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August 12, 2017 18:06

One of the best Interior 3 - room apartment in a loft style in Moscow.Example 30 photo

Loft - style free and confident people

Style Loft (industrial style) means the maximum free space, a minimum of furniture and some deliberate rudeness and simplicity in design, having, however, a special comfort.

Remodelling of the apartment.A photo

Redesign flat.Photo

Finish the style loft room

That suggests interior of the apartment in the loft?Imitation of certain abandoned facilities, attic, and therefore must comply with decoration, here operates one rule - is easier than it looks, the better.

The bedroom in the loft .Tree on a wall.Blue curtains .A photo

bedroom loft style.Tree on a wall.Blue curtains.Photo

How to decorate the floor in an apartment in the loft

Excellent fit in this style of simple wooden floor with wooden floors, preferably light colors, style loft in the interior apartments involves the use, for the most part, soothing pastel colors and white.To enhance the effect, you can cover the floor varnish with the effect of aging of the tree.

In addition, the floor can be a stone, masonry or simulate the old concrete surface, as

in some abandoned building.

Another option - is to finish the floor tiles, it should be simple, monochromatic, preferably with a matte surface.Better to choose light colors such as light gray.It will fit well into the selected style and is quite practical.

Interior of white bedroom.White brick walls .A photo

Interior white bedroom.White brick walls.Photo

Loft - interior - in - photo5

Dressing area in the bedroom .A photo

dressing area in the bedroom.Photo

Light parquet on the floor .A photo

bright parquet on the floor.Photo

The bathroom in the loft style.A photo

bathroom in loft style.Photo

Decorating the bathroom white decorative brick .A photo

Decorating bathroom white decorative brick.Photo

Loft - interior - in - foto25
Laundry area.A photo

Laundry area.Photo

walls.The main thing to choose the right materials

As for the walls, then it is also better to use simple, natural materials.

Pretty much wood may include interior of the apartment in a loft style.Wooden wall decoration will blend in perfectly with wooden flooring.Walls can remain in its original, slightly rough, keep raw look.

also fit perfectly into the style loft wall of brick or natural stone.There will be appropriate rough concrete walls, which will give the atmosphere of style peculiar to him.

combining different finishes of walls, can be zoned a large studio apartment, because the style of a loft in the interior of the apartment is the absence of any partitions, however, such as to identify different zones need, so why not do it with the help offinish?

Suspended seat in the balcony .A photo

Suspended chair on the balcony.Photo

Interior 3 - room apartment.Living in a loft style.Brick wall and door coupe .A photo

Interior 3-room apartment.Living in a loft style.Brick wall and door coupe.Photo

White big sofa in the living room .The combination of white walls and decorative bricks .A photo

White big sofa in the living room.The combination of white walls and decorative bricks.Photo

Decor wall above the sofa in the living room .A photo

Wall Decor on a sofa in the living room.Photo

Loft - interior - in - Photo9

Furniture situation

Less furniture, more space - here on what basis is created in the interior of the apartment loft style.So do not over-clutter the room furnishings.

As for appearance, the furniture should be a match for the whole environment - not too pretentious, with simple lines, smooth, quiet colors.It would be very appropriate wood furniture - for example, a wooden table in the living room or bedside tables in light wood.Leather furniture fit into the interior, too, but do not choose too massive furniture.In general, the furniture should leave a feeling of simplicity and ease, something resembling the style of minimalism.At the same time, style loft easily allows the combination of new-fangled modern objects and antique furniture.

Interior 3 -room apartment in a loft style.The kitchen area .A photo

Interior 3-room apartment in a loft style.The kitchen area.Photo

Dinner Zone.The rectangular light table and black chairs .Green lights .A photo

Dining.The rectangular light table and black chairs.Green lights.Photo

Decorating the walls in the kitchen under the concrete.Style loft .A photo

Decorating the walls in the kitchen under the concrete.Style loft.Photo

Loft - interior - in - foto13

lighting in the apartment

lighting should be moderately bright in the room.This can be used, if necessary, one or more ceiling lamps.There will also be superfluous small wall lights - they can include both together with a lamp to light the brighter the room, and separately, to create a cozy atmosphere darkened.In addition, by themselves, unusually decorated chandeliers become an optional accessory.

Cabinet to work in a loft style.A photo

Cabinet to work in a loft style.Photo

Loft - interior - in - foto15 Loft - interior - in - foto16

Accessories and loft-style decor

final touch - supplies.You can vary the interior of the apartment in a modern loft-style posters on the walls, which will be an organic look in wooden frames.In a similar mirror frame can be placed.Photo in the framework can also be used for decoration.An interesting option - a large curtain Curtain to separate the space, with its help, you can separate the sleeping area from the rest of the apartment.In contrast with a bright design, the curtain can be selected in dark colors, it will be a kind of emphasis in design.


Children's room for a small child in a loft style.Photo

Slate in the children in the form of fire .A photo

slate in the children in the form of fire.Photo

Decorating the walls of the crib in the nursery.A photo

decorating wall above the crib in the nursery.Photo

Finishing the corridor white brick.A photo

Finishing the corridor white brick.Photo

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