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August 12, 2017 18:06

The paintings in the bedroom by feng shui .Terms of hanging pictures.

Article Contents:

  • 1 placement rules paintings in terms of feng shui
  • 2 What picture will be perfect for bedrooms of feng shui
  • 3 paintings over the bed in a modern bedroom

placement rules paintings in terms of feng shui

ancient system of feng shui divides the space into zones, as it imposes special requirements for the placement of interior items and topics.

  1. If you use a picture for the bedroom, they should be sure to please.The images, which repel or annoy, taking a toll on your emotional state and spoil the aura of the room.
  2. It is important that the pictures in the bedroom by feng shui should not be aggressive and negative direction.Positive images of pleasant shades - so they should be.
  3. now popular for interior decoration different dried insects, but the Feng Shui to such decor.
  4. Dead Energy has a herbarium or panels using dried herbs and flowers, if you need a picture of the bedroom over the bed, then from such an option should be abandoned.
  5. In the living room is not recom
    mended to hang abstract images, but if you have them still choose, they should carry a positive emotional burden.
  6. considered favorable picture by using stones, especially prized amber - a yellow stone, carrying the solar and positive energy.
  7. acquiring images with marked characters, be sure to ask about their value.Each character is designed to activate a specific type of energy, too active mark can lead to restless sleep and even conflicts.In addition, the character must be drawn as accurately as possible, its distortions can lead to unexpected manifestations.

paintings in the bedroom by feng shui.Photo

What picture will be perfect for bedrooms of feng shui

Before you hang the picture at the head of the bed, find out what you want to get a result.

  • People who wish to maintain or create a new relationship, you should not hang a picture of a lonely man, especially being in sorrow.
  • to refresh relations hang images of beautiful colors, is well suited for painting in the bedroom Feng Shui with the image of pions.
  • To normalize the power house and the relationship between the residents hang a picture, causing a sense of stability, clarity, for example, with a happy family, a beautiful home.
  • picture Path to you is very important.If she had previously hung in the house, where there was a misfortune or family was destroyed, by such an image should be avoided as it would you either like it.
  • Choosing pictures on Feng Shui in the bedroom, it is desirable to use a beautiful frame.

paintings over the bed in a modern bedroom

Going in search of paintings of feng shui in the bedroom, consider a few options.If you choose an abstract image, the limit of its frame and hang it next to the picture, harmonizing the overall energy.Perfectly suited the image of the town houses and prospects.Abstract should create a sense of stability, clarity, stability.


good modern option - modular painting over the bed - they will decorate any interior and harmonize energy.Modules - this image, divided into pieces and hung around, but this method allows you to create a sense of depth and presence.


If you want to strengthen the energy sector in the bedroom, then hang over the head of a horse image in a beautiful gait.This noble animal is a symbol of strength, activity, and health.


abstraction lovers can offer the option, which is dominated by horizontal lines with patches of pastel colors.Choosing what picture to hang above the bed in the bedroom, keep in mind that in this room are desirable image tranquil shades: beige, light blue, gray.

kartiny_po_fen_shuy_foto11 kartiny_po_fen_shuy_foto10

Summing up we can say that the picture should be sure to please and have positive energy.Get something that really bring joy and cause positive emotions.