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August 12, 2017 18:06

Replace the glass in a plastic box

Replace the glass in a plastic box

practicality, durability and reliability - these are the main qualities of plastic windows, but they sometimes get damaged and then it becomes necessary to replace the glass in a plastic box.

If you want to increase the number of the sealed chamber, and thus improve the thermal and sound insulation qualities, there is a task to replace the entire glazed.

In the latter case, as a rule, the replacement of glass in a window requires the involvement of a specialist in the repair of plastic windows.

Note that if the windows are still under warranty, then it should deal with the company that performed installation.

Do I need to change the whole glazing or only one glass?

There is an opinion that the replacement of glass in the pane is not possible, and if the need arises you need to change the whole leaf.

It is clear that this approach is beneficial to repair, especially manufacturers, because the sale of the entire window or sash, a much more profitable in monetary terms than single glass.


In fact, if you have simple tools (knife and rubber mallet), as well as specific skills to work with them, the replacement of windows in plastic window is very real and possible.

Although it is technically and quite difficult.

Really, I was still not glass, but a double-glazed window.

But replacement windows in plastic boxes produced extremely rare, because this kind of work provides for the involvement of experts, and resort to it in cases where you want to save especially valuable glass (for example, stained glass).

Firstly, because it is easier, and secondly, because it is the same or even cheaper than replacing the glass.

Do this because the camera can get the air with high humidity, and then it will lead to the formation of condensation.

Replace the glass yourself

Note that you can perform on their own and this work if necessary.To do this, with the greatest possible care to get glazed with injury and then just gently insert a new one.

completed successfully replaced glass in a plastic box will help, above all, accurate compliance with all regulations, as well as the correct sequence of work, otherwise you can spoil the whole structure, and irrevocably.

starts with the dismantling of the glazing beads.First, remove the long side, then - and then the bottom - the top.


Remembering the location of each bead and celebration spaces between struts secure the glazing and the window frame is necessary.

IGU has a considerable weight, because it is impossible to manage without assistants.Work better gloves.

new glazing is inserted following the previous arrangement of struts.Beadings are inserted in reverse order.

On the correctness of their installation indicates a click.The seal is attached directly to the glazing beads and no other seal in this case is not necessary.