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August 12, 2017 18:06

The drawings for the manufacture of a hipped roof for pergola with their hands

The drawings for the manufacture of a hipped roof for pergola with their hands

Manufacturing hipped roof gazebo for your hands will be the best option when choosing a roofing for your recreation area near her house.

hipped roof of the gazebo is very appropriate, and will delight you with its appearance for many years.

In order to get a reliable and durable construction, it is important to make drawings and create a project built with his own hands.

hipped roof - perfect solution for square or rectangular gazebos.

In that case, if you choose a square version, cover gazebo tent isosceles hipped roof and a rectangular gazebo covered with hipped roof with two trapezoidal and two triangular sides.

Options hipped roof shown in the photo.


hipped roof of the gazebo is a very practical, withstandhigh wind and snow loads, the main thing to calculate the angles of inclination of the roof rays before to build this structure.

If you decide to build a roof with his hands, then you should know that it is very important to make precise

calculations and drawings and draft of the assembly.

You can draft a roof with his hands and can turn to professionals, or take advantage of special programs for the calculation.

In addition, useful information about designing and building a hipped roof to watch the video.



  • structure design and material selection
  • Erection of roof
  • The choice of roofing material

Engineering design and choice of materials

device hipped roof begins to perform sketches basedto them, then do loads calculations that get truss system.

The calculations take into account the total weight of all the boards, waterproofing and coating material weight, snow load and rain in your area, as well as the weight of the additional elements that will be attached to your design - all this is introduced in a future construction project.

It is important to choose the correct angle of inclination of the roof, which depends not only on the choice of the coating material, but also the duration of the life of the roof.

Each type of roofing material requires a step crates and the distance between the rafters.

When you have defined angle, coating materials and load, you can start calculation of roof system.

To begin determining the length and size of the section of roof beams, frame size, placement struts and puffs.

future scheme design should also have information on the location of all the elements and assemblies, and this information must be made in your project.

The photo shows a diagram of a hipped design.

Frame Roof
hipped design involves the use of these types of rafters:

  • Plait adornments or diagonal - is kept basic roof load, typically used for these dual beams or boards;
  • intermediate or central rafter - connected frame - support and horse;
  • narozhniki or central rafter - mounted in parallel with the intermediate and Plait adornments connect rafters with a skeleton.

location scheme all parts of the roof system is shown in the photo.

rafter system

Then perform measurements, which use a special 2 - 3 meter rail.Initially, the top trim define the axis.Find the middle of the ridge beam.

Celebrating, where will be located the first intermediate timber, then combine with the middle rail timber and find the location of the 2nd intermediate timber, this method need to measure every corner of your design.

scheme truss system and the important measurements are shown in the photo below.
Regarding the choice of materials for this roof should choose high-quality wood, which is required to be treated with a special compound to prolong its service life, as well as flame retardant.

So your garden furniture for many years will be protected from the weather and flame.

Erection of roof

hipped roof gazebos can rely on brick walls or wooden gazebo, or on a special frame.

If your garden furniture is solid and robust walls, the device hipped roof is similar to the construction of an ordinary roof.

If the roof is on wood supports, its arrangement should be paid special attention.

first step is to check the verticality of the towers with the level at the bottom of the supports necessary to make a bunch to give strength and rigidity of the frame.

top jumpers will perform the role of tying their ends are connected to the strength of the diagonal beams and jumpers joint space reinforce special plates made of wood or metal.

This enhancement will make the frame strong and reliable, able to withstand all conditions.

Next comes the installation of roof system, which is generally used for timber 50 to 150 mm.

on vertical supports and struts mounted ridge board, then set at a certain angle diagonal rafters.It is these elements and form the roof slopes.

length of the overhangs may be different, if you want to increase it, Plait adornments rafters extended by overhead planks.

next step is to mount the intermediate rafters and narozhnikov so as provides your project.

Next to the rafters laid waterproofing material that will protect the entire framework of the penetration of moisture.Installation can be carried out as a batten before installation of waterproofing and after.

If your gazebo you want to do a hip roof with his hands, then installation in this case is slightly different.

support legs are connected by diagonal bars gazebo and a place of their intersection reinforce special plates made of wood or metal.

Next in this place set a pillar of the timber, which must be positioned precisely vertically.The longer the column, the higher will be the very hip roof.

supports and the central vertical column of interconnected diagonal rafters, the lower edge of which should extend beyond the plane of the frame to protect from moisture gazebo.

After these steps, we turned triangular rays that strengthen short rafters.Next, connect the rafters and outer walls of the harness.

to process installation hipped design their own hands was easy, you need to perform some expert advice:

  1. section of the plank should be selected taking into account the climate, terrain, roofing materials and rays bias;
  2. During the installation of the rafters in the piping wall, the entire structure is strengthened bolt, which gives additional rigidity to the rafters;
  3. If support rails imbedded into a pole or building wall, rafters in this case attached to them;
  4. When the truss system of the roof tent is ready, begin to stack crate, which is made from strips, veneer or lining.Waterproofing may be laid both before and after.

The choice of roofing material

After the truss system is covered with a crate, begin to cover its roofing material.

main criterion for selection in this case becomes the cost of the material, its efficiency and appearance.

Provide material for the roof should be a time when you make a draft of the roof with his hands.

In the case of the construction of a hipped roof, large leaf material will have to be cut, because of what will be a lot of scraps, but the material that has small elements will in this case be more economical.


In addition, garden furniture - a decorative element of the infield, so it's best to choose a beautiful roofing material.It is also desirable that the roof gazebo roof combined with residential buildings.

Note that roll materials rather inconvenient for a hipped design pergolas.

Recently, however, are often used to cover houses Recreation asphalt shingles, which have the most diverse configurations.

This material can be decorated with any roof shape and style.Under the asphalt shingles to do a solid crate.

The video shows the process of installing a hipped roof.