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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sliding system for interior doors

Sliding system for interior doors

Even the minimalist apartments and houses at all difficult to imagine without doors.

In the past, they, of course, present in a minimal amount of, well, in a standard one-bedroom apartment door, at least to 5.

Accordingly, with the increase in living rooms will increase and the number of doors.Types of doors modern market offers a lot.

In this publication we will consider only one kind of doors, because today the most popular among our countrymen enjoys it sliding system for interior doors.

Experts explain such a feature, and space-saving, and the lack of need for the preparatory construction works, and really simple and affordable installation.

In fact, each sliding system is a specially designed list of components, accessories and components for the installation.

Fit the door in almost any interior decor allows the combination of door panels and the actual sliding system.

Note paintings on sliding mechanism can be installed completely any and veneered, and laminated MDF and pine from

a single array, and many others.

This will specify, in any case, even saving living space.


  • mechanism sliding interior doors
  • Benefits
  • Where to buy and what price?

mechanism sliding interior doors

Let's understand what is a very simple mechanism for sliding interior doors.

These designs have received its name due to the opening type, ensure the rollers to move along the guide rails.Recent

as roller mechanism is adjusted depending on the type of sliding doors, the number of flaps, and the material of the door leaf.


Nuance is that different systems have different weights and are characterized by varying the load on the design as a whole.

So, comparing a sliding single door of MDF and glass two-folding analog, once it becomes clear that the final weight will be much more, because it is selected for a more easy and simple roller mechanism.

Installing some types of sliding doors (like an accordion, cascade, compartment) takes into consideration the number of roller mechanisms and the correct selection of guides.

For example, for a cascade doors must be installed for each door leaf 2 and the roller guide mechanism, respectively, with 2 runners.

But to create a cascade and sliding doors is particularly important to provide one trench in the guide specifically for each door leaf.

It is clear that the reliability of sliding doors depends directly on the roller mechanism and the actual guide.Sometimes

mounted guide 2 (top and bottom), for example, for sliding glass doors.

Only in this way it is possible to obtain reliable and stable door when the large mass means leaf.

If you are used to do everything with your hands, then everything for this type of doors in the first place, have to buy the mechanism for sliding doors.

Typically, such kits mounting mechanisms may be several different types of equipment (with rollers and rails, stops or fixing devices leaflets, etc.).


note all the necessary fittings for sliding doors today can easily be bought as in specialized stroymagazinah and in hypermarkets.

gather into one the mechanism of sliding doors with their hands it is possible, we need only pick up everything you need.

Firstly, it will be special "rails" -reyki, which should move the door leaves.

fastening They may have, on the floor and at the top, so only the upper analogue.Note that the door will last longer and be more stable when mounting the double (top and bottom).

Another important mechanism is a stopper, which is mounted at the end of the door opening.Its task

prevent rollback canvas beyond the doorway and adjust the width of the door opening.

needed and rollers on which your door will slide (quietly) along the rails.

mechanism is a steel roller carriage and ball bearings with plastic or rubber tires.Will be needed, of course, and handles and locks, and other trifles.


list the basic advantages of interior sliding door systems.

First, it saves space, as they do the least interfere with the movement of the apartment (in the open).

Secondly, these doors design eliminates the thresholds, slots, rails on the floor and do not need a floor covering in any case will not be disturbed (for the upper bracket).


Third, for the installation of interior sliding analogues did not need preparatory construction work and the installation complexity can not even think, and the door frame is not completely necessary.

Fourth, these systems are characterized by smooth, silent glide and long service life, thanks to advanced technology.

Fifth, if you choose a sliding door variant you prefer, and single-leaf and two-leaf sliding design system.

Everything will depend on the size of the opening, and, of course, your preferences.

Disadvantages?They are virtually none.

only thing that can alert a few, it's a loose leaf entry in the box, because light and glare, and smells, and sounds are quite possible.

Where to buy and what price?

As we mentioned above, today the extraordinary demand sliding systems interior doors price is quite acceptable, and depends on the fabric and thus the class mechanism sliding interior doors.

sliding system for interior doors to buy that offers a wide range of our shop, can become the first step to a global transformation of your home.