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August 12, 2017 18:06

Construction hozbloka own hands

Construction hozbloka own hands

begin construction of cottages or a house, probably everyone thought about how to make their own hands hozblok.

Shed - a mandatory thing in any part of it can be used as a warehouse for tools, gardening tools, can be stored in hozblok compact equipment, and some owners expanded its summer kitchen, shower or bath, organize aviary.

the video in the article you can see hozblok types and their use.

Currently, the construction of cottages can be purchased as ready-made designs, assembled or unassembled, and you can build it yourself.


  • place next barn
  • What hozblok build?
  • lays the foundation
  • buildings Gather base hozbloka
  • Building a frame barn
  • Assembling trusses and roof
  • Making the roof, walls, insulated shed

place next barn

In order to choose the place where will be locatedWater supply without, you must first understand the purposes for which it will be used, based on this, determine its size.

plan to equip the building for poultry, sheep, and the toilet - so sho

uld be located hozblok at a distance of not less than 12 meters from the property, and not less than 4 meters from the neighbors.

If the barn is equipped with a shower, then building and adjacent land will be 1 meter apart and the distance between home and hozblok 8 meters.

better if hozblok in the country will be universal, in which you can place on the edges of a bathroom and shower room under the economic needs do in the middle.

If your site is limited in space, consider a variant of the construction of a multistory hozbloka with a cellar, a summer kitchen on the second floor.


What hozblok build?

defined the place of location of the barn in the country, consider what material you will build hozblok: wood, metal sheets, foam blocks.Perhaps it will be combined.

hozbloka construction of corrugated board in recent years is very popular.

By choosing this material, you will get a fast installation design, long-term use - corrugated sheets are lightweight, corrosion-resistant coating and have a different color tint.

In the country, to build a shed, increasingly using frame method, as it is quite simple.

As skeleton using wooden blocks, of which elevate hozblok and then sheathe sheets of corrugated board.Wooden frame can be replaced with a frame made of metal sheets.

construction shed of corrugated Guide consists of the following stages:

  • foundation;
  • base;
  • frame;
  • walls and roof;
  • insulation and finish.

Laying the foundation built

defined the place and the material, you can proceed directly to the construction, that is to lay the foundation hozbloka.

First you need to make a layout and mark around the perimeter of the future placement of the pillars of construction (pipes) in the corners and in the center of the long walls.

Remove the layer of soil about 20 centimeters, half pit filled with sand (10 cm depth), carefully tamped to form a foundation.


preparing a place for the pillars.Digs a hole depth of 1 meter, with a mixture of sand and fine gravel rammed the bottom of each pit, creating a foundation.

Install pipe, we check the level that there are no distortions, sand fill the void.And fill it with cement.

First cement fill the hollow portion of the pipe about one-third, and we raise a little.Then fill the rest of the cement pillars.

for stronger fixing pipe fittings can be used, it is mounted in the base of the corner posts and the Gulf of cement.

Foundation hozbloka should dry out, it takes approximately 2 weeks.It is necessary at this time to protect it from sunlight, and sand base cushion periodically humidify.

Putting base hozbloka

While the foundation hozbloka dries, you can begin to collect the skeleton frame of the shed, since its foundation - the frame.

wooden bars with a minimum thickness of 15 centimeters to collect a rectangle 6x3 meters.We fix them together with screws further by using a half-tree method, which is represented in the photo.

Photo mounting boards.

Connection bars

foundation and frame are interconnected layer.Usually used as roofing construction materials, the ends of which are folded inwards to water not collected.

handle all antiseptic for protection against moisture, mold and insects.As an antiseptic, you can use varnish, covering its surface in two layers.

Ground strengthen three transverse joists, placing them together at the same distance.

Building a frame barn

To make a barn, or rather, its skeleton, we need thick wooden beams 10 and 15 centimeters.

assembles design, starting from the ends, not forgetting about the window openings, if you plan to install windows.

self-tapping screws fasten the uprights to the base, connecting the boards with each other with steel corners.

Adding to fix the frame of 2-4 vertical bar on each side, and for the hardness between them assemble slanting plank.

Where windows are located (usually on the end walls in the middle) between the average vertical bars install jumpers, creating one window opening.

To make the doorway, put in the middle of the wall some vertical bars at a distance of 85 centimeters from each other for it.

horizontal jumper is located less than 2 meters.

If the roof is sloped, respectively height of the vertical bars will be different for the front and rear walls, for front walls, in this case use different height rack, cut the top at an angle.

For hozbloka consisting of several sections, additionally installed partitions, door openings are formed depending on the expected number of doors.

sectional hozblok Examples are shown in the following video story.


To you it was easier to assemble the frame, draw a diagram of construction.Drawings greatly simplify the work for the construction.

Assembling trusses and roof

Collect rafters recommended on the ground, and set the barn already in finished form.Lathing depending on the gather of roofing material, at intervals or continuous.

rafters are mounted on screws, the holes need to be drilled in advance - this will prevent cracking.On the uneven bars in addition to the bonding locations need to do logging.

Puts rafters to frame, prepare overhangs and ledges, using edged boards.

floorboards can be laid as the trusses before installation and after.When attaching the planks to cross logs do not forget to use a level to the floor was not deformed, better to use screws type "p'o-t'ai."

Important!For temporary bonding boards use ordinary nails before final connection screws details.


Future barn need to fully process an antiseptic and only after that can obscure the roof and begin to frame plating.

Making the roof, walls, insulated shed

Shaping the roof, remember that it requires mandatory deck waterproofing layer.If you plan to sheathe the roof of wooden planks, you can safely use the traditional roofing material.

roof can be covered evroshifer, corrugated sheets, metal tile.In this case, the roofing material can be replaced by a plastic film.

As roof sheathing and do waterproofing layer, see the following video story.


Walls can sheathe sheets of chipboard, corrugated board, paneling, particleboard sheets.Always start with the front wall from the bottom up.Insulated with glass wool or foam construction.

Inside the barn sheathe plywood, boards, sheets of corrugated board for interior decoration is rarely used.

hozblok ready, it remains only to conduct electricity to it, to make sockets.Install cabinets, shelves, other furniture of your choice.