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August 12, 2017 18:06

Embody the English interior in your own apartment .20 photo

English style formed for centuries the rich and demanding the convenience of people with a certain set of rules and austerity in the outlook.This result is quite popular with designers and their customers, despite the fact that it requires direction and enjoy large space.

Thanks to innovations in the field of decorative and finishing materials, interior of the apartment in the English style from achieving their potential.Now and in the apartment, as well as you can display sustained luxury in the ancestral castle.Emphasis needs to be done on the decoration, decoration of walls, ceiling and floor of expensive materials.In English, the house should smell wood.

With English style in the interior corridor easily turn into a beautiful hall, which will look like a museum piece.Sliding doors from the half-mirror, frosted glass, hiding all household items, perfect fit - extend and magnify the space.They are framing the perimeter to make the best out of a dark green border, symmetrically divided by

the number of furrows, and then maintain this color in the living room, while maintaining a uniform color scheme.

Corridor in the English style .A photo

Corridor in the English style.Photo

use red frequently baffling designers, but if you make the front door red, supplemented with white stone columns pagodnoy roof, the most important task to be solved.The wall around the door decorated with a matte, natural color, with brick.Paul is laid out with light tiles with a symmetrical ornament in the center.But the real parade, holidays will make the corridor ceiling stained glass window with backlight.Complete the design of traditional English fixtures in the form of a trapezoid.

Red front door .Decorative bricks and beige glossy floor.A photo

Red front door.Decorative bricks and beige glossy floor.Photo

Wardrobe compartment in the English style in the hallway .A photo

cabinet compartment in the English style in the hallway.Photo

living in two-bedroom apartment

Living in the English style should be recognizable on several grounds:

  • Chesterfield sofa - in the classic version of the quilt, and dark skin.Its absence can be replaced with a quilted seat.If it is a rocking chair, it will connect the two components in the same;
  • hours - unusually huge clock will look over the sofa on the mirror wall.This step will allow the design to save space and extravagant recall the Big Bend;
  • fireplace - if the territory does not allow reasonable fireplace did not build, the more falshkamin.But there is a fireplace area traditionally, only it is filled with a home cinema, and a wall with a roll in the corridor, it is necessary to make brick;
  • window - preferably large and necessarily divided into 6 or 8 equal parts;
  • textiles - a special place of honor given to the curtains, always only their expensive types of fabrics.Fortunately fit into a living room curtains of dark green color.They priglushat "screaming" mirrored wall and create a single thread to finish cabinets - coupe and possibly a food color.Curtains necessarily drape folds, lambrequins, cords and tassels;
  • cabinets - only wood, under glass store only unique, fancy things like crystals, silver, dolls, but not household items;
  • presence of cells - in the upholstery or anywhere else, certainly;
  • many lamps, floor lamp necessarily, in the form of a trapezoid or hemisphere.

Living in the English style .Green curtains and white buffet.A photo

Living in the English style.Green curtains and white buffet.Photo

The chandelier in the English style is perfectly combined with all the details in the living room .A photo

Chandelier in the English style is perfectly combined with all the details in the living room.Photo

The walls are gray in the living room with English style.A photo

gray walls in the living room with English style.Photo

Orange brown furniture and parquet flooring .A photo

Orange brown furniture and parquet flooring.Photo

Interior bedroom

Everyone knows that Britain plus cell equals love, but if everything is so monotonous, the fate of this direction in the design would be sad.The bedroom in the English style reveals a variety of colors and prints.Wallpaper in the bedroom are appropriate with dense vegetation patterns.Select a fresh hue, for example, pale turquoise, which will overlap with curtains and bedspread bed.

Turquoise bedroom with a cot in the English style .A photo

Turquoise bedroom with a cot in the English style.Photo

Bright elements of English style in the bedroom .A photo

Bright elements of English style in the bedroom.Photo

Dressing made ​​using plasterboard partitions .A photo

Dressing made using plasterboard partitions.Photo

Nursery.How to make an English-style

All of the above components, and retain children in the English style.But here you need to add a very important element of style - the library, as not all apartments afford a private room-library.Sliding wardrobes in light wood with tassels on the handles, shelves for books in niches - will fit perfectly into the living space of the younger man.

Bright pink children

light pink children's room in the English style.Photo

How to divide the children

How to divide the children's room into zones.Photo

English style in the children

English style in the children's room.Photo

interior of the apartment in the English style is made of expensive natural materials, but because of the organic nature of the natural, self-restraint and lack of flashy colors and puffy excesses, not bored almost never.

Bathroom in the English style .a photo

bathroom in English style.Photo

Turquoise bathroom.A photo

Turquoise bathroom.Photo

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Toilet in the English style .A photo

WC in the English style.Photo

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