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August 12, 2017 18:06

Design bedrooms 2016. New products 45 photos

Article Contents:

  • 1 modern bedrooms 2016 with yellow accents
  • 2 bedrooms Design 2016 with 3D panels.Photo
  • 3 bedrooms Design 2016.Black and white bedroom
  • 4 design a small bedroom.New 2016
  • 5 fresh idea bedrooms 2016
  • 6 modern style bedroom design in 2016 in the style of minimalism
  • 7 Beautiful idea to the bedroom in the attic 2016
  • 8 modern idea outstretched bedrooms 2016

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modern bedrooms 2016 with yellow accents

presents to your attention new bedroom design.

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Design bedrooms 2016 with 3D panels.Photo

Very beautiful and modern bedroom interior.Photo: see below.

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Design bedrooms 2016.Black and white bedroom

Black and white interior - is a simple and stylish design new bedrooms 2016 Minimalism designed in such colors can afford to relax, unwind and focus.If you want to fill the bedroom light, ceiling finishes and painting the walls is better to make striped white.The flooring in such a decision must be combined with black furniture and have only

a couple of shades lighter.It fit perfectly glossy or matt laminate in a gray color scheme.


bedroom design photo 2016

main rule for furniture in black and white bedroom - wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside tables or shelves should be in one color in white or black and mature at the same time in the same style.With the game of contrasts - light-colored walls and black furniture, it is possible to achieve a stunning effect.

If you want to create comfort and bring a little lightness in black and white bedroom design in 2016, it makes sense to dilute it with a soft material.Bed upholstered dark textile material blends in perfectly with the soft pouf of the same series, this idyll perfectly fit light fabric blinds.

desizhn_spalni_2016_foto3 desizhn_spalni_2016_foto4 desizhn_spalni_2016_foto

Photography black and white bedroom

It is very important to take care of the publicity, especially in the bedroom more emphasis rests on the black color, otherwise it will be too dark and closed.A good choice would be split-level ceilings with built-in lighting and bedside lamps, made in a simple style in black.This is a wonderful option to make the room a particularly fine.Large windows to the floor will fill the place a sufficient amount of natural light.

Different decorative elements means to help bring an atmosphere of comfort and warmth in the cold space of a few.This could be an interesting picture, it fits into the overall look.Linens and decorative pillows is better to choose in warm pastel colors.The decor fit perfectly, and a pair of statues in the avant-garde style.But it is important to remember one detail - these elements should not be much, so as not to spoil the effect of brevity.

design a small bedroom.New 2016

small bedroom - it's not a reason to give up comfort.Let's start with color scale.The coating surfaces of the room does not need to include white.Furthermore, pastel and gray color perfectly combines with woody furniture.For the walls are well suited wallpaper volumetric textures and colorful prints.Such for example, geometric pattern as in the photo of a new idea bedrooms 2016 small size will definitely be the center of attention focus.Floors of laminate flooring or in a bedroom should always be combined with furniture, to make them better in bright colors.


Photo bedroom trends 2016

What about the furniture - for a square room it is best to minimize.Excellent fit into the design of a small bedroom bed in 2016 on a platform that will help to create the illusion of more space.Do not do without the small bedside tables, but it is better to take the model without legs, so it would seem that not much furniture.Closet to choose a great and versatile, so as not to take up too much space, such as a chest of drawers.Technologies of the 21st century also help save space in a small bedroom, with enough to build a plasma TV in a cabinet or wall.

main rule in lighting design small bedroom 2016 - the more natural sunlight, the better.You can do without the large chandeliers and select ceilings.Use of mirrors - ideal in bedrooms updates 2016. They seem to extend the small room, without trimming it, visually widen the walls and raise the ceiling.It is best if the mirror will be placed in front of the windows, so that the reflection of the sun's rays, filling the room, make it brighter and more volume.

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Photo small bedroom

decor, it has to be minimized.No need to clutter the bedroom and so small bunch of small figurines, souvenirs and other little things.There is enough to choose a pair of night-lamps in some interesting style, so that they served as a subject of the beautiful decor, and a source of light.Thus, the main thing here adheres to simplicity and brevity to make the bedroom a truly elegant.

fresh idea bedrooms 2016

contemporary style bedrooms in a modern design 2016 there is nothing more important than comfort, practicality and fresh design solutions.
The choice of finishing materials and colors has no borders, but it is best to let them be organic and natural.Wallpapers are still classics in the decoration of the walls, but instead of the usual traditional pattern a good choice would be a matte texture fabric dark gray color.For interior walls and serve as a wooden panel, which will give a presentable and warmer appearance.such panels are most often used near the head of the bed.For flooring is suitable flooring is also made of natural materials.


Central furniture is the bed.The bed is best to choose a durable frame and orthopedic crate that allows the back to relax after a hard day's work.In addition, in the practice of modern living bedroom - it's not just a place to rest, so we may need another functional area to work.The photo modern bedroom in 2016 can be estimated The idea to place a small stylish table and chairs.Excellent modern design idea bedroom in 2016 will be the replacement of bulky cabinets to elegant side table.This option will undoubtedly add airy room.Fashion trend today is built plasma TV, which is fully saves space.

desizhn_spalni_2016_foto9 desizhn_spalni_2016_foto11 desizhn_spalni_2016_foto12 desizhn_spalni_2016_foto13

Choose optimum illumination help pinpoint ceiling lights.Floor lamp in an interesting and unusual manner emits a muffled streaming light, and like the zone envelops bed rest.In addition conical shape of lamps in the style of hi-tech, perfect for a bedroom in a contemporary style and light zone of the workplace.

various objects scenery, as well as furniture should be the minimum amount.The decor in the form of lush green leaves give the room a freshness and charm.A nice decoration that will add comfort and coziness become a bedside rug with long pile.Creative picture perfectly fit into the current design.

Design bedroom in 2016 in the style of minimalism

minimalist style speaks for itself - the simplicity and conciseness in detail - that's the main rule.

The decoration, furniture and decor are three natural tones.Often, it is a white, gray, black.Also available is another color palette, sometimes designers are working with only one.By the design of the walls is presented the basic requirement - a neutral solid color with no patterns and ornaments.It can be used as wallpaper or plaster to cover or paint.The whiter the color is, the more it will match the style.Floors should be combined with the walls.It is better to choose light parquet or laminated diluted softly pronounced pattern.This floor will create a feeling of space and visually expand the space.Stretch ceilings with chiseled lamps the best solution for the design of the bedroom in 2016 in a minimalist style.


Photo bedroom in the style of minimalism

Dilute the predominance of white furniture can help.It is better if it is much darker, for example, black.The novelties of design bedrooms 2016 in the style of minimalism can be considered a bed mat with built-in long shelves without unnecessary details, legs and back.In addition, bedding, choose a single color and better, so that it is perfectly in harmony with the bed.If the mat black, the bed is appropriate to lay a dark-gray color.Above the headboard of the bed, you can come up with shelves for books.It is important that they are cumbersome and not desirable with a small number of fasteners.To win more space, better TV hung on the wall opposite the bed.

Besides general lighting on the ceiling, a bedroom also should be as full of natural light.A great idea would be large windows from ceiling to the floor.No need to hang their curtains or curtains so as not to disturb the idyll of style.

desizhn_spalni_2016_foto16 desizhn_spalni_2016_foto15 desizhn_spalni_2016_foto14

Decorating the bedroom of this decision need to be minimized.Dilute monochromatic color scheme will help bright books, placed on top of the shelves.You can also add a couple of pots to bring freshness to the room.

idea Beautiful bedroom in the attic 2016

bedroom in the attic is the same premises as the other rooms in the house.

exclusive details are sloping attic walls that make a room comfortable.That is why it is very important to decorate them wisely.Let's see how.The classic choice - wallpaper.But not just wallpaper, bright and expressive, and will be a novelty in the attic bedroom design 2016. This option walls create a major emphasis on the sloping walls and give them a share of elegance and wealth.The ceiling is best to be painted in monochrome white.especially it is not necessary to invent a floor covering.Parquet and laminate classic tones are well suited to the overall idea.


Photo bedroom in the attic 2016

second point - it's furniture.The main attribute of the bed is usually placed near the inclined wall, so it will not cause discomfort when standing up, as the wall at the head flat.By virtue of not large area in the attic there is no place for a large closet.Ideal fit into such a small room and create an atmosphere of creative leather sofa with a pair of leather chairs, glass coffee table.Cancel, as in the photo, the idea of ​​a bedroom in the attic in 2016, will be put under the windows of a small table with a stool.From this place very romantic to look at the night sky, studded with stars.

Small atypical windows mansardovskogo floor passed not so much light, and therefore, the coverage should be given special attention.Fill light a small bedroom in the attic floor lamps help in the bedside tables, lamps, lamps.

desizhn_spalni_2016_foto18 desizhn_spalni_2016_foto19

decor of such a bedroom is mainly depends on the style.It is appropriate to hang a picture on a wall, add a couple of statues, vases and frames with photographs.Interior can add home textiles - eg blankets and pillows made of natural materials.But in any case is not to overdo it.The main task - to bring to this little place an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.

modern idea outstretched bedrooms 2016

Typical bedroom in modern homes are planning a "car".With such an elongated layout is difficult to experiment.But to turn the narrow room into a cozy "square" with a new modern design ideas bedroom extended in 2016 under the force of each.


Let's start with the selection of colors.In order to successfully adjust the proportions of the walls, it is best to choose two types of finishes.In the photo the modern narrow bedroom in 2016, you can see how the rule works for accent walls.One side of the long wall matte texture wallpaper warm monochrome tones, and the opposite dark and bright.Pattern with original graphical now irises at the head will help to divert attention from the extended wall, accentuating it for yourself.In contrast very well play a white ceiling.They can be as a tension structure and routine.Visually can expand the space via a floor covering as a clear laminate or parquet boards, with better elements positioned across the room.

The very first rule for furniture in modern design outstretched bedrooms 2016 is the correct placement of the bed.Thus, the double bed is better to put the walls perpendicular to the elongated and make two free passes to the two beds.Try to fill the entire height and width of the walls.A great idea would be a wardrobe or a roomy walk-in closet in height from the floor to the ceiling.This option will save you from additional storage space for all things.Give a room a bit avant-garde, for example, in the form of unusual chairs.Instead of large cabinets, use stylish and round bedside tables.

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well-researched coverage of an important stage.Natural light will fill the room of custom sizes through the French windows.Additional artificial light sources - a ceiling lamp.Near the beds look great hanging from the chandelier in the style of hi-tech.Beside the chair can put a floor lamp, and.

The decor use more square elements.Square accessory in the form of a fine selection of paintings.Carpet-square creates another impression that you are not too narrow room.Other decorating ideas in the form of vases, candlesticks, figurines - this is certainly your choice, but the main thing is not to overdo.