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August 12, 2017 18:06

Stacking Infrared warm floor under the laminate

Stacking Infrared warm floor under the laminate

practice of recent years has shown that infrared radiant floor under a laminate is the best solution for both the individual cottages, and for high-rise apartment.

Warm floors are widely used due to its high efficiency and low cost of installation.

Works on arrangement of this type of heating system can be made with your own hands.

Operating costs almost not needed.

It should be added that the laminate has excellent decorative properties and high thermal conductivity.The combination of these options allows you to create a comfortable atmosphere in the living room.


  • Classification of heating systems
  • Advantages infrared heating
    • simple way to mount
    • Ease of use
    • Long life
  • Features laying
    • Surface preparation
    • Stackinginfrared film
    • Laying protective coating
    • Completing the installation

Classification of heating systems

At arrangement of the dwelling is very important to choose the type of flooring.Traditional materials, such as parquet, floor rail or linole

um are proven.

They are used for a long period of time.With the advent of new building technologies and there is a need for new materials.One such material - laminate.

In the framework of the topic it is good because it is best suited for the installation on the heating system, which is called the "warm floor".

The scheme of the warm infrared floor

Unlike radiators and convectors, which are installed under the windows, heating elements are placed under the floor covering.

To date, the following heating methods are most often used:

  • radiant floor heating;
  • electric floor heating;
  • infrared (IR) radiant floor heating.

practice of recent years has shown that these species provide uniform heating the entire volume of the room, and high economic efficiency.

In a first embodiment, the coolant is water.In the second - a special power supply cable.The third film serves as a heat source of thermal radiation generator.

This technology has been tested in the space industry.The question of which type to choose, decided depending on the particular conditions and circumstances.

Installing heating elements and installation of the entire system is easily done by hand.

Advantages infrared heating

experience of recent years allowed a reasonable conclusion that the film infrared heater has a number of advantages over similar products.

structure of the heater is made up of three layers:

  • reflective material;
  • IR-film heater;
  • protective coating.

maximum thickness of this "sandwich" is not more than one centimeter.The apartments are of standard construction, where the ceiling height is reduced to a minimum, this option is paying special attention.

The average efficiency rate of the heater is 95%.The maximum heating temperature is less than 26 degrees.Heating laminate allowed to +27 C0.

simple way to mount

Installing and IR floor heater does not require pouring a cement-sand screed.

Only this fact allows us to significantly accelerate installation and commissioning of the system in operation.

Laying laminate

Mount the heater and put it on top of the laminate can be their own hands, without the involvement of professional installers.

Ease of use

Once the floor is heated very quickly.The temperature can be adjusted continuously.

thermal energy is distributed evenly throughout the room.

Such heat transfer mechanism makes it possible to dispense a smaller amount of electric power.

This excludes sharp temperature jumps, which is very important for the laminate.

Long life

initial acquisition costs of infrared heating system and its installation may seem weighty.

However, elementary calculations show that all investments pay off within two years.


Rated lifetime infrared heater up to 25 years.

Features laying

Once decided to install indoor infrared heat-insulated floor, you need to properly prepare.

First floor layout is performed under the laminate and outlined the place where to be laid infrared heating substrate.

makes no sense and the need to lay the film heater in places where there is furniture.

Experts advise putting Heating element where usually stretches carpet or rug.

After that you should calculate the necessary amount of infrared heater.As a rule, in specialized stores you can choose the desired area of ​​the IR coating.

is important to calculate the optimum power output.For a room of 20 square meters is enough to power 200 W per square.

power a heating infrared film is indicated in the passport, which is necessarily applied to the product, and instructions for laying the rules.


order to qualitatively carry out the installation of the system, you need the following tools and accessories:

  • thermostat and temperature sensor;
  • steam waterproofing material;
  • pliers;
  • soldering;
  • stationery knife.

Once everything was ready and the room freed from furniture and other items, you can start to work.

Surface preparation

If the infrared heated floor is laid on a concrete foundation, it is necessary to align the draft floor.It is best to do this using cement-sand screed.

on wood flooring can be put film without pretreatment.Suffice it a good sweep and vacuum the board.

is important to check that they are not left protruding nails and sharp protrusions.Then check the horizontal surface.


deviation from the horizontal is allowed no more than three millimeters per meter.The next step - laying channel for cable routing and holes for the thermostat.

The video shows the sequence of actions.


infrared film in the first place on the prepared surface is done laying thermally reflective fabric.This coating is more convenient to buy rolls.

With convenient handle and roll on the film are not formed folds during prolonged storage.

Heat Reflector to fix, so he did not move.When the installation is carried out on a wooden base, for fixing the staple gun can be used.

Instead stapler is permissible to use double-sided tape.Strips of adhesive tape is necessary to bond with each other.The next action unfolds film infrared heater.


heats the fabric is placed on a thermally reflective material is a copper strip down.If necessary, the web should be cut into the desired size band.

Film heater is cut only in those places where there is a corresponding mark.When the web is cut into some pieces, the place must be insulated copper bus section.

To do this, complete with a heating infrared film is supplied special insulation based on bitumen.

insulating fabric should close around the shear silver contacts.They connect a copper bus with the heating elements.

And in the end of the process to join the copper bus contacts special clip.

Laying protective coating

Before you lay a protective plastic film, it is necessary to connect the temperature sensor and thermostat.

Installation of the sensor is carried out according to the scheme, which is attached to a set of floor heating.In more detail, this operation is shown in the video.


After the switching over of the infrared heater is laid polyethylene coating.

And this covering is laid laminate.All works are often performed with his own hands.

Completing the installation

heat engineering specialists recommend test the functionality of installed infrared floor after the installation is complete the electrical circuit.

In this case, the rule that it is better to take extra care, than to engage in the elimination of defects later.

With the installation of the infrared floor can handle anyone familiar with the construction works.No further preparation in this situation is required.