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August 12, 2017 18:06

Open the door jammed or broken lock

Open the door jammed or broken lock

Castle - is an essential element of everyday life, which sometimes brings his master and poses the question: how to open the door when the lock is jammed?

There are many reasons that can be damaged locks the input or interior doors, respectively, there are different ways to solve problems.

Therefore, before proceeding to the opening of the lock jammed, it is necessary to find out the true cause of the defect.


defects Unfortunately, perfect locks have not been established, that would work without problems.Break any locks are: coded and mechanical.

can break the locking mechanism at the front or interior door, but the cause of damage is usually the same.

Like any mechanism, the lock prevents the owner of a problem.In one day the lock may jam and the next - will cease to rotate at all.

Therefore, even a small difficulty opening or closing the lock, you should think about changing the locking mechanism, since the delay problem will lead to a waste of money for qualified professionals.

The unit mortise lock

Thus, we consider the possible causes of damage to the castle entrance and interior doors:

  • discovery mechanism through manipulation, ie,keyless different tools;
  • finding downhole elements of foreign nature: a fragment of the old key, garbage, etc .;
  • clogged with dust or metal chips well when installing cylinder models;
  • no regular lubrication or flushing;
  • inflated the door due to the high humidity;
  • application key not only to the opening and closing mechanism, but also for other purposes, such as to open bottles, etc .;
  • careless use of metal and wooden door (strong slamming);
  • excessive force while using the door lock;
  • crookedly mounted door;
  • use of low-quality key made as a duplicate;
  • block stingers and falling from the lock pin;
  • marriage factory;
  • strong pressing the keys, if the combination lock.

presents the most common causes of seizure of the castle, and they all depend on the nature of the operation, in addition to the factory marriage.

What if I jammed the lock?

Seized castle finds the most inopportune moment, so we need to know what measures to take if the lock is seized?The main condition for the opening of the lock is jammed accuracy.

no need to use excessive force if the lock is broken and can not be opened, an excessive load will only complicate the situation.

If damage occurs procedure depends on the type of lock: lever, cylindrical, coded.

If broken cylinder (larval) mechanism, the following can happen:

  • impossible to remove the key;
  • problem of turning the castle;
  • creak when opening and closing.

In cases where the mechanism is jammed or stuck larva key to open mechanism without damaging the lock and the door can only be an experienced professional.

If you can open the door only by yourself, you should proceed as follows: first, lock and door gap cleaned coarse brush, thereby eliminating dust or metal shavings that could cause a defect.

After this mechanism need to lubricate motor oil, WD-40 or kerosene, and then try to turn the key.The detailed process is presented in the video.


If all else fails, and the castle is still jammed, and the key can not be removed, you can try to remove the key pair of pliers.

If it is impossible to make, it is necessary to drill and put a new striker.

should also pay attention to the door: it should not be bloated and skewed, the loop must not be damaged.

To correct these phenomena need to wedge or chisel, you can use thick screwdriver.The selected tool is needed to drive in place overlaying the door to the box.

When the tool bit driven into the gap, you need to try to put the door into place, using the tool as a lever.At the same time it is necessary to pull the door handle, trying to open it.

may occur a situation, when the door is not closed on the lock, but does not open due to the fact that there was a problem with the tongue latch.

If the spring has been damaged, the latch is firmly fixed in the door.To release just enough to overcome the latch.

To resolve this problem, you need to find a flat object: a metal ruler, a steel knife or a conventional plastic card.

plastic card is inserted into the gap between the door and frame in place of the latch location.Then tilt the map in the direction of the door handle and click on it at this moment must feel sliding on the oblique cut of the tongue.


then need to press the flat object in the opposite direction from him, went to the latch in the mechanism.Thus it is necessary to pull the door, trying to open it.

If you want to open the lock on the side where there is no cut-off, the card is inserted from the top, obliquely.

If jammed lever locking the front door, and it is impossible to make turns, it is recommended to cut the longitudinal projections preventing entry key.

Then you have to try to put the other side of the key.

If there is no possibility to cut the tabs, then the keyhole need a little squeeze and insert key by the other party.

If a mechanism of this type jammed the key, the first thing you need to lubricate the lock with silicone, it is better to choose the form of a spray, then gently smooth movements to try to remove the key.

If everything worked out, in order to avoid such a situation, you need to replace the lock or its larva.

If the mechanism is seized when the door is closed, it is necessary to chisel doorframe file.

If broken code lock the front door, you will most likely need to make reprogramming.

Since the key code lock does not open, it does well, which eliminates the causes of breakdowns that occur in mechanical locks.

If the combination lock can not be opened due to sticking of the keys, you can try some sharp object to pick up the key and try to pull it out.

If this does not work, then most likely, you need to seek professional help.

Also, some doors are equipped with a handle with a latch representing the button located on the strip on the inside.


If the door is accidentally closed, it will take a long flat object to be inserted into the hole under the handle and turn.Then he turns and latch into place.

If all options are applied, and the door was still locked, then you can go to drastic measures - knocking out the door.For this is applied to the shoulder towel.

shoulder then you need to put pressure on the door in the area of ​​the opening edge.It would be better if the leg will be in something abut, and with his free hand you need to hold on to the wall.

Thus, if a broken lock on the iron entrance or interior door, you must first understand the reason, then you can begin to solve the problem on their own.

If this is not possible, it is recommended not to aggravate the situation and cause of qualified professionals.