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August 12, 2017 18:06

What should a modern renovated apartment ?An example of modern interior 3 - room apartments .24 photo

Crisp straight lines, bright, neutral and pastel colors, minimalist design - these are the main features of a modern interior design in the original high-tech style.

Finishing apartment

functionality and beauty, the coating in the simplicity and minimalism - these are the basic principles that should be observed by performing a modern renovated apartment.Finish - a simple but elegant, creating a feeling of lightness and freedom.

Paul.As in a modern way to decorate?

  • Since the style is modern, and the materials can be used for finishing appropriate.For example - self-leveling floor.
  • tile trim - excellent option, preferred quiet colors - beige, light brown.
  • would be appropriate and wooden flooring.Wood - a versatile material, the appearance of which easily adapts to any style.Paul, made of light wood dilute the abundance of "tech" materials and add comfort.


Hallway in warm brown colors .A photo

Hallway in warm brown colors.Photo

Modern repair hallway .A photo

modern repair hall.Photo

Decorating the walls

The decoration of the walls of a modern apartment repair involves all the same ease.

  • calm colors.Lots of white, which expands the space visually.Light gray, light brown, beige and look appropriate, combined with the color of the floor.
  • No wallpaper.Smooth painted walls in several layers.
  • also possible to finish the walls with plaster or tiles, but monotonous, without patterns and pastel, soft colors.
  • can also be used in a light wood finish for a change.The colors and design of shades, in general, are monotonous, but the difference in textures makes the interior more interesting.

living room-kitchen

Modern renovated 3 - room apartment in Moscow .A photo

Modern renovated 3-room apartment in Moscow.Photo

The ceiling and walls in the living room white.Brown carpet in the center.A photo

ceiling and walls in the living room white.Brown carpet in the center.Photo

Photo of modern repair of an apartment in Moscow.Living room - kitchen .A photo

Photo modern renovated apartment in Moscow.Living room-kitchen.Photo

Photos repair of modern apartment .. Brown curtains in the living room .A photo

Photo repair modern apartment .. Brown curtains in the living room.

The kitchen area and breakfast bar .a photo

kitchen area and breakfast bar.Photo

Dining table and chairs in a modern style .A photo

Dining table and chairs in a modern style.Photo

Brown sofa on a white background wall and ceiling .A photo

brown sofa on a white background wall and ceiling.Photo

furniture in the interior

simple, regular geometric forms - this also applies to the furniture in the interior.The colors are the same, which implies a modern renovated apartment: shades of brown, beige, gray, neutral white.

furniture can be placed not only traditionally - along the walls, but also to be in the middle of the room, at the same time carrying out the function of zoning space and separating the work area from the living room or kitchen area highlighting.Furniture should be a little - only the necessary items placed loose enough so as not to disturb the feeling of spaciousness in the room.

among materials - a modern plastic, metal, wood may also be used.


The combination of colors in a modern bedroom .A photo

combination of colors in a modern bedroom.Photo

Mirror box is closed decorative curtain.A photo

Mirror box is closed decorative curtain.Photo

TV and soundbar in the bedroom .A photo

TV and soundbar in the bedroom.Photo

modern -repair - kvartiry13

Lighting Elements

Modern renovated apartment includes the availability of modern lighting.Neat spotlights great fit into the modern interiors and provide enough light.However, there are additional lighting - lamps hanging below the geometric shapes that will not only illuminate the work surface, but also are a stylish design element.

Assist add brightness table lamps, as well as large floor that can be placed next to the chair, creating a cozy place to relax with a book.

Guest Room or office

Decorating the walls of photographs .A photo

decorating wall photos.Photo

The color combination in a room.A photo

combination of colors in the room.Photo

The room is divided into two zones .A photo

room is divided into two zones.Photo

Bookcase in a modern style .A photo

Bookcase in a modern style.Photo

modern -repair - kvartiry18

accessories and decor

Since design style suggests minimalism, accessories should be few, in addition, they should fit into the interior.

Walls can be decorated with a composition of black and white photos of various sizes in neat simple framework.The painting in an abstract style can also complement interior.

As for the curtains, the dark brown shade is fine, in addition, the curtains of dense tissue will help to create a cozy room in semi-darkness.Curtains can be used not only on the windows, but also as a screen, to close a large mirror panels in the bedroom.

accessories can also be a variety of small cushions on the sofas, but they should be in the interior colors.Soft blanket - a good addition for comfort.

finishing touch to a modern apartment repair - dark fleecy carpet on the living room floor.It diversifies the light shades of the floor and make the environment more comfortable.


modern -repair - kvartiry19 modern -repair - kvartiry20 modern -repair - kvartiry21