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August 12, 2017 18:06

New Products Design bedroom 9 sq .m . Photo of three projects

Article Contents:

  • 1 small white bedroom - a solution for a small room
  • 2 Stylish small bedroom in white and yellow colors
  • 3 Eclectic in design small bedroom 9 sqmBedroom Grey
  • 4 Modern design small bedroom 9 m in Moscow
  • 5 Bright 9 meter bedroom in a contemporary style.The modern idea
  • 6 small bedroom 9 sq.m. in a contemporary style.Blue and yellow

Design bedrooms 9 sq.m.contemporary style with classic style - it is a good solution for a small space.

The decoration of the room used bright colors, natural materials, the maximum air and light.Bedroom by this reception, visually looks spacious.


Photo bedroom 9 sq.meters

minimum of furniture does not overload the space.Furniture is sustained in the same colors as the decoration of the room: cream, light beige.


TV on the wall in the bedroom.Photo


New items in the design of bedrooms 9 sq.m.Photo

decor elements are selected in accordance with the design of the bedroom: a minimum of textiles in the room, with an emph

asis on the bed pillows.Original interior painting in the shape of wings fits well into the concept of the bedroom.Emphasis is placed on a flower in the bottom pot and a black screen is located on the free wall.


idea for the modern bedroom 9 sq.M. Photo

small white bedroom - a solution for a small room

By good bedroom design room looks spacious enough and not overloaded with details.
White color finish selected to visually increase the space.2016 New design bedroom 9 sq.m. - is the lack of chandeliers and bold decision with lighting problems.


white bedroom Photo

ceiling chandelier in a narrow room would only emphasized deficit space, so it is replaced with LED lighting on the edges of the ceiling.Spot light from the lamps above the bed covers some parts of the room, which makes the design of the bedroom 9 sq.m. very cozy.


Photos small white bedroom without chandeliers

furniture in the room is very simple.In order not to focus on attention, cabinet built into the wall and lined with white panels.Drawers under the bed saves space and meet the principle of functionality.bedroom 9 square design.m in this case looks congested.


idea of ​​a modern bedroom.Photo


Design bedroom 9 sq.m. in a modern style is sustained by white in the decoration and interior of the room, as well as a minimum of parts and accents.

Stylish small bedroom in white and yellow colors

If we apply a little imagination, design a bedroom 9 sq.m. will be very interesting.

2016 NEW bedroom 9 square design.meters - a mixture of styles.In our case, in the interior we used elements of style 60-ies with the overall minimalist bedroom interior.


Photo bedrooms with bright accents

The decoration used light colors in accordance with the rule: the smaller the space, the lighter finish.Rough whitewashing the walls it is very successfully combined with lined the opposite wall, which is built in wardrobe and screen.Usual door replaced by a translucent door coupe that also enlarges the bedroom.

desizhn_spalni_ya_metrov_foto11 desizhn_spalni_ya_metrov_foto9

bedroom 9 square design.m look stylish and fresh due to the unusual accents.Yellow color on the wall, in the elements of the lamp and hanging over the bed retrosvetilnikah enlivens the room and gives it up.

Soft chairs in the style of the 60s and black-and-white carpet perfectly fit into the overall design of the bedroom 9 sq.m.

original chandelier in the shape of light bulbs Ilyich located on chairs, allowing a minimal cost of space divided into two areas the bedroom.Stylish shelf above the bed replaces the lack of wall decoration in the room.This design bedroom 9 sq.m. in contemporary style perfectly seasoned and not fed up with the details.

Eclectic in design small bedroom 9 sqmBedroom Grey

Thoughtful design, and the combination of gray, beige and muted yellow color, design small bedroom 9 sq turned quiet and cozy.In it together everything you need: bed, bedside tables, ottoman and even a dressing room.


small bedroom design in gray and yellow.Photo

As planned by the designer in the decoration of the bedroom there are classics and modernity.All elements of the interior in harmony with each other and complement each other.

At first glance, it can be argued that the design of the bedroom 9 sqm in a modern style, but if you look closely, it is clearly visible classical motifs.

So stylish modern bed has a headboard with classic elements inherent in the Rococo style.On the carpet, you can see exactly the same pattern as on the headboard.Classic portal and bedside tables are made in similar styles.Poof is made by the designer's drawings and fully complies with all the style of the bedroom.


Photo bedrooms

At the request of the hostess in the room fairly lengthy cabinet was necessary to accommodate.But, as seen in the photo, design bedroom 9 sq.m., could disrupt the installation wardrobe, so decided to make room in the corner of the dressing room.Thanks pastel tones in the decoration of the walls, this room is not striking and visually does not steal space.

lighting emphasizes the ambiguity of the selected style.Chandelier and bedside lamps are made in a classic design.Due fabric lampshades from them comes a soft diffused light.Spots that are located on the sides of the bed at first glance seem to be completely out of place, but if you think about a pouf bed and other modern elements, then everything becomes clear.It's eclectic - the union of styles.In addition, lamps and spots have different functions: the spots provide directional light, where the easy to read, and from lamps come soft, muted light that successfully creates a romantic atmosphere.


Falshkamin in a small bedroom.Photo

The hosts have set designer difficult task - to focus on their spirituality and love for art.Therefore, the main elements of the decor bedroom steel shelves with pictures and icons.Pillow and blanket sewn to order in tone with baguettes and symbolize the union of all elements of the design bedrooms.

designers managed to realize conceived design bedroom 9 sq.m., the photo evidence.

Modern design small bedroom 9 m in Moscow

Bedroom decided to issue in gray and beige with gold elements.Above the bed instead of wallpaper used horizontally stretched strip beige fabric, between which placed LED strip.The decision to design a bedroom 9 sq.m. to create the effect of increasing the space and visually expand a room, it can be clearly seen in the photo.

in the bedroom in addition to the bed need to be placed bedside tables and cabinets for storage, while not reducing the space.Since there was no sale of mass suitable models, the designers have ordered the production of furniture for the developed drawings.All cabinets depth no greater than 30 cm, so they can accommodate the required items, but they do not take up too much space.


Brown bedroom.Photo

Design bedroom 9 sq.M., A photo shows that elegance and compactness - were the main ingredients for success.

Lighting is a leader in the design of the bedroom.On each side of the bed positioned wall lights draped with brown shades.


TV on the wall of a small bedroom.Photo

On the opposite wall are three lamp from one collection with a chandelier, they are made of gold leaves, intertwined, and if the light is trying to fight through this plexus.

According to Kant the ceiling on both sides mounted LED strip.With this lighting ceiling seem higher.The same type of lighting used on an additional bed.


Despite the large number of lights in the bedroom intimate setting is saved, and it can only break the light from the window, which takes up almost an entire wall and reaches the floor.

main bedroom is decorated in light, particularly attracted the attention of a massive gold chandelier and wall lights from the same collection.But if you look closely, you will notice the artificial lotus flowers near the TV and on one of the bedside tables.Even at first glance, seem to be inconspicuous round silver elements located above the bedside tables.They seem to play a role holders lampshades, and in fact are accents that integrate the entire design bedrooms 9 a contemporary style.

Bright 9 meter bedroom in a contemporary style.The modern idea

are decorated bedrooms, four basic colors: white, black, purple and yellow.bedroom 9 square design.m., the photo allows us to understand that even though it seems that these colors are completely different and can not be combined harmoniously, designers have found a way to apply them so that they create the right effect.

White walls symbolize freedom, yellow and purple hues - the joy and vitality, and black - these are duties that are assigned to each person.


Lilac patterns on the wallpaper in a small bedroom.Photo

Since the bedroom is made in youth style, furniture is virtually none.bedroom 9 square design.m., the photo clearly gives to understand that the main requirement was placing great hostess, a comfortable bed and a dressing table.Also on the sides of the bed are bedside tables contrasting black and white colors.

mirror located on a black pendant console, and two briefcases under him, who play the role of cabinets with the necessary accessories.A striking accent in the furniture is yellow on black chair legs.

At first glance, quietly, that the wall on which the door is fitted wardrobe.bedroom 9 square design.m. with a wardrobe in a modern style characterized by an elaborate system to install.Thus, there is no need to use heavy swing doors, instead of them can be installed sliding doors and they will be completely invisible.


Yellow chair in the bedroom 9 sqmPhoto

for lighting in the bedroom used by two types of lamps.Three black lamps of different geometric shapes arranged next to the bed at different heights and a few spotlights mounted in the ceiling above the vanity and the door.

Design bedroom 9 m in a contemporary style and includes a decorative illumination on the ceiling along the bed and vertical illumination in front of the door.


Purple curtains in the bedroom.Photo

most striking elements of the decor in the bedroom are a large purple dandelions on white background.You can also notice an abstract painting and the figure on the bedside table.A dressing table is a vase with green twigs.

large window, dandelions and twigs emphasize the desire to be the mistress as much as possible to nature and enjoy its bright colors.

small bedroom 9 sq.m. in a contemporary style. Blue and yellow

bedroom is decorated in bright natural colors.Design bedrooms 9 a contemporary style it combines well-matched colors.The main color - white, it plays the role of a full, where other colors are revealed.The decoration of walls noticeable floral designs - a tree branches with birds on them.

main element of furniture is a double bed.On the sides are arranged suspended bedside tables.On the opposite wall near the window is a mirror mounted on the outboard black console.Under the mirror each other are black and white case, which play the role of bedside tables with toiletries.Near the mirror is bright yellow chair, custom in one color with pillowcases on the pillows.


blue blanket in the bedroom.Photo

in the wall, on which there are doors is a spacious wardrobe.When designing a bedroom 9 sq.m. with a wardrobe in a modern style designers for a long time could not decide on the color of the walls, because the main requirement was zakazchitsa cabinet, which would not be visible.And indeed, in other colors this design is sure to have been noticeable, but in white all the details are obscured, even a massive wardrobe.

Of course, the main source of natural light is a big window, but in the evening hours, when you need to include a lamp of the owners have a choice.


bedroom 9 square design.m., photo illustrates that in the bedroom using multiple light sources.Lighting above the vanity provide spotlights, which are mounted in the ceiling.On the sides of the bed are three black lamp unusual geometric shapes.On the ceiling along the wall above the headboard mounted LED strip.The same light is opposite the front door, the only difference is that it is installed vertically.

combination of bright colors and unexpected colors occupy a leading position in the design of the bedroom.Linens and curtains are sewn to order.Unusual chair and black lights are also produced by a specially developed design drawings.


bedroom 9 square design.m., a photo shows that all the furniture, and every element of the interior speaks of the individuality of people who live in it.