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August 12, 2017 18:06

Simple roof of corrugated board with their own hands

Simple roof of corrugated board with their own hands

roof of corrugated board with their own hands is performed simply.

They can be covered with a roof, having a large area, and the material cost is not too high.

Excellent performance sheeting are a good choice in his favor to cover the roof.

When building a house roof can be a lean-and gable.

roof with two slopes is preferred for the construction of villas, apartment building.

Pent roof is most often used in the construction of farm buildings: baths, garage, pantry, barn.Pent roof enough simple structure, reliable, economical.

Its installation is quick, because these structures do not differ large dimensions.

angle of pent roof should be calculated individually, depending on the structure characteristics, climate conditions.

Sometimes in the construction of residential house is formed by a flat roof.The term "flat" - is not quite accurate.

must be complied with minimum roof pitch of corrugated board, on which will drain precipitation in the form of rain and snow.The angle of the roof o

f the pie should be 2-4 degrees.

flat roof will save money, since it is not necessary to create everything truss system.


important not only when building a house to pay attention to the device foundation and walls.

Mounting roof of corrugated board is a stage, on which depend the performance and structure of the appeal.

technology roofing Decking simple, so it can handle even the novice builder.


  • Selection Criteria corrugated
  • installation of hydro and steam insulation Fastening corrugated
  • Construction cornice

Selection Criteria corrugated

Quality roofing of corrugated board depends on the ability to choose the right material.

Before its purchase should carefully examine the decking, its characteristics must comply with:

  • sheet surface must not have any dents, defects;
  • edge sheeting should not have burrs, chips;
  • sheet should be uniformly colored;
  • when checking sheet bending paint should not break off or crack, high-quality corrugated board immediately takes its original shape in extension
  • .

It should take into account the climatic conditions of the area where the house will be built.

If the area is characterized by loss of a large amount of precipitation in the winter, the thickness of the sheeting should be large, corner stiffness - high.

It should also be noted that the angle of inclination of the roof should not be less than 15 degrees.

If you roll a little rain in the area, you can select a material having a lower index of stiffeners.

The structure of corrugated board

Before you bring the purchased decking, completing the construction site, it is necessary to prepare a place where they will be located.

sheets should not be deformed, or tight fitting will not work to achieve.Also need to make advance device, which will allow to raise the decking to the frame properly and carefully.

installation of hydro and steam insulation

sheeting technology involves stacking arrangement of layers, preventing the penetration of moisture and steam - the so-called roofing pie.

as waterproofing roofing pie can contain roofing felt, roofing felt, asphalt.In addition, the structure can have a more modern materials - stekloelast, gidrostekloizol, Bikrost.

Vapor involves the use of propylene or membrane films.

Arrangement is not recommended for roof polyethylene.The vapor will condense.As a result, the walls in the room are exposed mold, resulting in their destruction.

Waterproofing, fastened to the rafters, this staple gun is used.The roof of corrugated board is the only way can be provided reliable connecting seams.

material should begin to lay the roof bottom.Thus it is formed sealing.

During operation, the structure of the moisture will not penetrate into the roof space as hydro, steam, will keep it.

Once in roofing pie stacked hydro, steam, you can do crate.

recommended to attach the insulation wooden slats, and have them lay crate.

ventilation will be provided so moisture will not be formed between the roof and a vapor barrier.

Before packing crates recommended accessories handle special structures that prevent infection by a fungus and gives fire properties.

thickness of corrugated board has an impact on the nature of crates.When using thin trapezoidal sheet crate should be solid.


sheets that have greater thickness, placed on sparse crate.In this case, the frequency of laying boards affected by the angle of inclination of the roof, climate, size of the trapezoidal sheet.

Video tutorial will help to lay the waterproofing and crate.

All construction activities should be carried out with the conditions that comprise a flow chart.Only in this case will be qualitative roofing pie.

Fastening corrugated

Attach profiled sheets to the crate is recommended using self-tapping screws.

Available accessories materials are different colors, so you can pick up the tone of corrugated board.

one meter sheeting is recommended to use 5-7 screws.Thus, sheets are securely attached to the crate.

angle of the roof affects the way corrugated packing:

  • angle less than 12 degrees - is recommended to be used during installation of silicone sealants;
  • angle of 12-15 degrees - profiled sheets have to be laid overlapping.It should be about 200 mm;
  • angle of 15-30 degrees - overlap can be 150 mm, but is permitted and 200 mm;
  • angle more than 30 degrees - should observe the overlap of 100-150 mm.

roofing of corrugated need to start at the bottom - the sheets are fixed to the wooden bars overlap.When constructing a gable roof work should be done from the right side.

If the roof has a tent type, the sheets are stacked on both sides, the work starts at the highest point of the ramp.

primarily set Cornice strip.It is fixed with screws.Between Decking and Cornice strip is put the seal.

This strap itself must extend the overhang to 4 cm. The lower edge of the profiled sheet has a drain groove.It certainly should be placed at the bottom.

Roof pie

Profiled need to align, paying attention to the overhang, the joints are not taken into account.How is the roof of corrugated board, presented a video guide will show.

correct folding corrugated roofing on the cake and future characteristics of the roof depends on the exact implementation of the following rules:

  1. metal sheet fastened at the ridge and the eaves are not tight.He lowered overhang of 4 cm. After that you should lay the second sheet, the edge of which is aligned with the first sheet.The second sheet is also attached temporarily.On the crest of a wave sheet necessary to connect fixing material from the eaves to the ridge -. 50 cm step
  2. After you have multiple sheets in such a way, in the eaves of their leveled, then firmly secured.The connection is performed at the bottom of the wave.Videos give visibility securing sheeting;
  3. Further stacking material is overlapping, the sheets are mounted on the bottom of the wave.

During fixing the ridge need to properly make the ventilation gaps.Profiled sheet must be from the ridge at a distance of 5 cm.

Himself horse must be secured with screws, with the sides to close the special caps.

After laying the sheeting on the roof gables need to put wind strips of metal.

In the formation of the roof should be given more time and attention to how the components are installed roof made of corrugated board.

nodes is called the junction plates to the structure of the wall or the point where the corrugated board joined to each other.


If all works are carried out correctly, in the future on the roof structure will not be affected by adverse effects.

at the junction of sheet materials, where the horizontal part of the roof turns into a vertical, it is necessary to set the bar.Its function - to prevent the entry of dust, moisture inside the box.

Construction cornice

eaves protects the wall from the water flowing from the surface of the roof in the rain or after snow melting.In its slope water moves in a special trough, while the wall remains dry.

overhang should have a length of 55-70 cm. If the roof frame has very steep slopes, the overhang may be of shorter length.But it is necessary to be prepared that the oblique rain moisture gets on the wall.

Features Cornice strip must be such that they protect the roofing pie and the entire framework of the roof from moisture.


In forming the waterproofing membrane laid on top of important adjacencies Cornice strip.Otherwise overhang does not fulfill its function, leading to the destruction of the walls, damaged frame.

If the overhang to be used as an additional coating on the structure of the balcony, then held his profile cladding sheets at the bottom of the cornice, the same as they frame was covered.