the classic interior of a bedroom.

When you create a classic style in the bedroom should not forget about the doors and windows.They must be made of natural materials, combined with the interior premises.


Design bedroom in classic style is represented in the photo in this article.

Italian classic bedroom must have floors made of marble and granite.Not all can arrange such coverage.Allowed coating made of mahogany, cherry.

Lighting in classical bedroom

Lighting in classical bedroom should be carefully thought out.If it is executed correctly, the rest in this room will give real pleasure.

desirable to make it a multi-level, because it will not perform one task:

  • necessarily have highlighted some areas, such as the headboard, dresser, wardrobe with mirror;
  • ability to create shadows;
  • possibility of creating a bright environment.

All lighting fixtures recommended to choose in a single ensemble.The material of manufacture - crystal, bronze, gold-plated.

furniture should include forging elements, ornaments in the form of inserts of transparent stones, rock crystal, silver-plated, gold-plated elements.

chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, which are in the bedroom, should create the impression of wealth, luxury.

room for sleeping must be well covered.If a little light that enters through the window, it is necessary to purchase a luxurious chandelier.

Large, ornate lighting element is not only to give light, but also decorate the bedroom.

is important to ensure and gloom in the classic bedroom.This room in the evening takes on a mystical and romantic look.


To do this, set the spotlights in the suspended structure.Positioning can be in any part of the room, depending on the interior, the wishes of the owners.

It should install and additional lighting.Dressing table can illuminate floor lamps, decorative lamps.

To read set in the headboard designed fixtures, made in classic style.

cabinet can be isolated in a separate zone with the help of embedded lighting elements in itself a piece of furniture.On the wall sconces will look beautiful.

They should be in harmony with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

color design luminaires can be used to decorate the room.Thus, the white room will sparkle with new colors, mood, if a floor lamp, wall lamp will be bright.

Bedroom in classical style, its coverage is shown in the photo.

textiles, décor in classical bedroom

Textiles in the bedroom - an important element of the decor.Curtains, bedspreads, ottomans should be decorated in the same colors.

choosing fabric for curtains dense, but their color can be bright, and thick dark.Curtains classical style is not conceivable without the elements - decorative cords, grabs, with fringe tassels.


They must be present in the windows of classical bedrooms.Heavy curtains made from expensive materials.

preferable satin, velvet, taffeta.Light textiles on the windows is custom made from a weightless transparent tulle.Curtains should be draped with soft, elegant pleats.

Curtains can be selected, when reviewing the photos.They will help arrange a bedroom in a modern classical style.

The bed must be present blanket and small pillow.The fabric from which they are made, should look rich.Often blankets embroidered with golden, silver thread.

important condition - the curtains and bedspread with pillows should be in harmony.Hosts can change a few sets, which include blanket, curtains in the mood, the time of year.

Minimalism is not characteristic of the classical style.Room for sleeping should look luxurious.To this end, it is decorated with various accessories as shown in the photo.


So, picture frames should be made of wood.On a shelf, chest of drawers, you can put a vase, clock, made antique.Can not do in the classic bedroom without figurines.

But do not overload the bedroom design in a classic style.The room needs to breathe, so you can fully relax in it.

furniture in classical bedroom

Classic bedroom should be furnished not disparate items you need to buy a set of furniture.

Most often set includes the following items: a bed, a chest of drawers, a dressing table, cabinets, ottomans, tables.

bed in classical bedroom should be large, massive, high headboard.If space allows, you can set a round bed.

carved legs, the head, the presence of the canopy should epitomize luxury and wealth.

cabinet can be one or several fold.Their number is determined by the size of the room interior.In today's decision, you can choose cabinets coupe.

It should be enough shelves, hangers to accommodate clothing.Those who prefer antique furniture, you can choose a cabinet with an artificially aged inserts.

This subject will give a atmosphere of nobility, romance.


Cases should be selected according to the size of the room and the space available.Thus, if the bedroom has a free angle, you should choose a corner cabinet.

In a small room will look harmonious small built-in wardrobe.In the photo presented as rationally wardrobes, beds and other furniture.

chest as wardrobes in the bedroom serves as storage space.His additional feature - a support for decorative elements, which are required in a classical setting.

Chest in the interior

In the photo you can see how to use a locker, so that it meets the style of the room.

Do not install in the bedroom desk to work.You can buy a small dressing table, around which to put a soft ottoman.


in the bedroom can make a small sitting area.Easy chair, table, floor lamp with soft lighting will promote relaxation.

Italian classic suites contain rich decorations.Wardrobes, beds, chests of drawers should have ornate carving.Upholstery ottoman, chair preferably olive, blue shades.