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August 12, 2017 18:06

The bedroom in the style of Art Deco .Photo real-world examples from well-known designers bedrooms .How to arrange the bedroom Art Deco correctly

Interior Art Deco: eclectic brilliance and splendor

Priority respectable luxury, avant-garde simplicity of exotic originality mix of ethnic motives.Gourmet aesthetics, creative people, fans of artistic elegance vintage novelty, bedroom in the style of Art Deco will be an original discovery.


bedroom in the style of Art Deco.Photo

Some terminology

use the name "Art Deco" and "Art Deco".Both are correct.In 1925, at the Paris World Exhibition style got its name as an abbreviation of the words Arts Decoratifs ( ¬ędecorative arts") in the long title of the prestigious International show.

Important stylistic touches in the style of Art Deco

Art Deco style in the interior - an abstract avant-garde forms, borrowed from Fauvism and Cubism, Constructivism and Futurism.Egyptian motifs as part of the style, "soaring" at the peak of popularity after the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb in the early 20s of the last century.Looking at pictures of the interiors are clea

rly visible archaic art of the Middle East and Greece, colorful primitivism of African and Central American cultures, the use of bright colors, contemporary forms tehnodizayna.

Parquet - striking color contrast expensive wood, aesthetic ceramics.Walls - plain, mosaic or stained glass, beautiful background for interior design items.Furniture - strict geometry and vertical lines, "streamlined" forms, expensive upholstery.

Real examples bedrooms in the style of Art Deco


Bedroom in Art Deco style in the interior.Photo

Art Deco style in the interior - it is the presence of a number of interesting motifs in the decoration, furniture and decor.Characterized by the use of squares and circles, multi-shapes and broken lines, white and black keys of the piano.Unusual leaves and branches, mythological animal, the Egyptian pyramids and hemispheres (the symbol of the rising sun), female figures, the arc are also belonging to the aristocratic art deco.

Among the important features of the stylish - ergonomic comfort. Art Deco - a great idea for arranging lounges.

spalnya_artdeko spalnya_artdeko2 spalnya_artdeko6 spalnya_artdekoz

Even in a small area can be carried out in the bedroom art deco style.The interior can be made simple and interesting details.On the floor lay laminate should be dark in color, the walls whitewash or paint in white.Contrast and simple colors make an elegant atmosphere.If the side of the bed to make a soft panel for finishing walls, the original interior is provided.If the bedroom is small, you should place the bed against one wall in the middle of the room, on the opposite wall to place a chest of drawers, desk, TV.To create lighting is a great option - transparent spherical glass lamps from a simple set randomly throughout the room.

spalnya_artdeko7 spalnya_artdeko8 spalnya_artdeko9 spalnya_artdeko11

Photo beautiful bedroom in the style of Art Deco

Art Deco interior bedroom can be designed in a more muted colors.To create a more intimate atmosphere in the bedroom can make a dark wall.But we must be careful with the dark tones, as they can reduce the space visually.Effect can counterbalance a large mirror in the room, or even on the sides of two beds.

best option in the interior furniture - upholstered with textured surfaces.Many lamps of a simple glass - is the best solution in the interior.It is necessary to pay attention to the elements of decor.Above the bed is to hang black-and-white photos within.

spalnya_artdeko13 spalnya_artdeko14 spalnya_artdeko15

Black and white bedroom in the style of Art Deco.Photo

interesting solution - a bedroom in the style of Art Deco black and white design elements with purple.This combination looks unusual, original and luxurious, as in the photo.2 wall can be white, 2 - black.The ideal floor - self-leveling floor black.On it for more comfort better put fluffy white carpet.For the walls and ceiling drywall is used, which can be painted.Bed have one wall in the center of the bedroom.On the other hand, you can make a stylized shelf with boxes for storing small things.Art Deco interior bedrooms of this type involves the use of lighting spotlights.In the interior there are small purple decorative elements such as vases.

spalnya_artdeku16 spalnya_artdeko17

Another option is a black and white design - a bedroom with a predominance of light tones.The ceiling is done with white, the walls white and gray.This option is for those who prefer bright bedroom in the art deco style, as in the photo.For the walls better use of wallpaper, so that you can paste over the wall wallpaper with a pattern, the other - pure gray.Sex is better to make a self-leveling, that he was a beautiful glossy finish.The fine furniture can be placed against one wall and the other bed headboard to the wall.So it will be the maximum free space.Spotlights in a square frame will look attractive and kept in the interior.Decorative elements should be at least.Mirrors on the wall and exotic figurines on the shelf will be enough.

spalnya_artdeko19 spalnya_artdeko20 spalnya_artdeko21

Art Deco style in the interior of the bedroom allows you to arrange it in warm tones.To many, this option may seem more comfortable.Light beige laminate floor and white-brown walls of the panels will be combined very original, it can be seen on the photo.False ceiling plasterboard will give a mysterious room.The bed headboard is traditionally placed on the wall.On one side of it (near the window), you can put a chair.On the other side of the lower bed are appropriate tables of wood.In the suspended ceiling the best option - spotlights.

as original decorative solutions can hang over the bed-plate panels with an interesting pattern in the same range as that of the whole situation to a bedroom in the style of Art Deco became more lively.

Bedroom Art Deco: how to arrange?

real masterpiece of design art in the bedroom art deco style can be, if we consider a number of nuances.Let us try to understand them.

  • Do not be afraid to experiment with the decor.Be sure to find a combination of magnificent facet of luxury and elegant sophistication.
  • White and gray, pink and warm brown, red and shades - "color art deco".Effectively use of two colors (black and white) and one for luxury (bronze, gold, silver).
  • oversaturation is unacceptable small objects of decoration.
  • encouraged arrangement bedrooms on the principle of contrast: dark walls - bright furniture, and vice versa.Creative dressing table or ottoman (chair) - a mandatory attribute.
  • natural materials, a lot of mirrors, multi-level lighting - a feature style.

Photos this bedroom you can "spy", flipping through websites interior design.

furniture and decoration bedroom interior in the style of Art Deco

Belonging to the art deco style bedroom interior accentuate the main element - bed.As an option - soft whimsical and classic rectangular or oval rest modernistic pillow, expensive upholstery.The entire area at the head can be separated drapery fabric or embossed wallpaper.

tapered edges of metal furniture, massive - stylish and aesthetic.

Decorate the bedroom can and walls themselves.Welcome collages, interior stickers, decorative wall paintings, black and white photos in an elegant frame.Discreet tone patterns can be a background image for furniture items.

Wall niche in the form of an ellipse particularly emphasize the stylish accessory, if repeated in an oval finish of the ceiling, floor and door openings.Stucco on the ceiling, framing the chandelier - an excellent way to emphasize the style.

color, decor, lighting in the bedroom Art Deco

As a finishing and decorative elements can be used luxury silk fabrics for draperies, light gold, expensive parquet.Art Deco style in the interior impressively underlined curtains - satin or silk, the skin of a zebra on the floor beside the bed, long-fur rug, covered with a rich pads to match the upholstery ottoman.

For Art Deco is characterized by multi-level and light.Elegance in the interior of a crystal chandelier or colored glass lamp, lamp or a sconce from the dressing table, as an addition - a floor lamp and LED lighting.

bedroom art deco - Area eclectic grandeur in miniature, practical realm of grace and peace.