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August 12, 2017 18:06

Modern design two-bedroom apartment .Photo of two projects from the best design studios

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  • 1 Modern design two-bedroom apartment of 100 square meters.m. Photo Project
  • 2 design two-bedroom apartment of 95 square meters.m. Photo Project

Modern design two-bedroom apartment of 100 square meters.m. Photo Project


design of modern two-bedroom apartment.Photo

Functional design project architects presented two-bedroom apartment in a modern style Contemporary.He has made the situation in the stylish simplicity, combined with modern technology and convenience.By creating a symphony of space and lightness, the designers used a minimum of furniture and decor.Two-bedroom apartment of 100 square meters.m. a cozy and elegant interiors.


kitchen area is white.Photo


gostinaya_foto7 gostinaya_foto3 gostinaya_foto2

Interior design two-bedroom apartment

The combined living space and kitchen great location zoned kitchen and upholstered furniture.Working kitchen area is located along the wall.Built-in cupboards and appliances emphasize the modern design of two-bedroom apartments.dining area is furnish

ed with elegant, but at the same time stylish and comfortable furniture: white chairs streamlined shape perfectly in tune with the massive rectangular table.

desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l2 desizhn_kvartiry_foto_lz

Professional development of the design two-bedroom apartment allowed the masters to take into account all the advantages of a large area and the most convenient to arrange the furniture.At the same time they combined two-bedroom apartment Interior design single colors. Home design idea - strict combination of white and gray colors .In each room the color complemented sand, black, yellow, or blue-green.Modern color design two-bedroom apartment retain natural light and create a feeling of comfort.


Design trehkmnatnoy bedroom apartment.Photo

desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l6 desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l7 desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l8 desizhn_kvartiry_foto_lya Yellow bed in the bedroom, two-bedroom apartment.Photo

design two-bedroom apartment wisely built on the rational use of advantageous benefits.The large windows of the apartment passed the maximum light.Flowing wide folds heavy curtains are designed to close the window space only for the night.However, apart from daylight, all two-bedroom apartment is decorated with modern spotlights.They are inscribed on the ceiling plane on a strict black stripe.


Nursery.Photo desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l15 desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l11 desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l12 desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l14

Modern design two-bedroom apartment is ideally embodied in the bathroom and the guest bathroom.Functional plumbing has a compact exterior, the interior is not weighted with additional decorative elements, all in their places.

desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l16 desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l17 desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l18 desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l19 desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l20 desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l21

Photo bathrooms in the three-room apartment

design two-bedroom apartment of 95 square meters.m. Photo Project


bedroom apartment in a loft style.Photo

Loft - a style rarely seen in modern design two-bedroom apartment.However, its realization in the conditions of the urban space of the interior emphasizes simplicity and uniqueness.two-bedroom apartment Design carried out by professional architects studio « Perspective ».


desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l25 desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l26 desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l28

kitchen Combined with Kostina.Photo

Masonry of artificial bricks, decorates the central wall of the living room, modern design emphasizes the two-bedroom apartment.In the interior it occurs only once, and this is its uniqueness.Two-bedroom apartment is decorated with modern construction materials: the floors in the living room paved with light laminate flooring in the hallway and bathrooms are paved with decorative tiles, the walls are decorated with wallpaper and decorative filler.


hallway design with geometric patterns on the wallpaper.Photo

desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l32 desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l30 desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l29 desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l33

Modern color design two-bedroom apartment matched in cold tones.Shades of blue are actively combined with white and black colors.As additional colors used in the gray and sand color.All two-bedroom apartment is subject to the laws of a single color solutions.


Design bedroom with blue wall.Fashion Color 2016

desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l35 desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l36 Fashionable bedroom 2016. Photo

desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l37 desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l38 desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l39 Dressing 3 room apartment.Photo

desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l46 Nursery.Photo

desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l47 desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l48 desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l49

Design project of two-bedroom apartment area of ​​95 square meters.m includes a children's room and the parents' bedroom, a combined living room-kitchen, dressing room, bathroom and WC.


modern layout 3 room apartment.Photo

Interior design two-bedroom apartment allocates each room interesting decor.Bright picture of a modern design look beautifully, as the emphasis of the situation.


Mirrors and lights complement the modern design of two-bedroom apartments, creating a soft light in the room.In addition to the central floor lamps floor lamps used, sconces and table lamps.They allow you to adjust the lighting of the space, depending on the time of day.

desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l41 desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l42 desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l43 desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l44 desizhn_kvartiry_foto_l45