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August 12, 2017 18:06

Design three-bedroom apartment with a combined kitchen, living and dining room in the style of the new classics

The interior of a typical 4-room apartment, classical style is expressed without the use of architectural tools.Its characteristic features such as clean lines, simplicity and symmetry of space are represented in color, arrangement of furniture and decorative items.

Interior design of living room with kitchen and dining room .Light colors - Photos

Interior design living room with kitchen and dining room.Light colors - Photo


Are you tired of the bustle and diversity of the world, and want to create a serene and cozy home?

apartment interior in the style of the new classics, an example of which we provide, allows you to select several expressive techniques that can help you achieve the desired result.

Interior design three-bedroom apartment, first of all, distinguish colors well chosen decoration.Homeland is considered classic Greece, and for the interiors of the Mediterranean characterized by the use of light colors.The decoration of the apartment is dominated by white, gray, blue, greenish shades.They remind of the marine theme and create a sense

of fresh coolness.

Living room -dining room of 20-25 square meters.m . in the neoclassical style.The white walls and ceiling .A photo

living room-dining room of 20-25 square meters.m. in the neo classic.The white walls and ceiling.Photo

ceiling, windows and doors of the apartment are made in classic white.The walls, painted in gray-blue color coldish - express the marine theme.In the same colors chosen decorative tiles for decoration of bathrooms and kitchen apron.Gender sand color, chilly beige and gray shades in the bedroom - continue the overall simple color line.

second problem that can be solved with the help of color - the expansion of space.All apartments are finished with a single color palette.This technique combines isolated areas into a single unit, creating a feeling of spaciousness.

furniture interior bedroom apartment

third classic method - a strict placement of furniture.Most clearly it can be seen in the combined kitchen - dining room - living room.The bar, a niche in the wall, dining table - have a clear geometric shape.All elements of proportional and symmetrically arranged in space.In addition, the furniture should be chosen to match the main colors used in the decoration of the room.

design apartments with Mediterranean-style color scheme complements the simple furniture in an amount minimally necessary for a comfortable life.Comfortable beds, a sofa bed in the living room quite well fit into the classical style.The rigor of furniture, in this case, soften stressed lush, trimmed Capito, the chairs in the living room, and ottomans in the bedroom and hallway.

The design of the master bedroom with large mirrors .Trendy blue curtains - Photos

Design master bedroom with large mirrors.Trendy blue curtains - Stock


room decor as a whole must comply with the chosen style.For example, the classic heavy curtains and Roman blinds are simple, baguettes with graphics, simple glass vases with artificial flowers - will look quite natural in this situation.

to the room did not seem very strict, decorator deliberately allowed some liberties, "flavor", which make it a nice, cozy.It objects that resemble the interior of a 4-room apartment with a chalet-style elements.Particularly interesting they are used in the office, where used for lighting chandelier made of "antlers" grubotkanoe veil extremely simple shelf for small items.

The interior of the cabinet with a large bed .Designer chandelier made of antlers - Photo

interior of the cabinet with a large bed.Designer chandelier made of antlers - Photo

Same "uncharacteristic" items diluted monotony in the living room, master bedroom and hallway: This bright little pillows, red poufs, wicker basket and reclining chair.It gives the interior a personality and casual look.


In modern apartments are usually mounted a complex lighting system.In addition to performing its primary function, they occupy an important place in the decoration premises.It is advisable to select the chandeliers and lamps, combining them in a certain pattern: the shape, color or material.Interior design bedroom apartment in this case is an example of a creative approach to the problem.

Design of a large corridor of the apartment .Thick curtains - Photos

Design large corridor of the apartment.Thick curtains - Photo

The living-dining roomWe used a variety of lighting fixtures, at first glance, more than typical of eclecticism.Round frosted lamps with diffused light located in a recreation area.

Above the bar, located opposite the cutting edge in form and design fixtures, reminiscent of spotlights.In combination with halogen lamps, locally illuminating the cooking part - it's more like the interior of an apartment with elements of Scandinavian style.But these are the little things that make each house unlike any other, and so it is so loved by the owners.

Making combined bathroom with a bathtub - Photo

Making combined bathroom with a bathtub - Photo

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