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August 12, 2017 18:06

Construction of the foundation for the fence with his hands

Construction of the foundation for the fence with his hands

By building the foundation for the fence of corrugated board or brick, it is not recommended to save on supplies and, moreover, easy to install even the fencing on the ground.

Over time, this structure section straight, the brick columns cracks and splits, and the gate will stop open easily.

Therefore, despite the cost of strip foundation under the fence, if you want to get a strong and durable fencing, have a little splurge.

Yet you can save on construction, if you build the foundation for a fence with their hands.


  • How to choose a foundation?
  • markup features and site preparation
  • construction of strip foundation under the brick fence
  • construction of strip foundation under the fence of trapezoidal sheet

How to choose a foundation?

When choosing a foundation structure under the fence must take into account the weight of the future of fencing.On this basis, decide on the application in the construction of a technology.

If you plan to build a fence, where brick or meta

l pillars to be used as a support base, you can make a tape or pier foundation for it.

In the case of mounting between the posts solid panels made of solid material foundation design is best done in the form of a continuous tape.Her

the depth should be at least 0.5 m, and the width in such a case should be a couple of centimeters more than the width of the pillars of the future.

This method also provides for the reinforcement of concrete support base reinforcing bars or metal mesh.If

section enclosing structures will be constructed of a lightweight construction material, then it will be enough to make indentations in the ground under the device pier foundation.

Foundations under the fence of bricks can be combined belt columnar structure, which is physical and mechanical characteristics significantly superior to conventional tape base.

in heavy swelling soils that are frozen in the winter, and then expanded and pushed onto the surface of the foundation, it would be correct to equip the base substrate using screw piles.

Later in the article have a video and detailed information about how to make a layout area as pour the foundation for the fence for light sections of corrugated board or brick.


features layout and site preparation

Marking the working area under the device a simple strip foundation, provides the following sequence of work:

  • around the perimeter of the future of the fence set of wooden or metal pegs on them stretched protective twine;
  • continue pouring the foundation for the fence requires digging a trench, its depth will depend on the degree of soil freezing and massive fence parts.

to build a strip foundation with supporting pillars, you must carry out the preparation of the working area for slightly different plan:

  • for marking dig a trench to the desired depth and width;
  • the trench, with the same gap, dug recesses under the supporting columns.

In order to avoid possible collapse of the walls of the trench, is shuttering height of its construction can be about 15 cm.

For additional hardening of the foundation under the fence, trench settling 8 mm reinforcement bars.

device columnar base is digging grooves at regular intervals, on the marked path.

distance between the posts depends on the size of the fence sections and can be up to 3 meters, as seen in the photo.

The markup for the foundation

do deep pits in the ground is recommended taking into account the weight of the soil freezing and future construction, usually, it is 80-150 cm.

construction of strip foundation under the brick fence

foundation under the brick fence erected by melkozaglublennoy technology.

If the land in the area has a dense structure, minimal moisture, and during the cold weather is not deep, the depth of the foundations of the tape can be 20-30 cm.

When heaving properties of soil, as well as when it is freezing more than 80 cm, to equip constructiona depth not less than 1 m.

for other types of soil penetration enough to make half-meter base.

sequence of construction works:

  1. Spend site layout as shown in the photos and described using a peg and twine.Then, dig the trench depth depending on soil structure, exceeding 20 cm height of the foundation of the future;
  2. align bottom trench and tamped, equip a waterproofing material, which is suitable as a thick plastic sheeting or roofing material.Laying the material needs to be done correctly so that its edges were turned to the wall (10-15 cm);
  3. waterproofing Over equip sandy base layer of 6-7 cm, it is well sprinkled with water and tamped;
  4. Top poured gravel sand fines or expanded clay gravel, thickness - 10-15 cm;
  5. is shuttering, which will raise the foundation above ground level at the next stage.The construction is being built inside the trenches, all the time being control of its parameters, which must meet certain size tape;
  6. To make reinforcement tape bases, in order to increase its strength characteristics, trench formwork settling reinforcing rods 8-12 mm;
  7. then preparing a cement-sand mixture, prepared the design stages filled.Filled with concrete pierced shovel or a metal bar to prevent it formation of air pockets.

Full ripening made this method of foundation under the fence occurs within 3-4 weeks, after which the formwork is removed and formed brick pillars.


This masonry brick pillars on the base substrate needs to be done with ligation.Make it possible reinforcement using a thin metal wire.

construction of strip foundation under the fence of trapezoidal sheet

Foundation erected a fence made of profiled sheet with supporting columns, as in the photo, which are mounted on the pier foundation technology.

At the initial stage of construction works performed marking territory, for it dug trenches and recesses for pillars.

A fence of corrugated board

optimum size, which can have a strip foundation for a fence of corrugated board is typically 25x50 cm. Above the ground bearing framework should act to 15-25 cm, not higher.

to build a strip foundation under the fence of corrugated hand must have the following tools and materials:

  • cement M400;
  • sand and water;
  • plasticizer;
  • rubble fines;
  • reinforcing bars of 3-10 mm;
  • boards shuttering;
  • drilling device;
  • hammer and fasteners;
  • bayonet shovels and spades.

future fence of corrugated board to strip foundations with support pillars erected on the following schedule:

  1. Once the trench is dug required dimensions, it is necessary to deepen to 60-90 cm, marked by poles locations.The depth can vary depending on the soil characteristics.
    pits under the supporting pillars for a fence using the standard trapezoidal sheet developing are in increments of no more than 2 meters.The width of the trenches doing the calculation that will be installed formwork, so it can not be less than 40 cm;
  2. in prepared recesses alternately set supporting columns, as which can be used b / y metal pipe with a diameter of 50-80 mm.Each of them must be at least 2.5 meters, it is considering the section that will be located in the ground.Supports put vertically, with the help of a plumb line.Fix a bulk manner - pits filled with debris and gently tamped, so as not to disturb the vertical support;The bottom of the trench
  3. equip expanded clay cushion layer of 5 cm is provided for the construction of the reinforcement, but given the fact that the reinforcing metal pin belt above the level of the basement at 5-8 cm These will subsequently be fixed fence..;
  4. followed by installation of the formwork.It can be built of wooden boards or chipboard height should protrude above the ground 20-25 cm. The stability of the formwork inside the ditch is added by filling the outside of rubble.Precision design installation checked by a level, all the corrections made prior to pouring concrete;
  5. Pole-trench deepening and reinforcing belt poured in several stages.At the same time the concrete components of the solution each time change.Part of the foundation in the ground, filled with a solution of cement, sand and gravel.The above-ground part - a standard cement mortar composition.

Step concreting foundation is necessary to prevent the formation of voids in the construction.For this purpose further poured concrete pierce in different places with a metal bar.

maturation completed structure takes more than a week, but the formwork can be removed on the second day, when the concrete sets.

The fully dried out and get a foundation hardness, mounted the fence of corrugated board.

around iron poles make the brickwork with the obligatory bandage.

improve its decorative properties can be achieved by lining finishing material structure, which resembles a wild imitation stone.

supplement the above material will allow thematic video.