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August 12, 2017 18:06

Economical way of heating the garage with his hands

Economical way of heating the garage with his hands

Many car owners prefer to repair a car with his hands, but for the cold time of the year it was possible to be done heating the garage.

can entrust this work to specialists, and it is possible to make heating of the garage with his hands, thus saving a lot of money.

If you are interested in how to make the heating in the garage, you should first decide which method of heating you choose.

Start with your hands need to install heating insulation premises as heated garage with thin walls in the cold does not make sense.

If your garage is separate, it is possible to insulate the outside with the help of foam, mineral wool and other insulation.But if outside it will not be able to warm, then use internal insulation.

To do this, the walls and ceiling trim plasterboard or plastic lining, under which laid the insulating material.

thickness of insulation depends on which region of the country is your garage.Pay attention not only to the walls and ceiling, but also the goal.

When closing should n

ot be gaps, through which will leave precious heat.


  • Choosing an energy
  • heating Options for garage
    • Gas heating
    • Electric heating
    • Heating solid fuel
    • Heating Local, working out

Choosing an energy

mostconvenient and rational decision will be gas heating, however, this method is only possible if the garage is located next to a private house, when combined with the heating of the garage of the home heating and garage just installed radiators.


Another way, which is very common - a solid and liquid heating fuels - coal, peat, wood, working off, diesel fuel.

This method is one of the cheapest, but it is primarily necessary to solve the problem of storing fuel.

Electric heating method can afford it is not for everyone, but still - still, some motorists are choosing this kind of heating for your garage.

heating Options for garage

Specialists conventionally divide the heating system for the garage on the premises with the general house and self-contained.In the first case, the house lay the pipeline and install radiators.

Make a heating own hands is very simple, but it is only effective if there is a garage next to the house.

Independent heating Garage is similar to a private house heating and consists of the same parts.

Gas heating

most economical option, as already mentioned, is a gas heating, but it is possible only in the presence of a number of gas pipeline.

garage is heated by gas from the cylinder is pretty expensive and not practical.

addition to gas to heat the room, you must obtain permission from the gas service, it is often very difficult.

But if you have permission, in the shortest possible time and with minimal material costs you will have a high-quality heating garage.

If your garage near the gas pipeline passes, you need to decide what kind of heating system used.Gas boiler - the most common variant of the gas heating.


In such a small space, you can not do pipework and radiators installed.In cast iron, brass or steel boiler mounted fan, which blows warm air into the room.

install a boiler can be only on the wall that faces the street.

Gas convector - more simple version, which has a smaller capacity.In this case, the air is circulated by convection.

This convector can be connected to the tank, but it will have to refuel every two - four days.

should be understood that the installation and commissioning of the gas system may be carried out only gas service workers.

heat a room, you can also use the heaters using liquefied gas - gas panels, convectors, ceramic panels.Gas heating garage with his hands in the video you can see above.

Electric heating

electric heating garage quite effective, but has drawbacks.The first is the high cost.If heated garage all day long, the energy consumption is considerable.

If you have in the garage is often turned off the light, then this option will be unreliable.

In addition, connect the system with their own hands under the force of every motorist, so you may have to turn to the professionals.


However, electric heating has advantages.

With electricity, you can quickly warm up the room and make cars even in extreme cold, that will save time and waste of gasoline.

heated by electricity, you can use portable and stationary heaters.It is important to place the heater correctly.

Stationary heaters mounted in a special niche and closed by special shields.Keep fuel and lubricants is strictly prohibited near them.

Portable heaters should not be left unattended included.

motorists often used infrared heating.Use these heaters can only be in the room is not less than 2.5 meters and with good ventilation.

install infrared heaters are best over the entrance to the room, to provide thermal curtain.

Heating solid fuel

easiest thing to do with your hands heating with solid fuels.Oven for this type of heating can be purchased ready-made and can be built with their own hands.

main thing to make the necessary calculations for your specific room.As fuel in this case, use wood or other solid fuel available.


Most often these goals are building the stove "stove", which quite often have to throw firewood.Heat dissipation is very low it is often not heat their premises completely.Some

become ready variants such furnace "Buleryan", in which the fuel burns from 5 to 12 hours.

There is such a lot of stove and fuel consumption is quite high, so this method of heating is not suitable for everyone.

Some motorists are building in the garage of brick oven with his own hands, but this notion is better to use a large garage to provide adequate fire safety.

furnace must always be equipped with a chimney.It is important to reduce the risk of accidental ignition during operation of the furnace.

In addition, the garage should be enough space for fuel storage.

Heating Local, working out

If you have access to a free source of diesel or working out, you will get almost free heating houses, baths and garages, and buy DT or practicing quite expensive.

Heaters in this case, the devices are homemade heaters that warm the air in the garage, and the combustion products are ejected.

It is important to connect the design so that it is fireproof.

Usually furnace working on working out, are heated to redness, so keep flammable objects near them is strictly prohibited.

area around the boiler (floor, wall) must be protected by metal sheets.

Apparatus for heating working off you can buy ready-made, but you can do it yourself, making pre-dates the scheme.

Driving apparatus should include an oil tank, which can be made from a gas cylinder or other suitable container, metal flame tube about one meter long and 15 cm in diameter, which is connected to the chimney.

Chimney can be straight or curved, which increases its heat output.Oil poured into the tank at ¾ through the ash pit and ignited.Typically, the oil burns completely and does not produce smoke.

should know that such a device can not use oil containing impurities, also need to make sure that the tank was not going to water.

scheme of this type of heating may also include a water circuit, which is attached to the oven with water tank for hot water output and reverse input.

often used instead of water heating antifreeze or antifreeze.It is not very cheap, but the system will not be chilled in the winter.Above is a video as working off a heated garage.