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August 12, 2017 18:06

The right choice of interior door

The right choice of interior door

conducting house overhaul, many owners of apartments and private houses sooner or later face the question of how to choose the interior doors?

Basically the installation of door designs start thinking already at the end of repair, although more properly consider this point before the start of the repair works.

First you need to decide what you want to design doors and what she would sizes.

standard width door opening ranges from 80 cm to 1 meter, in this case set a standard single door.The design of the door at the same time can be very diverse.

So how to choose the interior doors, so they are not only pleasing to the eye, but also were of good quality and served for a long time?

Professionals are advised to adhere to certain points, which can greatly help in the selection of interior designs.Let's focus on them.



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    • laminated construction
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door select Options

from the number and variety of doors even knowledgeable people can scattereyes, to say nothing of those who first confronted with this choice.

When buying better to rely on certain parameters:

  • design and size doors.Typically, a door is selected by the dimensions of an existing opening.But if too much like a certain design that has a size greater than or less than the existing opening, there's nothing you can do about it - it will be necessary to rebuild itself opening;
  • material from which made you chose door design.Of course, practicality and environmental performance leading place occupy doors made of wood.With proper surface treatment, such constructions are of good appearance and long service life;
  • Design and color play an important role in selecting the design.Doors are selected taking into account the overall design of the apartment.When choosing must be remembered that the door only addition to the overall composition of the room and not the main part;
  • Prices door designs are very diverse, you can find more budget options, but do not wait with high quality material.In any case, high-quality door will cost you is not cheap.

If you make purchases on the basis of these parameters, you can choose a good door designs that will last you a long time.

And now let's examine in more detail some of the items from the list as possible to facilitate your purchasing decisions.

designs of interior doors

If you want the interior design was robust, well insulated and warm sound (for example, that it is essential for the bathroom and toilet), then you should opt for a paneled door.

They consist of a wooden frame, which is filled inside the panels (boards).Framed panels in turn are both hollow and with various fillers.

paneled doors

Alternatively, you can perform the installation of panel doors.The basis of the construction is also wooden frame and the door panels, instead of the two sides is sheathed with a layer of any material.

most commonly on the market you can see the lining of the sheets of MDF.

Some firms can perform such interior design to order, using only the cladding material as the customer chooses for himself.

main advantage of panel doors is their high strength and resistance.

If the width of the aperture is greater than one meter, it is best to put a sliding compartment systems or structures to take advantage of a special folding mechanism (accordion doors, for example).

course, such structures are more expensive and more difficult to set, but they allow you to save the maximum useful area of ​​the apartment, opening along the wall or sliding the right into them.

compartment doors are very convenient for installation in a narrow range and is best suited for the entrance to a small bathroom or toilet.

The video clearly shows the advantages of using interior designs with folding and sliding mechanisms.



After determining the size and design, you can proceed to the choice of material.It would be right to hold the installation of all interior doors apartment or a house at the same time.

If you install them one by one, then at regular intervals, you can face the problem of lack of the necessary material, its color or a certain color, and different door itself will look to break the disparity and the general concept of the interior design and apartments.

When choosing door, remember that it is better to choose those firms that used in the production constructions only safe, high-quality, environmentally friendly, natural or man-made materials.

best if used for interior design of solid wooden array.

veneered doors and door of laminated array are also good, but still not up to the continuous array.


If we talk about service life, it is considered to be the most durable beech, cherry and oak array.Thus not only is the timber for a long time, but also has presentable.

And now let's examine the advantages and disadvantages of the materials that are used when creating the company manufacturers of door designs.

doors made of solid wood

lines leading in quality, as previously mentioned, takes solid wood.Advantages array undeniable.

material is durable, resistant to external influences, provides decent sound and heat insulation.

From minuses need to pay attention to the fear of water (if installed in the bathroom or toilet, then after a while they swell and can not be closed), the large weight (due to the severity of the possible severe subsidence of structures that need to be considered toproperly carry out their installation).

Glued array has the same features, but the price had little cheaper, and more uneven coloring of the wood.

Products veneer

glued pine pieces (it is used most often) or other trees constitute a veneered structure.

veneered doors are beautiful appearance, reasonable price, and the possibility of staining.

But after a certain amount of time, the material surface begins to dry up and veneer bundle occurs.


In addition, under the influence of ultraviolet veneered structure darken and swell under the influence of moisture, therefore, as well as the massive doors, they can not be installed in the bathroom and toilet.

is important to remember that the veneered surfaces do not tolerate exposure to chemical additives, which are part of the majority of detergents, therefore, for the care of such doors should buy special products that are suitable for them

laminated construction

Laminated doors are lightweight,environmentally friendly and resistant to sunlight.

Laminated door designs are best suited for a bathroom and toilet, as well tolerate exposure to moisture, require minimal maintenance and have a fairly reasonable price.

The disadvantages include poor sound insulation and thermal insulation (but as are hot water pipe in the room bathroom and toilet in the winter will not have problems with the fact that laminated doors will be bad to keep warm).

It should also be remembered that the laminated interior design requires careful handling, otherwise under the influence of external factors, they begin to crumble and disintegrate.

Fragility, which differ laminated doors, and several unpresentable appearance are the cause of the installation of these doors only in the kitchen, indoor bathroom and toilet, as well as on the balcony and on the balcony.

Glass constructions

If you design your apartment or house is in the power of modern, it is best suited for the installation of glass door designs.

moisture resistant glass, visually expands the space, is not subject to the formation of fungus and mold and completely nonflammable.


designs from a simple tinted glass installed in the premiseskitchen, bathroom or toilet.

If the glass is expensive and made to order (for example, stained glass), then install it in the living room or bedroom to decorate the room and make a highlight in the interior.

correctly perform the installation of stained glass designs can only professionals in this regard, not only the material, but also the installation cost you a decent amount.

This glass doors require very careful treatment, because they can easily appear chips and cracks (if you have small children, it is better not to install such doors).

Plastic construction

Doors made of plastic most unpretentious in the care and treatment.They are not afraid of water, have excellent sound insulation, durable and look at it very well.

They can be installed not only in the bathroom and toilet room, but even in the living room or bedroom (correctly chosen color and finish of plastic designs suitable for almost any interior).

The disadvantages of plastic can be attributed to the low flexibility and susceptibility to deformation.

Lest you make a mistake when buying, the video below shows the appearance of each of these materials.

Examine their characteristics and distinctive features, and then no company would not be able to cheat you and sell low-quality material.



of interior design When buying also raises the question of how to choose the color of interior doors, so that they properly complement the interior.This can help some tips from the professionals.

They advise, first of all, take into account the color palette of the floor covering.Second, to take into account the color furnishing premises.

If the room is mainly installed wooden furniture, it is best to choose the interior design of the same tone.

for bathroom and toilet doors can be selected in the tone of the internal situation, and under the interior corridor leading to them.If

flooring, furniture color and design of the room to separate much better to choose a neutral color or the door to try to choose the color that best smooth out the contrast and helps to bind to part of the interior into one.

Alternatively, it is possible in this case to make a combined interior design consisting of several materials.

Also check the coverage of the walls and color accents in the interior.

Some designers even pick up some doors for home decoration: paintings by famous artists, expensive vases and figurines of popular artists, thus creating the bright spots in the interior.

They also recommend to paint doors and decorate them with various materials, making them a truly exclusive.

The photo below shows examples of interior designs for sale.



Now you knowhow to choose the right design, the material, as well as how to choose the color of interior doors.

We hope that the information and helpful tips will help you make a successful purchase and install high-quality doors, which not only serve for a long time in your house or apartment, but also beautify the overall situation in their appearance.

If you are not confident in their abilities and I doubt that will be able to deal with all the technical details, it is certainly better to hire a professional for this stage, and to entrust the work to them.

Of course, it will be expensive, but it is better to pay once and be confident in the result, because, as you know, avaricious pays twice.