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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bright interior of the apartment with mirrors in the functionalism style.A photo

beauty of the interior, comfort and, of course, convenience - these are the three main rules for the perfect property.Create the most comfortable conditions possible, even in a small apartment.We only need to make a little effort and your home will be a real masterpiece.

more and more popular today acquire design in the style of functionalism.He has a broad desire to show that all the beauty in simplicity and moderation, perfectly combines modern materials, and a variety of designs.The interior is dominated by functionalism straight lines, bright colors with a few bright accents, functional furniture and a large backlight.Often, in the interior in the style of functionalism resorted to the use of mirrors.They can be used not only visually enhance any room, but also to create unusual patterns mirror.

Living in the functionalism style.Black, white and turquoise colors .A photo

Living in the functionalism style.Black, white and turquoise colors.Photo

Functionalism in the living room .A photo

functionalism in the living room.Photo

Light - interior - kvartiry11 Light - interior - kvartiry10

Bright apartment interior mirrors would be the best choice for thos

e who dream of the free spaces in a city apartment.Creative solutions and minimal furniture in the interior, to increase the space, the rejection of numerous decorations are often the cause of the fact that this style is called "brother" of minimalism and high-tech.

If you want to create in your home stylish and extremely comfortable design in the style of functionalism, important to remember a few simple tips.

Light - interior - apartments Light - interior - kvartiry8 Light - interior - kvartiry7

So, the walls should be decorated in bright colors: white, pale blue, light beige, etc.Sex should be chosen, too bright, and it does not matter what covering: parquet, laminate or tile.Very harmoniously it will look like a small soft mat on the floor near the bed or sofa.

Important accents

main rule of the apartment in the style of functionalism - a lot of light and "tricky" transformed furniture.Unusual and beautiful looks bright interior of the apartment with mirrors.If you want to visually expand a small room, the ideal solution would be mirrored wall.This technique is wonderfully expands the space, making the room more warm and deep.Furniture is better to choose saturated colors, it would look great on a background of bright walls and floor.

Bright bedroom in the functionalism style.A photo

Bright bedroom in the functionalism style.Photo

Turquoise dresser in the bedroom .A photo

Turquoise dresser in the bedroom.Photo

main source of light during the day are the windows, and in the evenings you can include numerous modern lighting.Fashionable lighting around the perimeter of the corners or create a nice soft light in the evening.By the way, textiles (curtains, tulle) should also be made of light fabric, so as not to disturb the harmony of ease in the atmosphere.

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functionalism - is an amazing style, it is from start to finish is strictly urban, comfortable, attention to detail, but at the same time, gives a feeling of maximum freedom and space, like a "breath"the nature of the house.No wonder they say: "Nothing great is the simplicity!ยป