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August 12, 2017 18:06

Popular slopes of sandwich panels

Popular slopes of sandwich panels

slopes of sandwich panels are very popular today.

Windows in modern apartments perform a variety of functions: they create a comfortable microclimate in the room, insulate it from the street noise, as well as play the role of aesthetic decor element.

In cold weather specifications of windows allow a large extent to save on heating, because they keep the heat in the room.

Of course, this is true for modern designs that are properly installed with all the intricacies of the process.

can not say that it is complex - there is possible to do with your hands, if you know how to carry out a phased installation and be able to choose the appropriate panel.

To begin with we shall understand, what is meant by the term "slopes".We are talking about the inner walls in the niches of the windows.

When the window replacement or repair is unlikely slopes unheeded: they trim a variety of materials, paint, plaster.

It all depends on what features you want to give to their windows, and on personal preferen


In addition, changing the window bags, would be a mistake to say that the issue is solved with heat insulation.Just to close up all cracks with foam - not the best option, because it quickly absorbs moisture and begins to rot.

slopes also make it possible not only to make the appearance of a window more aesthetic, but also protect it from moisture, wind, dust and dirt.

aesthetic appearance is also important, because today manufacturers can offer a wide variety of models, such as slopes or colored stylized tree texture.


  • slopes What is better to choose?
  • How to set slopes with their own hands?
  • What to do next?

slopes What is better to choose?

matter will be whether to carry out the installation with their own hands, or are going to hire professionals - all actions really do, if they know the dimensions.

Today, in most cases, no one is engaged in painting or plastering.

The circuit finishes

In the course are special sandwich panels that are easy to install, durable, and in case of failure they can be easily replaced with new ones.

for installation slopes of sandwich panels can be, identify the model and other important parameters.

Apply panel made of plastic, PVC, plasterboard, metal, foam and wood.

There is another option to plaster the slopes, but it is considered obsolete and is very difficult to mount, especially if done with her own hands.

It is applied several layers of plaster, you need to constantly monitor the level and evenness of the surface, as well as to embed reinforcing mesh, and thus the service life of these slopes is the smallest.

a more reliable option is plasterboard panels.

They are durable, have a color modification and good performance, but they have a big disadvantage - drywall does not tolerate moisture.Such slopes may only be installed inside the house.

You can perform the installation of metal or wood structures.

But this option is suitable in the case, if the budget is allocated fairly large, after all, metal and wood are not cheap, and the material for the slopes need a lot, because even the size of a typical window can be more than a meter.


tree fit more like a decoration, but fully make him slopes - is wasteful and impractical.

best option - the slopes of a material such as PVC sandwich panels.Sheet plastic for the slopes does not apply, because then it needs to be cut, constantly making measurements of the window.

Finish the "sandwich" is very simple, they are used on side slopes.Typically, PVC sandwiches consist of three layers: two decorative (plastic) and one insulation.

often used as internal insulation polystyrene.

Plus PVC panels in the fact that they are available in a large range of colors.

Therefore, the problem with the choice of slopes under the window to set the tone with their hands or with the help of the wizard normally does not occur.

also slopes finish can take place with special PVC foam sandwich panels.

How to set slopes with their own hands?

Set slopes of sandwich panels is not difficult, if you prepare in advance all the tools.

Installation is not possible without actually themselves PVC panels, U-shaped plastic strips, sometimes choosing extra insulated materials such as mineral wool.

Another need:

  • drill;
  • screws;
  • wooden slats;
  • level;
  • spatula;
  • paint knife;
  • cement.

first with the windows removed all the old fixtures, clamps, glass, remove dirt and dust.It is necessary to clean the surface of the window as much as possible.If there is a layer of old plaster, then remove it as well.

You can then process all the antifungal composition of the surface.

Grout needed to seal the gap, if necessary, all around the plastic windows, thus eliminating drafts and heat loss from the room.

Next on all sides of the window opening (on the edge) nailed wooden slats.They are fixed with screws so that they never extend beyond the edge of the wall.


All screws are set in advance the knockout holes with a drill, but not completely twisted.When

slats are mounted around the window level are checked to prevent deformation, uneven corners and so on.And only after that you can tighten the screws.

Then along the outer edge of the window can be fixed U-shaped bar.This is done using self-tapping screws, bedbugs.

All joints U-shaped structures have to go back to back straight, they are made as uniform as possible.

If installation will be carried out with their own hands, the excess part can be cut with the help of a paint knife.All U-shaped design have a special slot, which will be inserted into the slope of the plastic.

What to do next?

evenness install all the previous elements determines how the work will continue on the installation of sandwiches.

Set F-shaped profile, which is fixed in front of the slot groove U-shaped element.All parts of both components must accurately dock and unnecessary protrusions can be cut with a knife.

to the rail parts are fixed with a stapler.Pay F-shaped profile enough attention, because it was he who strikes first.

The installation process

This finish is part of a decorative arrangement of the room.

Further, all the slopes you need to very carefully to make grooves.Installation with their own hands will not be too complicated if all items are installed correctly and smoothly.

to do everything right the first time, you need to very carefully cut the plastic bands.If you want to further insulate the sandwich panel, at this stage, fit and mineral wool.

Here it is also important to make sure that the insulation falls as uniformly as possible.

main thing to remember that always begins with the installation of the upper elements.

If during the insulation of windows you want to use with foam, then Do not apply it too much, because it has the ability to expand and also makes the design more flimsy.

also not recommended to remove the protective film as a window, and with the detail, until the installation is completely finished.

Because in the end all the cracks, especially if applied laying mineral wool must be sealed by special sealant that can accidentally get on the glass.

When you have finished the installation of all components, do not touch the window and sandwich panels for at least sixteen hours, but rather leave them for a day.

There is a simpler version of the installation of sandwich panels.In this case we use no profiles, rails and grooves.


More precisely, you can leave the past, but only to indicate the boundaries of the work front.And the sandwiches themselves are mounted on the mounting foam, as the adhesive.

But this method, though is simple, has a lot of shortcomings.