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August 12, 2017 18:06

The pink color in the design of the bathroom .Perfect for apartments and houses

Bath pink

For several years, both in interior fashion bathrooms is a new trend - pink bath.And not without reason, because the subtle shades of a positive effect on the human psyche, soothe and force him to plunge into the world of dreams and fantasies.

pink bathroom

Use pink color in the interior of any premises very carefully.The stylish design can come only with proper distribution of color accents and furniture.In all should be the measure and the sense of taste.

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Experts characterize rose as a warm unobtrusive color, evoke positive emotions and causes a person to relax.Pink bathroom - a great place to relax and restore their own forces at the end of hard work.But imagine if that pink is too much?In this case, in addition to over-arousal and irritability, you get nothing.

Particulars of

Bath pink - a bold decision that requires your attention.To complete the design came out, a refined and harmonious should take into account some of the nuances:

  1. Pink - visually reduces the space, so it should not be used as a base color for the whole room.It is best to highlight some parts of the interior or set pink plumbing.
  2. Each tone corresponds to the color pink.

For example, if you chose a bright crimson scale, then it is better to combine with a dark gray or black.For peach and pale pink shades will be appropriate white, milk and beige.All shades of green are some bright accent for the bathroom pink, they will give it lightness and freshness.

  1. It is very important to choose the right decor.It may be small details that differ in color (lamps, vases, curtains and blinds, live plants, small rugs, etc.).
  2. well as bathroom in pink color made of different textures.

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can combine monochromatic painted wall with tiles, to which a floral ornament.And if you combine embossed wallpaper with a bamboo tiles - you can visually enlarge the area of ​​the territory.Stretch ceiling purple shades with a polished surface will look at least unusual and original.

In general we can say that the bathroom in pink - it is quite appropriate design option, but only if all the details and the little things are taken into account.As color, characteristic over a great part of humanity, pink capricious and picky, it is better not to forget.

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Also, fans of "puppet" of color need to remember that it will be very noticeable dust and dirt, pink bathroom cleaning will not tolerate irregular and careless attitude.

Express yourself to the max, even when it comes to the interior of your bathroom.Do not be afraid to try and experiment.Bath pink color - it's stylish and fashionable.A beautiful bright accents refresh and make the room an unusual and beautiful.

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