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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bedroom 17 sq .m . in a classic style .4 options : Photos

Article Contents:

  • 1 modern classic in the bedroom 17 square meters.m: practical chic
  • 2 palace interior in classical bedroom 17 square meters.m.
  • 3 Design bright room bedroom 17 square meters.m in the style of Provence: the gentle atmosphere of coziness
  • 4 Design bright room bedroom 17 square meters.m - a modern approach to the classic

modern classic in the bedroom 17 square meters.m: practical chic

From bedroom 17 sqm design room.m in sandy colors breathes tranquility and well-being.The peaceful atmosphere is formed by the warm shades of the walls, high quality decor, expensive furniture and harmonious interior - the qualities of a modern classic.

Restrained elegance defines the finishing room.Bed and tables are shaped with graceful lines, but without the pretentiousness elements.Ideal assembled furniture of precious wood shows the careful selection, manufacturing of all components in the same style and color concept.


room bedroom 17 square meters.m Photo

Objects gold colors -. frame for paintings, furniture, cornice, effectively emphasize the chic design of the room 17 square meters.m, snow-enhancing elements of the stucco ceiling and echoing the pleasant shade of the walls.Decorate the room to brush golden cords used in garters curtains and cabinet handles.

With its stylish design, the room is comfortable and functional, has a large amount of free space.The built-in corner cabinet, the size of the whole height of the wall, can accommodate a variety of clothing, bedding, linens and household accessories.

dizayn_komnaty_17_metrov_foto dizayn_komnaty_17_metrov_foto3

Photography rooms 17 sq.m.Bedroom

for general lighting uses a large glass chandelier on the stem.The pattern of lines on its surface similar to carpet ornaments.

apply white-beige combination of details on the facade and frame cabinet doors.Clarity and accuracy give contrasting decorative elements, made in black and gray colors.These include:

  • blanket on the bed;
  • cushions;
  • lamp shades table lamps, bedside lighting creating zonal space;
  • carpet on the floor, made of oak parquet planks natural color.

room interior looks bright.In addition to windows in the rug, this contributes to a large number of white cells.Add the comfort of tulle curtains and very bright, free-flowing silk curtains with a golden effect.They are nicely scatter the sun's rays, filling the room with soft light.

palace interior in classical bedroom 17 square meters.m.

Classic Design room 17 square meters.m makes it luxurious.From high-quality finishing of walls, ceiling and floor, the use of luxury materials of natural origin, solid furniture gives the impression that the room is worthy of royals.All elements of the interior are carefully selected, complement each other, highlight the excellent taste and high status of the owner.


room bedroom in a classic style.Photo

stylish interior is formed by specific elements, including:

  • delicate painting of walls and furniture, which includes a combination of white and beige parts;
  • white ceiling with moldings in the corners and along the perimeter;
  • heavy brocade curtains to the floor creamy, decorated with gold pattern with original drapery and garters;
  • trim with gold, forming a special glamor, presented framed mirrors, brushes garters, edging open shelves, shining chandeliers, table lamps;
  • noble damask pattern on the curtains emphasizes the elegant luxury interior echoes the lines of vegetable carpet ornament on the floor, table decoration, pattern, stucco ceiling, pattern upholstery, found expression in the form of frames for mirrors, bedside double bed, framing the TV area.

Professionally designed interior of a room 17 square meters.m is characterized by the presence of light, not cluttered with small parts of the room.Good natural light is made possible by the huge windows.

dizayn_komnaty_17_metrov_foto4 dizayn_komnaty_17_metrov_foto5

Comfortably protects occupants personal space from prying eyes thickly draped tulle.However, it does not prevent the sun's rays illuminate the bright bedroom.Comfortable atmosphere for relaxation and the desired level of dimming tenants create using dense curtains.

In the evening, lots of light provides an elegant chandelier with lamps shaped candles, a large mirror, amplifying the light from the lamps original form due to the reflection, two table lamps with white shades.

Massive comfortable bed is the main element of the design bedrooms.Mighty backrest made of natural bleached oak, in harmony with them, footstools, bedside tables, floor of oak array harmoniously linked together like parts, color, shape.

presence of all the items functionally reasoned and is subject to the general direction of design.The room is a single space, from which you can not remove a single item.

Design bright room bedroom 17 square meters.m in the style of Provence: the gentle atmosphere of coziness

Romantic nature will appreciate the design of the bedroom room 17 square meters.m, designed in the spirit of the French Provence.Decorating the walls in pastel colors and floral wallpaper pattern, comfortable beds create a comfortable atmosphere conducive to relaxation, recuperation after a busy working day.


room bedroom 17 square meters.meters in the style of Provence.Photo

Design rustic French interior is characterized by light - the room is literally permeated with sunlight, which spoiled the inhabitants of the sea coast.This effect is achieved by:

  • pale blue, as if burnt, painting of walls;
  • white ceiling with stucco;
  • white design elements, including - bedside tables, bed, chest of drawers, upholstered furniture, lamps, curtains, decorative moldings on the walls and ceiling;
  • linen in blue and white palette, the color corresponding to the general concept of the bedroom.

to design characterized by the use of natural materials.It is pleasant contrast to the cold colors floor natural color of parquet massif.He adds comfort room, the bedroom makes a positive energy home atmosphere.

dizayn_komnaty_17_metrov_foto9 dizayn_komnaty_17_metrov_foto8 dizayn_komnaty_17_metrov_foto7

This also contribute to the other elements of furniture made of wood: bed, bedside tables, chest of drawers, the original hanger.They are characterized by simple shapes with a small trim in the form of smooth lines on the borders of the facades.

In the daytime white and blue design of the room 17 square meters.m well-lit by a window and fully glazed doors.Despite the lack of chandeliers, with the creation of a bright light in the rest of the day is designed to handle a set of fixtures in the same style, which includes:

  • lamp;
  • two table lamps;
  • dvuhrozhkovyh vapor lamps.

In addition to creating the desired lighting level, they provide a zoned backlighting, allowing to form the desired atmosphere, for example, for a romantic mood, relaxing, watching TV, reading books.

essential attribute of the French interior are the flowers.Without them it is impossible to imagine a rustic room.They are visible in the image below wallpaper, embroidery on bedding.

Design bedroom in the style of Provence gives you the opportunity to get a nice, comfortable, eco-friendly room for maximum physical and mental relaxation.

Design bright room bedroom 17 square meters.m - a modern approach to the classic

fairly spacious room has allowed to include in the design of the room 17 square meters.m elements of classical direction.At the same time, it looks remarkably modern, spacious and functional.

belonging to the most popular style is manifested in:

  • use light shades of the furniture, carpet, floor, wall decoration;
  • clear zoning into functional areas by using furniture placement, the use of different textures and finishing wall decor pattern wallpaper;
  • the presence of high-quality furniture with expensive kinds of decoration in the form of carved lines, the shape of which is repeated in the bends of the multilevel ceilings, cornices, baseboards, picture frames.

Mirror suspended ceiling, located in the center of the three-tiered ceiling, doubled visually increases the height of the walls, beautifully breaking and altering space.At the same time it multiplies the amount of light from the original chandelier in the form of branches with crystal leaves.

dizayn_komnaty_17_metrov_foto12 dizayn_komnaty_17_metrov_foto11

room with green curtains.Photo

spotlights with crystal pendants are used to create additional lighting, bedrooms located on the perimeter.A zone bedside table lamps illuminate the rustic with gray shades.

This color is used as a contrasting accent, and occurs in the shade of the carpet, cushions, several paintings, drawing on the wallpaper.By the way, their pattern repeats the shape and dimensions of the elements-leaf chandeliers and is similar to the pattern on the bedspread.

Additional adorning accentual details become decorative pillows, curtains pale green color, and the second part of the paintings with the images in the same tone.

dizayn_komnaty_17_metrov_foto13 dizayn_komnaty_17_metrov_foto14

Competent planning made it possible to create, in addition to a comfortable bed, sitting area, placing in it a sofa, TV, cabinet for equipment.

This room have the opportunity to retire for a long pastime of watching TV, reading books, communicating with family members, lessons favorite things.