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August 12, 2017 18:06

What a cordless screwdriver is better to choose ?

What a cordless screwdriver is better to choose ?

In the process repair and construction necessarily raises the question of what kind of rechargeable screwdrivers better and how to make the right purchase in the market, which is so abundantly filled with various firms?

screwdriver - one of the most popular tools.

Decided you assemble the shelves of plasterboard, screw the screws into the wall, build a hut for the dog to make the gazebo in the yard or assemble furniture, without this tool you can not do.

It is a versatile tool that can replace multiple, for example, a drill, which is why it is so necessary in the home for anyone who has decided to do the repair work.

However, no matter how versatile tool screwdriver was not, it also has its pluses and minuses.

And if you are reading this article then you are probably thinking about how to buy it.

About all the nuances we describe in this article, and will help to choose the one that will come in handy for home and work.

course, to say that one bad instrument, and the other good is impos

sible, each firm to his instrument specific requirements and application, for example, some manufacturers screwdriver equipped with shock function, it combines still and drill, a tool suitable for making holesin concrete and wood.

Among this rich assortment you will choose, we only deployed describe characteristics and selection criteria.


  • advantages of network and cordless screwdriver Cordless
    • device
    • Network device
  • professional and home - which is better?
  • Basic characteristics of household and professional screwdrivers
    • Company
    • cost
    • Convenience, size
    • battery screwdriver - types, characteristics
  • Top most popular screwdrivers

advantages of network and cordless screwdriver

Network andCordless tools have their advantages, and what better screwdriver - you decide, our article will tell what will be wiser to opt for a particular purpose, describing the main features of each of them.

cordless device

Independence - the main advantage.With independent reserve battery, it does not require a constant power supply.

Thus the device can carry out the work, even where electricity is not yet spent.


Mobility - independent battery allows operation without difficulty at high altitude, it does not prevent frequent change of place of work, the lack of wires prevents clinging, and it does not cause inconvenience in use.

limited amount of charge.Despite all the advantages of cordless screwdriver requires periodic power source for charging.

Therefore, when buying a cordless screwdriver, it is wise to buy two batteries at once to it - as long as one is charged, you can operate a second.

Network device

Uninterrupted workflow - in the presence of a regular power supply, need not be interrupted for charging.

Lightweight - web-based tool as opposed to analog battery easier, allowing them to work longer without getting tired.

cost - network device is cheaper, and its price is influenced only by its specifications, there is no need to spend money on extra batteries.

professional and home - which is better?

Any tool called "professional" is much greater confidence in the buyer.

no exception screwdrivers equipped with a shock wave, combining the drill steel universal tool.

When you buy a model, you are sure that life will be long and extensive functionality.

But the price of a professional tool and at times more often the cause in favor of the choice of home.

external difference screwdrivers also takes place, as seen in the photo below, a professional tool combines a more ergonomic design.


If you are going to use it only for the house, there is no reason to buy a professional.The only difference in the torque - at the professional he is 130 Nm at home - 15 Nm.

So, for tightening and unscrewing screws, screws and 10 Nm is enough.Therefore, in some cases it will be wise to opt for a screwdriver for the house, in order to save money.

A professional screwdriver has one important difference - a full battery charge is not more than an hour.

So, to choose, keep in mind that the more important for you - saving time and money.For most buyers are not as important to wait 3-5 hours of charging domestic screwdriver.

Basic characteristics of household and professional screwdrivers

Household screwdriver:

  • small cost;
  • low productivity;
  • low power;
  • easy assembly;
  • cheap spare parts;
  • small capacity battery.

professional tool:

  • high build quality;
  • powerful motor capable of withstanding heavy loads;
  • long and fast charge battery;
  • user-friendly design, easy "sits" in the hand;
  • high price corresponding to the quality;
  • reliable performance;
  • impact-resistant housing.

To choose such a device, you need to approach the matter seriously and responsibly, this is a very complex mechanism.


and main determining factors in the selection are:

  1. Company;
  2. cost;
  3. convenience.

will run more detail on these items.


in DIY stores mostly are products of such companies as:

  • Bosch (Bosch, Germany);
  • Makita (Makita, Japan);
  • AEG (AEG, Germany);
  • Hitachi (Hitachi, Japan);
  • Hilti (Hilti, Liechtenstein);
  • DeWalt (DeWalt, Germany);
  • Black & amp; Decker (Black and Decker, USA);
  • Metabo (Metabo, Germany);
  • Interskol (Russia);
  • Bison (Russia);
  • Sparky (Sparky, Germany);
  • Skil (Skill, Netherlands).

course, choose among a large number of incredibly difficult.The majority of the tools made in China, it's not always a bad thing.

The debate over whether, what is the best company, Bosch, Makita, Hitachi, Interskol or AEG, do not cease.In the choice we have to look into the future.


cost primarily depends on the untwisted and the company's rating, so the brand Hilti does not enjoy our popular because of inflated-priced and low performance.

While the service at the height of: free maintenance service center for two years from date of purchase, at a convenient place for you to come company employee, take the tool, it will be repaired free of charge, and will bring back.

guarantee from the company given lifetime.After two years of use of the device will be charged for the repairs in the amount of not more than 33% of its value.

But, unfortunately, in the opinion of the company's tool breaks down very often.

Such a device is useful only at the construction site, where the tool is available as a foreman, where he would often be dropped, in case the guarantee would play a positive role.

Still, for that price you can buy a 2-4 similar characteristics screwdriver Bosch.For the price for the house is optimally suitable screwdriver Interskol company.

This is an inexpensive and very high-quality equipment, although it is not ergonomic, looks pretty rough.

Convenience, size

This item does not matter for use in the home.But it is inherent to artists who use screwdriver hours.

In this case, the size is of great importance.Small instrument easier to hold, the hand does not get tired so much, they can crawl with the most hard-to- reach places, but they are also more difficult to screw the screw.

now about convenience.Before you purchase the device, it is necessary to pay attention to the angle of the handle with respect to the trunk.

If it is too sharp, as shown in the photo below, when used regularly, the result will be a permanent callus between the thumb and forefinger.

Screwdriver Stern Performance

battery screwdriver - types, characteristics

This is the main point in the selection.

In modern devices use three types of batteries:

  • nickel cadmium;
  • Nickel Metal Hydride;
  • lithium ion.

advantages of nickel-cadmium batteries:

  • This type of battery is able to be stored in a completely discharged state;
  • Low cost;
  • not afraid of low temperatures;
  • Recoverability after long lying.


  • relatively short time teleworking;
  • battery can be put on charge after a complete discharge.Otherwise, it decreases the duration of the charge;
  • Rapid discharge, after fully charged in inactive position during the week completely discharged.

Pros nickel-metal hydride batteries:

  1. environmental safety;
  2. small size;
  3. can be put on charge for a large percentage of the discharge, the charge time is reduced not by much.



  1. Less time than that of nickel-cadmium batteries;
  2. Price category above, unlike nickel-cadmium batteries;
  3. discharges by 10% during the first day;
  4. Prohibited storage in a discharged;
  5. fear of freezing temperatures.

Nickel-metal hydride batteries now practically do not apply.

Advantages of lithium-ion accumulator:

  1. can be recharged at any percentage of discharge;
  2. Self-discharge no more than 20% per year when stored properly;
  3. Fast charging time (hour);
  4. Long service life, 5 times more than that of nickel-cadmium batteries.


  1. high charge rate and battery;
  2. not start charge when battery is fully discharged;
  3. not tolerate sub-zero temperatures.


Top most popular screwdrivers

ranked the most bought screwdrivers, offer it to you:

  • Makita.His need to choose if you want to buy an inexpensive, but high-quality device, pay attention to this company.Although not the highest rating - it is deservedly one of the most suitable options.Such a device is suitable for home and professional activities;
  • Interskol.If you need to choose a reliable screwdriver to the house, which will serve you for a long time under any conditions, and does not require costly investments, it is the best option;
  • Bosch.The characteristic difference - high reliability, power, great features, fast charge and convenience.It is designed for professional use and domestic purposes, the high price for excellent quality.Combining striking feature, it is able to replace the drill.

For frequent use we recommend choosing this company.They rightly deserved the rating of the best screwdriver.

Follow all these rules and you will be able to buy a screwdriver that will delight you during your work.