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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sheathe siding house with their hands

Sheathe siding house with their hands

Pursuing the construction of private homes, many are thinking about how to sheathe siding house with his own hands.

These works are quite feasible in the home, you only need to strictly follow the instructions and then you will have a house with pictures.

Siding is a modern type of finishing materials that have been produced with the latest technology and are used in the construction relatively recently.

The photo shows the appearance saydingovyh panels.

first to sheathe siding construction began in the United States (no more than half a century ago), and the material appeared in Russia in the early 90s.

most commonly used metal, vinyl or fiber cement siding.

Saydingovye panel

Mounting front of the houses are usually made of vinyl siding (log cabin is a house, the construction of aerated concrete or structure for the walls is brick was used, does not matter), since its production use polymers that enhance performance propertiesmaterial.

If you build a house using bricks, and you want the building look

ed as if it was made of wood or stone, it is best to use a ground siding.

The photo shows an example of how to look like the walls and gable house, finished basement siding.



  • Material characteristics
  • tools Required
  • Preparations
  • frame Mounting
  • Mounting cap
  • installation rules
  • Installing siding

material characteristics

material has the highest strength (tolerates rain, snow and wind)relatively low price and excellent external characteristics (panels produce different colors, they all look at this ultra-modern and wonderful complement the overall look of the house).

In photos provided by variety of colors of material.


This siding is completely non-flammable and is resistant to sudden changes in temperature.Even the presence of moisture can cause the appearance of fungus on it.

Therefore facade made of this material can be easily cleaned with water, and do not care about how this process will be reflected on the cover of the house.

Spend you trim your own or hire a professional, in any case, it is necessary to buy quality stuff.

how well installation on a brick or a log house has not been carried out, with low-quality panels, all efforts will go down the drain rather quickly - frost crack will go, but from the sun's rays will be fading panels.

It is also important that the sheets have the same thickness, or their deformation will occur in high winds.The photo presents the effects of the installation of substandard materials.

Installation of siding

Therefore, when buying the right guided by the ratio of the price and quality of goods.Now let's try to hold their own home siding trim, detail considering all stages of work.

Tools Required

If you decide to carry out the work themselves, then for their implementation you can not do without a number of tools:

  • saw with fine teeth or grinders;
  • metal cutting shears;
  • screwdriver and screwdriver;
  • hammer;
  • roulette;
  • square and level;
  • ladder.

With their help it is possible to complete the entire installation himself, without attracting specialists for this.

siding sheathing refers to the dry type of external finishes and thanks to the light weight of the material, you can mount the panel on the outside like a wooden house, and the house of aerated concrete.

tools we already have, it is now necessary to carry out preparatory work.


Before mounting frame necessary to carry out the preparation work surfaces.

Preparing the working surface involves dismantling certain elements: drainpipes, window shutters, exterior window sills, eaves and low tides.

For sealing cracks and crevices of the old use assembly foam or mortar.If the house is old, then cleanse it with dirt, dust, breakaway plaster and paint, mold and rotten areas.

Log House is best to handle an antiseptic and flame retardant, the house of aerated concrete or foam is processed using deep penetrating primer.As can be processed and a brick.

The photo shows the exterior of the house, after the preparatory work.


completing these works, study the surface and determine thethe need to install framing system.

If a log house and a tree has a smooth surface, it is possible to dispense with the frame (in this case, if you do not plan to insulate it).

If the building is made of aerated concrete or brick used in the construction, and if the log cabin has an uneven surface on the outside, the installation frame is required.

The photo shows examples of the appearance of the houses, which are necessary to carry out the installation of the frame under the siding.


frame Mounting

frame under the siding is made of galvanized profiles, that is the best suited when outside the houselined with brick or building made of aerated concrete.

If the house is built of logs, it is possible to perform a framework system of rails in size 60 to 40 mm, with a residual moisture content of no more than 20%.

better to process the rails using the antiseptic and how to dry them, thus increasing the service life of the material and extending the life of the frame.

And now, let's get down to the installation battens:

  1. Using a tape measure and level, do the layout of straight lines so as to obtain a closed loop;
  2. measure distances across the line before the cap, we find the smallest index and down it makes a note of another loop (on this line in the future will set the starting bar, so it is important that it does not deviate from the level, or facing sheets may be skewed);
  3. Using the U-shaped attachment, perform installation of vertical rails (start with better angles).To guide firmly sat on the brick or timber, under which insert pieces of wood or rigid foam;
  4. Where are located the corners, windows, doors, as well as in places of installation of the lighting of street lamps is better to install on the outside of brick or log several additional guides;
  5. conduct bond between a vertical guide is not necessary, otherwise violated the air outflow, and due to the lack of ventilation will mold or fungus.

finished installation of lathing on log house or a brick, proceed to the installation of waterproofing and insulation.

If you do not quite understand the process of the installation frame, the video, you can better understand the whole scheme of the work done.


If the building is made of wood or gas concrete, the waterproofing layer is required, insulation is carried out with the optional (if possible, it is still better to make the building with insulation).

As the insulation is possible to use polystyrene foam or mineral wool (you can use any other insulation materials other than those which are incompatible with the material of the walls of your home).

Puts insulation in the space between the frame, if necessary, fix a further material fixtures.

This video shows how to conduct house warming prior to installation.


Mounting cap

Without the cap can not do any building, as mound of earth to protect the foundation from destruction and erosions with water.

plinth mounted very simple: for a fixed frame mount lower horizontal profiles.After cheat on their initial strips about 25 cm.

length Using the area and the level of the knees are measuring cap (bearings).

Then hold the assembly of the knees of the profiles.

design Fortress thus achieved by setting the initial strap supports the knees and secure it with the help of dowel-nails (nails are of such a length of up to 8 cm).

For hardness designs on the corners of the tribes assemble profiles horizontally.In the photo you can see the view of the cap of the finished building.


installation rules

there are certain conditions to set saydingovyh sheets.

To work went well, and the material has a long operating life, the entire assembly should be carried out according to the following rules:

  • Observe the thermal gap of at least 1 mm between the screws and panels during exercise fasteners (need to atpanels do not crack began to form, when their surface expands due to the heat the sun's rays);
  • It is also necessary to leave gaps between panels in the end and edge connection from 3 to 5 mm (during installation of siding in winter clearances should do more, as the compressed material from the cold);
  • If the manufacturer has already done on the panels holes for mounting, the screws need to be fixed strictly on the center of the hole, as they are provided for the longitudinal panel extensions.

All of these rules should be used when installing siding on the exterior of the house, so that the material could better catch the frame mounted earlier.

Installing siding

After lathing, installation of siding panels should not cause you any difficulties.

To start fasten the start profile using the building level.After stringing him sheets of panels, each of which is separately fastened to the sheathing.

Mounts to produce screws, metal, selected in the color panels.The main difference between self-tapping screws for metal from the ordinary - is the size of the cap.

Their hat is quite large and has several corrugations for a secure fit.

So fasten panels on the outside of the building, rising from the bottom up, until it comes to rest against the eaves and in the fronton.

Now we need to carry out the assembly of the eave.Apply the serifs on the pediment and carry out the installation of the initial strip on brick (logs or some other material from which made the house).

After the bar is attached to the profile, which will play the role of the eaves batten.Fasten the eaves to the roof using the screws of a suitable color.

Next we need oblitsevat himself gable.For many of those involved in the construction of the house and facing the first time such a thing as the gable, it is not entirely clear.Let us understand that he like?

Pediment - is the upper part of the facade construction, limited cornice and roof.

In fact, the front - it is a wall of the attic floor, as well as the installation brackets on the wall, we just have done, then he oblitsevat pediment it is also not difficult.

After facing extreme roof battens (projecting part) is also close siding, making sure that the panel included in the facing inner corners, which must be attached in advance.

The video below shows a detailed process of fixing saydingovyh panels on the gable of the building.


As you can see, hold facing the house on its own is quite possible.

To do this, you only need to prepare the necessary tools to carry out procurement of quality material and carry out the installation, subject to certain installation rules.