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August 12, 2017 18:06

Where should open the interior doors ?

Where should open the interior doors ?

Anyone who has ever done repair their own hands, knows how important nuances to be missed in the design, preparation of premises, proper repairs and at the final stage.

That's why some seemingly little things go by the attention, but after the repair turns out that some of the non-compliance with the rules, for example, which should open the interior doors, much more complicated life in the updated apartment.

small space and safety

installing swing doors, you can see as many as four options to set, by choosing in each case the most appropriate.

Doors can be opened to the outside and inside the premises, as well as to the right or to the left.

First of all, when installing interior door should be guided by the requirements of security.

Thus, at the request of the construction SNIP, based on the strict observance of which employ any construction company, in a small room (bathroom, toilet, kitchen) doors should open outwards.


This is done in order to more convenient evacuation

of the building in case of emergency.

In addition, if a person becomes ill in the toilet or bathroom, it will lose consciousness and fall, then the outside will not be able to block it when you open the doors, and help will come much faster.

Save space in the apartment and design solutions

However, thinking about where should open interior doors in an apartment, should take into account not only the issue of security.

There is acute problem of useful floor space.It is no secret that the conventional swing door requires quite a lot of free space to its full opening and closing.

And as in model homes bathrooms, storage rooms and toilets can not boast of great footage, the space savings in this case is extremely important.

Therefore it is necessary to sacrifice the free space in the hallway.The same applies to the residential rooms.

If sorely needed every centimeter of usable space in the room, it should also give preference to the door, opening outwards.

But in the case where the corridor covers a cabinet or closet, you have to install the door in such a way that it opens into the room.

And by the way, in some cases, you can do without the door at all.

For example, a door from the kitchen to the living room can be replaced by a large arch, so you can not only facilitate the movement between the rooms, but also visually enlarge the space.