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August 12, 2017 18:06

Tips for proper insulation at home from a bar outside

Tips for proper insulation at home from a bar outside

How to insulate the house from a bar outside, so it was always warm, even in cold weather?

In addition to creating a comfortable temperature, insulation of houses can save on utilities.

Therefore, this issue is very important and topical.


  • Reasons for and benefits of external insulation
  • Types of heaters
  • Installation work
  • General recommendations

Reasons for and benefits of external insulation

Houses made of beams and log confused do not have toin the structure of the different technologies used, the material also varies.When constructing

necessary to use beams with a minimum section of 40 cm in order to avoid freezing of wood, and keep the heat in the house.

Today, the most commonly used bar of 150 mm.The difference is huge sections so insulate this structure is necessary.

Insulation of the house from the outside

tree is highly hygroscopic, it is mandatory treated with various antiseptics.

As for insulation from the outside, it allows the wood materials to avoid contact with water in the form of

precipitation that has beneficial effects on the entire structure as a whole.

What are the advantages of warming the house outside:

  • during the execution of the works on warming homes can live without disturbing the usual mode of life;
  • facade can be decorated with any decorative coating;
  • heater installation is done with his own hands;
  • additional protection bar from the influence of external factors: rainfall, wind, temperature changes and other things;
  • most important - is to keep the heat, reduce the cost of utilities.

Types of heaters

As a heater used various materials differ in their characteristics.What type of insulation is best to choose?Consider the most popular.

Mineral wool - this type of insulation has received the recognition due to properties such as resistance to fire and the ability to "breathe."

The last factor is the most important for external insulation of the house from a bar, as the walls are not subject to rot, the formation of mold and mildew.

However, mineral wool with time lose their shape (crushed) and useful qualities.If it is used, it is best to choose the type in the form of plates, not on the roll or mat.

So it will be easier to cut and install.

Penoplex - another kind of insulation, which is great for home from a bar.Penoplex is durable due to its structure does not absorb moisture, not amenable to rot.

is believed that penoplex inflammable, but if you do an experiment and set fire to it, you can see that it burns.It should be noted that this material does not emit toxins, it is eco-friendly.

Among the shortcomings should be noted that this material may be difficulties associated with cutting and penoplex has a relatively high cost.


Penoplex and polystyrene are one and the same material.The difference is the producer, penoplex - product of domestic production.

foam - the most common and familiar to all kind of insulation.

has a number of positive qualities: does not swell, good at trapping heat, resistant to temperature changes and other

negative aspects, too, have:. Has a low vapor resistance, which is not very good in our case, easy to combustion, is not environmentally friendly.

However, this type of insulation has the lowest price.

How is the installation of insulation, see. In the video section.

Installation work

Any work begins with calculations.To properly calculate the amount of material you need to pay attention to the thickness of the timber and the climatic conditions of residence.

example, in the winter when temperature drops below 20 degrees, and the thickness of the timber is 20 mm, then the insulation is laid in two layers.

If the air temperature in winter is not lower than 20 degrees, it is enough to put a single layer.

addition of insulation film is required to waterproof the walls, it is laid overlapping (+ 10-12 cm), 5x5 cm board using a single layer of insulation and 5x10 cm - with two layers.

houses, built of timber, shrink during the year, so the insulation works to produce immediately after the construction is not recommended.

initial stage of warming the house on the outside is the detection of cracks and their elimination.It is better to use jute or hemp fiber.The corners of the building closed up more carefully.

Next, you need to handle antiseptic walls to warn the wood from rot and mold.

Antiseptic best applied with a brush instead of a roller so that you can go through every centimeter of wall.

Thermal insulation of a house built of lumber, most effective way to produce, using the method of "ventilated facade".How is it done?

Insulation of the house from the outside
first board mounted around the perimeter of the facade.Install they need vertical step width should be slightly smaller than the size of the heater.Thus, a better fixation is attained.

further formed to fill a space heater (any form of mineral wool, penoplex or foam).The material is laid from the bottom up.

Laying in the opposite direction to add additional efforts.Insulation should be included with slight pressure to prevent the formation of gaps.

The next step is to install a windproof membrane.

It is placed the material overlapping and interference, so when you purchase you need to do correct flow calculation, and installation to eliminate sagging.

Over windproof membrane which does not have the board set again, a step higher than 30 cm.

This is necessary for fixing the decorative coating.Boards also mounted vertically, focusing on the corners of the house, as well as the upper and lower borders, windows and doors.

walls, decorate with siding, look beautiful, and installation is made easy.Panels are beginning to lay the bottom, the installation implies the exclusion of education gaps.

To consolidate the material examined cm. Video.


General recommendations

Warming house from the outside - the problem is responsible, so do not neglect the following recommendations.

Store heater in the street is not recommended.This is due to humidity environment, which may affect the destructive material.

Step batten walls of the house should be slightly smaller (10-15 mm), the size of the heater.

All work must be carried out in compliance with the safety instructions: hand protected by gloves, eye - glasses or mask, etc.

Warming house from a bar made after its shrinkage.!Building shrinks during one year.


To ensure the quality of ventilation walls with cladding of the building should leave a small gap at the bottom and the top of the facade.

These places must be protected from precipitation on the walls with the visor.

beam must be treated with antiseptics.