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August 12, 2017 18:06

Green color in the interior bathroom .Photo examples

Bathroom in green

bathroom - a place where every member of the family carries out a certain part of the morning and evening.Therefore, the interior of this small room should be such that in the morning charged with energy, and in the evening to relax and make harmony.Bath in green can solve both of these problems.

Green - the color of nature, it relaxes, soothes, configures a working mood.The abundance of green hues from pale to deep grassy jade color allows you to make the interior of the individual and the unusual.Besides the bath design in green color can be used in various stylistic directions.

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Thus, the use of sea-green in the interior to create a bath in the sea style.Olive color are perfect for simple, classic bathroom.The use of saturated colors of emerald and jade colors combined with gold decorative elements will make a bath of green in the eastern tale.Bath green color, supplemented with plant components or accessories made of natural materials will carry the hot t


Terms of Use green

bath design in green will be advantageous if you apply a few simple rules.

  • used to design several shades.Green excellently combined with many colors.For example, white, yellow, brown.
  • ceiling and floor in the green tub should be bright colors, and the walls are richer and darker.
  • do not use dark shades of green in small bathrooms.Small bath green color will visually appear more spacious.
  • Green can be consumed as bright spots.For example, it may be one of the walls or frame rim bathtub or tile.
  • use of an accessory green color, even able to revive a modest bathroom.It may be mats, towels, a shelf or a frame for a mirror, painting, curtains for the bath.
  • Green blends natural materials such as wood, stone.This combination can make a living in the interior.
  • But bad metals combined with herbs.They visually make the color darker and lost sense of natural harmony.
  • The bath green color looks great glass.Whether it's a glass door sink or shower.If there is a window, the frame and the window sill is best done in white in the bathroom.
  • Mirrors bring liveliness and solemnity in green bath.
  • Plumbing traditional white color fits perfectly into the bath design in green.The combination of these colors creates a sense of purity and naturalness.If you plan to use plumbing green, then it should be darker and brighter than the walls and ceiling.

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materials used in the finishing of the bathroom

classic win-win option and is finishing the walls and floor tiles.The range is so wide it, it's hard not to find a suitable alternative.In the interior of the bath in green would be appropriate combination of different textures and colors.Green gives you room for creativity.

in small rooms and for decorative and can be used mosaic tiles.Playing small squares will rebound in concise bath design in green.

Vinyl wallpaper will also be relevant in the bathroom.They are easy to clean and able to withstand the moist environment.With the proviso that direct contact with water they will not.

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For finishing ceilings can be used emulsion, or ceiling tile ceilings.All of these materials can be purchased in different colors, or paint in the desired color.

excellent material for bathroom design can be wall panels that not only look great in the interior, but also easy to install and can be combined.

green color in the bathroom is always relevant.It is not annoying, it is diverse and goes well with other colors.This color is able to energize and relieve tension.

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