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August 12, 2017 18:06

Action Plan for the installation of the chimney of a steel pipe with his hands

Action Plan for the installation of the chimney of a steel pipe with his hands

Chimneys of steel pipe with his hands to do quite easily, it does not need to be professionals (as in masonry chimney made of brick), it suffices to study the information and follow a clear plan of action.

But at the same time still need to be extremely careful and cautious.

After all, if you spend working properly, in the best case, you have a smoke, and at worst, can cause fires.

Modern chimneys are quite complex systems, which require careful selection and quality carrying out installation work.

on the performance of the whole structure thus affecting the main factors:

  • level of boiler efficiency;
  • expense of fuel;
  • economy;
  • security;
  • oven itself.

chimney for private home or baths is essential.

It does not matter what your machine is - a gas boiler or furnace stove, brick house you have or wood, without a chimney in any case can not do.

correctly delivered chimney with quality materials must have the following properties: good traction sufficient tightness (by which is not allowed

leakage of even minimal amounts of carbon monoxide), the absence of soot and grime.

All these qualities have made of stainless steel chimneys.



  • advantages of steel chimney
  • Types chimney
  • Mounting chimney
  • output chimney outside
  • pan and tilt system of pipes

advantages of steel chimney

Chimneys ofstainless steel have indisputable advantages:

  • smooth surface inside the tube, which prevents deposits of soot (the system can not boast of the chimney bricks);
  • the possibility of installation in a residential area or in the sauna baths;
  • no need of foundations;
  • opportunity to perform any repair work, regardless of the time of year;
  • slight condensation when properly installed and insulation (first of all it refers to the chimney, to sets of bath furnace);
  • highly resistant to the adverse effects of the exhaust gas boiler or furnace;
  • good strength;
  • long life;
  • budget price (steel is much cheaper bricks);
  • full list of matches for the fire safety requirements.

All these advantages have made the chimney of the device have become extremely popular.

In addition, when compared with other steel chimney flues (for example, a pipe made of bricks), the installation of the steel chimney is much easier.

Compared to ceramic, chimney stainless steel has a much more reasonable price (if you carry out all the work with his own hands, the price difference becomes even more pronounced).

Therefore, let's not spend money once again and draw the chimney installation by yourself.First we need to choose the very chimney system.

The video below shows the appearance of the steel chimney systems.


Types chimney

Today, manufacturers produce steel chimneys 3 types.

Single-walled chimney is installed in an existing and established the chimney of the brick or ceramic (it is used in the event that the installed system is working poorly, and to replace it or repair is not possible).

Such makeshift chimney is quite simple to install their own hands, with the lower part of the system near the stove must always have a special device to collect emitted condensate.

double-walled made of a pair of pipes, and the space between them is filled with the help of fire-resistant insulation, which has a low coefficient of thermal conductivity.

to install their own hands mainly chosen option is a double-walled pipe system.

Double-walled version of the chimney

Insulation for it is carried out using basalt insulation, which is under the influence of heat does not melt and does not emit an unpleasant odor.

thickness of the insulation layer is calculated depending on the climate and location of the chimney, it usually starts with a 3-cm and 10 cm finishes (thicker insulation is also used for the bath, to minimize heat loss).Coaxial

chimney made of two tubes as well as double-walled, but in this case the pipes are inserted one into the other.When the pipes have different diameters.By

tube located inside (smaller diameter) is a gas produced during combustion, thus lifting it by means of a special fan integrated in the boiler house or the furnace bath.

Through the space between the inner and outer tube, you can supply clean air, which is needed when burning.

Coaxial chimney is mainly set for bathhouse ovens, because it retains heat better.

This system is more complex than the double-walled but also its installation, if desired, can be made with your own hands.

Mounting chimney

Which of the three systems of steel pipes will be installed on your boiler or furnace of bath - to choose to you.

In any case, installation of a chimney made of stainless steel should be made taking into account the mandatory requirements (especially if you plan to carry out all the work with his own hands):

  1. collect pipe units, starting from the bottom and slowly rising up, the upper segments with the need to maximize tightgo into the lower (existing joints can be repaired with a special fire-resistant sealant can withstand up to 1000 degrees Celsius);
  2. insulated chimney insulation layer;
  3. if the roof at home or baths made of combustible materials, the manufacturing plant spark arresters.

Steel chimney

Perform these steps is not difficult, much more difficult to bring the flue through the wall or the roof to the outside of your home or baths.

output chimney outside

chimney system or displayed on the wall or on the roof, the other options can not be.

If the system will pass through one of the walls, the diameter of the holes must be cut out slightly larger than the diameter of the tube and not cut out one by one.

This time is required to install a steel liner, which will prevent the wall from heat and destruction under the influence of high temperatures.

If the pipe passing through the wall, will be quite long, it is better to fix with brackets.

Fireplace chimney

also need to fix brackets and pipe on the outside of the house to keep it from swaying in strong winds and bad weather.

If you plan to display the chimney through the roof, you need to take care of the protection of floors from overheating (the first meters of steel coming from the boiler, heat is very strong, and if from the bathhouse furnace is heating occurs periodically, then from the furnace or boiler, standing in the house, heating in winter is almost continuously).

To do this, cut a hole in the ceiling of large diameter and to protect the material, using galvanized steel with a layer of insulation.

Galvanized sheets will be good to reflect heat, and will create the necessary layer insulation layer, which will protect the floors from overheating (especially true for the bath, where all the floors are made of wood).

pan and tilt system pipes

If you are doing all the work on installation of steel chimney with his own hands, that special attention should be given to pipe bends and angle of inclination.

The way you follow these conditions will depend on the permeability of the smoke pipe system and keep the heat in the room.

But do not be afraid ahead of time, the unit of steel pipes with bends easier masonry chimney brick.

If steel pipe is one turn or even more, then connect the parts can be at different angles.The most commonly used cutting angle 3:

  • cutting of straight pipe at an angle of 75 degrees - allows you to form a compound angle of 150 degrees (for this purpose it is necessary to cut the pipe invert and again connect diagonally);
  • by cutting the tube at an angle of 60 degrees is possible to form a rotation equal to 120 degrees;
  • sectional view taken at an angle of 45 degrees, to create a direct rotation.

tilting the device also has a great importance.

For example, if a steel pipe that goes from the oven to the wall, will be located at a slight angle, then it will not give the opportunity to create the necessary output for smoke cravings.

Subsequently, this will lead to the fact that all the smoke will not leave the chimney and into the room as long as the pipe is not properly warmed up.

As you can see, the work is quite simple and it is quite possible to perform with his own hands.

But if you have such a possibility, it is best to seek professional help, because a novice mistake can cause a fire house or baths.

The video below is a detailed Installation of steel chimney.


Cleaning should be done regularly.

straight steel pipe can be cleaned easily with your hands with a brush (not steel sticks soot on the surface of the bricks), and if there are corners and turns, it is necessary to take a flexible thick wire for cleaning.