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August 12, 2017 18:06

Properly insulate the roof from inside the attic

Properly insulate the roof from inside the attic

learn how to insulate the roof from inside the attic of interest to many homeowners.

Attic - a special room in the house.

According to studies by the attic space is lost for more than 25% of the energy used to heat the home.

Equipping the attic, building owner solves two problems at once - saving resources for heating houses and receives additional space for their needs.

attic is most often used as an office, a bedroom or a creative workshop.

In order to ensure an appropriate level of comfort here, you must properly insulate the roof of the attic.And do not forget about insulation gables.


  • Features
  • technology sequence of works
  • choice of material
  • Procedure
  • General rules


technology When building a new home all work on finishing and insulation attic are performedin a certain order.

Depending on the technology used, insulation is done outside or inside.

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

On a different matter, when, under the attic finish

ed with attic space has long built homes.

In this case, attic insulation works have to be performed only from the inside.And before you start to work with your hands, you need to thoroughly prepare.

It is best to create a step by step plan and impose a cost estimate.

Driving insulation

As part of this process to choose a heater that corresponds to all the requirements that are contained in SNIP.

Insulation must possess the following qualities:

  • low thermal conductivity;
  • high moisture resistance;
  • flame retardant;
  • environmental cleanliness.

Properly selected and packed insulator will provide appropriate conditions for living.

Indoors need to maintain a stable temperature and humidity level, regardless of the time of year and the weather outside the window.

In order to create such an atmosphere, we must qualitatively insulate the inside of the roof loft.

insulated attic with sloping ceilings, comfortable.In this configuration, the roof valuable space gets more than a conventional gable roof.

The video shows the process of warming the roof over the attic.The peculiarity of the situation in this case is that the roofing material is already mounted on the rafters.


This can be slate, metal or metal corrugated sheet.Regardless of the type of roof profiles, insulation of the roof from the inside procedure is performed on the same technology.

This work requires accuracy and in strict compliance with its sequence of actions you can perform with your own hands.

sequence of works

Being accepted for the insulation of mansard roof from the inside need to be clear about the structure of the so-called roofing "pie".

This structure is as follows:

  • roofing material;
  • crate;
  • waterproof coating;
  • insulation;
  • vapor barrier coating;
  • finishing material.

As can be seen from the above list, the insulation is protected from the external environment and from above and below.The quality of this protection, you must pay special attention.

More precisely, the fact that the membranes are stacked properly.In this context, it should be emphasized that the use in plastic film is not suitable as an insulating material.

membrane that is used to protect the insulation from atmospheric moisture, the water only passes in one direction.

If water vapor is separated from the heater, they are free to go outside.When the moisture in the atmosphere penetrates into the insulation plate.

The same principle works vapor barrier coating.Water vapor, which is present in the room does not penetrate to a heater.The film does not miss it.


But the moisture accumulated in the heater array, easily comes out.When installing these membranes to properly orient them.

is important to remember that between the roofing and waterproofing film should be an air gap.

choice of material

As a heater which meets all the requirements listed above, you can use the following materials:

  • basalt slabs;
  • wool;
  • foam;
  • extruded polystyrene.

heat insulator is selected depending on different circumstances.For sloping roofs will be more appropriate foam.Styrofoam Plates are easily handled and mounted inside in designated areas.

At the same time it has a low water vapor permeability.The result is that the room will gradually accumulate moisture.

Practice shows that when using the attic bedroom under the foam is better not to use.

With mansard roof insulation is not desirable to use glass wool inside.It is bad rests on inclined surfaces.Over time, it caked and loses its original shape.

Basalt plates have high mechanical strength, thermal conductivity and have zero does not absorb moisture.Basalt has elasticity and thus holds good between the rafters.

have properly installed roof structure the distance between the rafters is 60 cm. It has a width of basalt slabs.

The video shows how to fit insulation and heat insulation membrane with a mansard roof insulation.



Getting warming has long been established by the roof, you need to have in place insulation, film and tools.The area of ​​the roof is not difficult to determine.

This value is required in order to acquire the necessary amount of insulation.Since the insulation will be performed within, require wood or rail.

Warming entire roof is done in stages.

In the span between the rafters waterproofing membrane is stretched and fastened to the rafters with wooden slats.

stretched between the film and the roofing material must be an air gap of at least 3 cm. The membrane should not have wrinkles and folds.

The next step in the space between the rafters are installed insulation sheets.Establish and strengthen the insulation should be correct.

If basalt mats, they are for some time will be held due to its flexibility.Often you have to stack two or even more layers of insulation.


Once the heater is fixed in place, it should cover vapor barrier membrane.Attach the membrane need to rafters using stapler or using wooden slats.

And on top of the vapor barrier sewn fine finish.For this often used plywood or drywall.

General rules

The first rule, which can be formulated, summarizing many years of experience - it is best to equip and insulate the roof terrace in the process of building a house.

When the design is performed in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations, and the house is being built better and faster.

The video shows how a warming of a mansard roof from the inside and outside in the construction process.


second rule that must be performed necessarily regard to the protection of insulation from moisture.Of the moisture in the air which is present in the vapor state.

insulation material should completely cover the inside of all the surfaces of the roof and gable.Between the metal tile and insulation must be air gap.

better to let it be more than the prescribed number of size standards, than it will not be at all.

All materials, which are used for thermal insulation of the attic should have appropriate certificates - sanitary, technical, environmental.