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August 12, 2017 18:06

Selection of the independent water drain in a private house

Selection of the independent water drain in a private house

question of how to choose an autonomous sewer for private homes, each independently solves the estate owner.

about the benefits of living in a private home ownership today says a lot.

What is important to note, much is being done.In particular, developed effective support systems for private homes.

the estate owner has the opportunity to choose a suitable system of water supply and disposal of wastewater.The proposed systems are designed to suit every budget and qualified customer.

Choosing the type of septic tank "tank", a considerable amount of work you can do with your hands.On the stage, where resources are scarce, it is necessary to invite specialists.


  • methods to dispose of household waste
  • Principle sewage "Tank»
  • Features Autonomous sewerage «tank»
    • Benefits Autonomous sewage
    • Disadvantages autonomous sewer
  • Installation of batterysewage
  • Some nuances

methods to dispose of household waste

for a comfortable stay in a private country house, you want to c

reate the appropriate conditions.

Complete water and electricity systems are created and installed as soon as possible.Approximately the same situation with the arrangement of sewage and disposal of domestic waste water.Today

industry following purification device manufactured:

  • septic tank through a sealed container;
  • septic tank through the overflow wells;
  • station with filtering waste ground;
  • station biological treatment;
  • artificial wastewater treatment plant.

Many owners of private houses speak positively about the cleaning system "tank".

Before making a final choice, be aware that an autonomous country house sewer must meet certain health standards.

owner of the private area should be well-known geological features of the soil.First and foremost, the depth of the groundwater.

If human waste water will contaminate aquifers, the residents and neighbors have to use additional filters on the water intake devices.


Such a situation should not be allowed in any case.We have to take into account the peculiarities of the climate.In particular, the depth of soil freezing.

This is an important parameter that affects the drainage system operating costs.

, you must take into account the quality of the soil to make the right choice.It's one thing when in the area black soil with sand, and quite another if the soil is clay.

In this context it should be noted that any primer suitable for drainage of the "tank".

The next parameter that affects the choice of the sewerage system - the number of people living in a private home.

If you evaluate the experience of other countries, in China, one person can spend over 100 liters of water.In the US, the rate is close to 300 liters.

applied to a specific problem, the sewage system must accept and process the entire volume of waste water from a private home.

operating principle of some treatment plants is based on the filtering properties of the soil.

In order to clean the system operated properly during all seasons, it is necessary to take a certain place.According to averaged data required area to thirty square meters.

If the private portion has a small area, then carve out a space for such equipment will not be easy.

most suitable option today considered autonomous sewer based products "tank".

If necessary, it can be installed with their own hands and not to involve outside experts.The photo shows a schematic diagram of the device.

septic tank

principle of sewerage «tank»

Autonomous sewerage to private homes should be safe, regardless of the time of year.In winter, the contents of the tanks should not stiffen.

summer, when there is hot and smells from the sewage storage should not bother staying in a private house people and guests too.

mechanism of the autonomous sewer "tank" is no different complexity.The main tank is divided into several sections communicating.Sewage water from the house along the pipe into the first section.

where all incoming mass is separated into liquid and solid components.Solid pieces sink to the bottom.

Fatty and oily fragments collected on the surface.Water accumulates in the middle.

By specially mounted overflow pipe water flows into the second section.It produces the chemical treatment of water.At her influence special reagents.Specially designed

bind chemicals dissolved in the water and salts are precipitated on a solid bottom.The next stage of wastewater treatment is a biological treatment.

This occurs in the third section.It uses special types of bacteria.If they consume oxygen, they are called aerobic.If you go without oxygen, then - anaerobic.

formed sludge is used as fertilizer As a result of biological treatment.

At the exit of the third section of the water is of good quality and it is sent to the Infiltrator.This is a special absorbent pad.It is a final post-treatment of wastewater.


So working purification system in the private sector.The principle of an autonomous sewer action allows the owner not to interfere in the cleaning process.

The hands will only need to once every three or four years to cause sewage truck for pumping waste water from the first section of the system "tank".

This property makes it an autonomous sewer system attractive for use in the construction of individual housing.

autonomous sewer Features "Tank»

Typical projects include private house efficient energy saving system.Construction is carried out in such a way that in the winter the house was warm with minimum fuel consumption.

the summer was not hot in the hottest days.A large list of works in the construction is supposed to perform with his own hands.

From this brief explanation follows that a special heating autonomous sewer resources, as a rule, is not provided.

not provided because there are effective domestic wastewater treatment systems based on non-volatile mechanism.It sewage "tank" it refers to this type.

Benefits Autonomous sewage

The first thing that should be noted, autonomous sewer "tank" does not require heating.The second most important quality - strength of the tank.

On the photo represented the tank of polypropylene with a ribbed surface.This design gives the container strength comparable to septic tanks made of concrete rings, bricks.

Polypropylene tanks

next argument, which account for all developers - it is easy to install.tank installation work can be done with their own hands for two to three hours.

design life of such sewage is 50 years.Wastewater treatment, thanks to the technology used, complies with all health and environmental standards.

Disadvantages autonomous sewer

With all the positive qualities of an autonomous sewer "tank", it has some of the features with which to be reckoned.

If the site there is a fine shallow water table, it is necessary to pour the concrete foundation installation vessel.

Or put the finished concrete slab.

With all the positive characteristics of the system, use assenizatorskaya car services still have.

summer in hot weather may cause an unpleasant smell.

Installation autonomous sewer

In developing the project at farmhouse private home, the system of autonomous sewage is considered an integral and inseparable part of the whole complex.

This means that all construction works are carried out taking into account the requirements that apply to the sewer.

Often, when performing ground works simultaneously with the trench for the foundation pit dug for sewer and water tank.The photo shows a layout of a septic tank on site.

or install the tank can start as soon as the house is fully built.Internal drainage laid.And then you can proceed with the installation of the exterior of battery drain.

pit for the installation of septic tank should be located no closer than five meters from the house and within 15 meters.The photo shows the mounting dimensions of the tank in the pit.

Installation in a pit

The first thing to do is to align the bottom of the pit and cover it with sand.The sand layer should reach 30 cm. Before installing a septic pit in your own hands, you need to carefully examine it.

In a prepared pit set the main tank and the Infiltrator.The distance from the septic tank to the walls of the pit must be at least 25 cm.

Before backfilling the tank should be gradually filled with water.This is done to increase the strength of the septic tank.

In the pit, designed under the Infiltrator, the bottom was covered with geotextile.It is necessary to make sure.Geotextile - a web of synthetic fibers.

Its main feature is that the fabric flows freely through the water and the solids retained.This property is built principle of any filter.

material is spread so that the edges were in favor of the pit edge.On the geotextile layer of fine gravel poured thick up to 20 cm.

To do this, it is desirable to choose a smaller fraction.On this layer of gravel set Infiltrator.And on top of geotextile cloth covered.

At the outlet Infiltrator need to install the ventilation pipe.On top Infiltrator need to put a layer of insulation.And after that is done filling the device ground.


main tank is filled with a mixture of sand and cement in a ratio of 5: 1.You can fill with sand.In the process, you need to compact the sand.

All pipes that are laid in the ground must have a slope of not less than two centimeters to one meter length.In regions with harsh climates need to further insulate the pipe with his hands.

Some nuances

If the home is constantly three people live, then select the tank "tank» №1.

Septic with №3 is designed for 6 people.

labeling principle is formed on the rise.

The higher the number, the greater the volume of the reservoir.

should be remembered that savings when choosing a septic tank is not allowed.

preferable to have a small margin of septic tank.