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August 12, 2017 18:06

Scour mounting foam with metal doors

Scour mounting foam with metal doors

question of what effectively scrub the dried assembly foam with a metal door, often from the masters during the construction works.

without contamination of hands, tools, work surfaces can not do.

It is therefore to prepare the necessary tools to help clean up the door of the sealant.

Before using a particular tool, it is important to evaluate the nature of hardening agents, which sealed the gap.

After fresh dirt can be washed off in another way than that which has already managed to congeal.

foam in its composition is a polyurethane foam.It is characterized by a high degree of setting.

Instant freezing - one of the qualities by which the sealant has gained popularity during construction work.

elements stick together very strongly, therefore, means that hard scrub.

But if the foaming agent got in the door, and other items, worth the time to orient and to remove it, as long as it is not yet frozen.Later, it will be harder to do.

sealant composition is very complex.The container is a comp

lex of isocyanate groups and hydroxyl end polyols.


In addition, the balloon contains a mixture of gases, which are gaseous and liquid forms.Their task - to force to push out the composition and form a large number of bubbles in the mixture.

leaving the container, the mixture of organic compounds is contacted with air, immediately after which the polymerization reaction occurs.After a few minutes the sealant hardens.

As complex chemical compound, foaming agent for cracks, seams during installation of metal, wooden doors, plastic windows requires knowledge, experience, use of protective equipment.

Getting on the surface, the foam is capable of several times to increase in volume.Calculate the amount of sealant is difficult, so the substance is frequently falls on the doors and windows.

It is not included in the plans for the construction work.We must act without delay, so it is important to read the instructions on how to clean the sealant with a metal door and other surfaces, and it does not spoil the appearance.


  • What cleaners Foam choose?
  • Harvesting fresh pollution
  • Cured sealant on the door - what to do?

What cleaners Foam choose?

Experts recommend apply foam cleaner which produces the same manufacturer that made the sealant.

That means contamination removed very easily, it does not cause damage to the surface.


Special tool can be cleaned not only doors, but also other contaminated surfaces, tanks, guns for assembly foam, valves.

Masters, who have long been working with polyurethane foam, is recommended prior to the repair and construction work to wipe the surface of the composition.

Since they will come into contact with the means for sealing the dirt removal is not difficult.

composition for removing foam can be washed as fresh traces of sealant, and those who have already seized.

Before affect the composition of the contamination should be carefully remove the cap material to seal the seams.

As a result, the tool will not operate on the entire piece of foam, but only on a thin film, which remains on the door.

cleaner should be used with extreme caution, as the hands he has a negative impact.

Also, do not put it on the door clean areas - defects may be formed on them.

To remove the mounting foam to the door, the composition is applied for 10-15 minutes.During this time, the foam softens and the maximum contamination can be removed with a soft sponge.

Harvesting fresh pollution

If there is a special tool that will help scrub fresh assembly foam, it is possible to use other compounds.The water is taken for this purpose does not make sense, since in contact with the sealant dries faster.

can use acetone.It is soluble liquid for sealing cracks and seams fast enough due has not yet formed a liaison between the molecules of the substance.

need only sealant harden, acetone to remove the dirt will be useless.


Acetone can be used to remove dirt from metal or wooden doors.If the doors are elements of plastic or vinyl, that prevent ingress of acetone on such surfaces is impossible.

Otherwise they oblezut lose aesthetic appearance will not be able to perform its functions.

Masters who work with the installation of doors, windows, working with an agent "Kosmofen".They can be washed with a sealant, not only the metal door, but with plastic.

This tool has a disadvantage - it is represented in the sale volume of 1 liter.If you need to clean the dirt from the door only, this option will be unprofitable.

removal procedures have not yet hardened foam:

  • Take a scraper and gently, being careful not to smudge the composition of the surface, remove it.The scraper should be made of plastic or other material that will not scratch the surface;
  • Take a sponge soaked in solvent and wipe the place of pollution;
  • dry with a clean cloth to wipe dry place where there was a spot.

Cured sealant on the door - what to do?

If the foam is to be mounted on a metal door had time to harden, then clear it from the surface will be more difficult.

do not panic - the pollution comes off, but you have to make the effort and patience.

procedure to remove dried foam mounting:

  • We need to take the knife blade and carefully cut the cap means for sealing.We must try to cut passed as close as possible to the surface, and the blade does not damage the surface;
  • remaining contamination layer should be wetted with solvent and leave for 10-15 minutes;
  • sponge to rub the surface with a stiff pollution place;
  • Wipe with a clean, dry cloth.

It should be prepared that the first time a means by which sealed seams, cracks not ototretsya.The above steps must be repeated again until complete removal of the layer.

There is another way in which contamination can be removed - it is necessary to take the material, which means the strength of the above used to seal cracks and scrape them spot.

There are "popular" way to clean up the metal door of the sealant.At the pharmacy you need to buy dimethyl sulfoxide.By selling it is presented as "Dimexidum".

on the surface of a small area you need to pound a means to check that were not formed whitish stains.Rub Dimexidum a dried polyurethane foam needed for 25-30 seconds.

All he will not descend from the surface, but the film becomes very thin and soft - it can be easily removed.While working with Dimexidum should be careful.

In your hands it has a negative impact.Working with this tool is recommended to wear gloves.
You can try to clean off the sealant ordinary sunflower oil.

before its application should be cut off the bulk of the contamination, which acts as a cap.It is important not to scratch the surface of the metal door.


on the remains of polyurethane foam is necessary to put a layer of oil and wait about 15-20 minutes.During this time, the surface contamination will be much softer, which will remove it from the metal door without difficulty.

After successfully cleaned off the polyurethane foam from the surface of the door, it is necessary to remove oil grease stain.

To do this, the water is diluted a little soap and a soft sponge or cloth is wiped with a solution of contaminated sites.

All these methods are effective for scrubbing sealant to the metal surface.If contamination occurred during the installation of interior, entrance doors, it will be easy to remove.

foam Pollution prevention is better than to make an effort to spend money on means for removing stains.

Before you get started with a balloon, it is recommended to buy the masking tape or ribbon.

They need to paste over the door frame, door leaf from the assembly work, as well as the floor under the seat foaming.Do not forget about the part of the wall adjacent to the slit or seam.

After working with sealant masking tape can be easily separated from the surfaces with polyurethane foam, which was on the tape.

Metal door remains clean, and it will not have to scour different ways.