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August 12, 2017 18:06

What and how to drill a ceramic tile ?

What and how to drill a ceramic tile ?

make a bathroom renovation and do not know how to drill a ceramic tile?

In this article we will talk about it.

The need to make a hole there for a number of reasons.

you want to hang in the bathroom mirror, shelf, socket set and so on.

Drill seems to be not difficult, the main difficulty lies in the fact that on ceramic tiles does not go cracks, and it does not split.And you can drill with different tools.

It can be electric or hand drill, cordless screwdriver, or network.It is better if the hand you will have more than one tool, and some of them you will be drilling, depending on the situation.

few tips on how to drill without cracking the ceramic tile in the bathroom:

  • Put the tile in water and soak about 40-60 minutes;
  • Moisten with water the hole each time, before you drill it;
  • Drilling should be at least 15 mm from the edge of the tile;
  • The bathroom tile is better to drill in the joints, if possible.


  • tips tile drilling dowel
  • Drill tiles under the outlet
  • Drill custom holes

tips tile drilling dowel

Basically, the need to drill ceramic tiles there in the bathroomroom, on the wall already covered with tiles.To avoid the replacement of the liner, use uncomplicated tips.

Firstly, tile quite slippery, which means that the drill will slip.To avoid unnecessary sliding, stick masking tape.It is glued around the pre-marked drilling point.


Second, select the correct drill bit to prevent splitting.Ceramic tiles can not drill tools designed to work on brick or concrete.

work can be drilled with a diamond tip or pobeditovym, there is also a specially designed drill bits for glass and ceramic tiles.

Third, work on the tiles should take place only on small speed.

When the item will be drilled, use a conventional drill, its diameter must be the same size as the dowel.

And the hole was made not too deep, it is better if you make a stop, winding insulation tape on the drill to the desired length.

purged ready opening to clean it from dust and insert the dowel.

In this way, you can drill a hole with a diameter of 15 millimeters.

Drill tiles under the outlet

usually drilled hole for an outlet in a tile, which is not laid on the wall.To this paint required diameter circle on the front side.

To simplify the procedure, you can cut around the outlet on the inside or use a compass.


tile during drilling must lie on a flat surface, it is desirable that it was not very hard, you can use a wooden board.

Drilling in several ways.

quick and safe way - is to use the hammer.

more laborious method - a piercing point on the contour.As planned nasverlivayut diameter hole using a drill with a drill with a diamond tip.

Edge holes should extend beyond the line of 2 millimeters.After the whole circuit is covered, carefully knock the middle of the circle.

If there are pieces, they must break off with pliers or wire cutters.The edges of the cut sandpaper.

For option when in the bathroom tile is laid already on the wall, you need to prepare the required template size, attach it with a paper adhesive tape to the surface and make a hole with a drill with a diamond or pobeditovye crown.

Crowns in diameter are different, so they are often used for drilling for sewers.

Note to drill tiles under the outlet has not yet laid on the wall, you only need a drill with a drill of the type: diamond or pobeditovye or perforator and drilling on the wall will need a drill with a diamond crown, suitable for the size of the diameter.

Drill the holes custom

correct drill tiles in the bathroom, if you want to custom size, you can use a special circular drill - "Ballerina".

It looks as spears, at the end of which a bracket is fixed another drill.

Ballerina for non-standard openings

Due to the movement of the bracket can be adjusted by the diameter of the future holes.
set the desired diameter drill ceramic tile in advance marked the spot.

important while working to preserve the immobility of the drill, for this and put it on a special tripod.

Drilling at low speed only while holding the tiles to not splinters flew from under the drill.