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August 12, 2017 18:06

Lilac color in the interior of the bathroom , room with WC 5 - 6 square .m .

Bright design of the bathroom, room with WC attract attention natures creative and energetic, loving dynamics in concise form and color.

color in the interior of the bathroom

purple flowers in bathroom design is the main.His bright and vibrant color, combined with a delicate ecru and deep brown, fills the interior sense and elegance.And the notes of spring greens, lurks in floral patterns, create focus and complete the color scheme.For this purpose, special wall tiles with flower pattern.

Design purple bathroom with shower and bath.A photo

Design purple bathroom with shower and bath.Photo

Finishing materials

The horizontal layout of the rectangular tile size 25h45 see visually expands the space and makes the room space.Especially helps to effect the use of decorative tile surround a pattern of waves.Longitudinal lines, beautiful space is zoned bathroom and added to her movement.

more static design can be seen on the opposite side of the bathroom.Here the emphasis is on clear vertical lines and abstract floral patt

ern, illusory "extending" the wall.

The modern interior design combined bathroom with WC 5-6 sq .m . Photo

modern interior design combined bathroom with WC 5-6 sq.m. Photo

furniture and fixtures in the interior

Bathroom Design 5-6 sq.m. shows how you can use the space ergonomically.In a relatively small space is perfectly appropriate Bath standard size, heated towel rail, sink with two sinks, mirror, washing machine, toilet and corner shower.To save space and comfort, the wall next to the shower has a niche shelves, redecorated mosaic tiles.

bathroom lighting

lighting in the bathroom 5 - 6 square.m. corresponds to the style and design has several zones.The center of light exposure is a mirror above the sink.Its three illuminated lamp with diffused light.Their symmetrical arrangement avoids the black and white conversions and ensures an even distribution of light.Also present in the bathroom ceiling and spotlights giving the feeling of space and lightness.

Built-in shelves of plasterboard and suspended toilet .A photo

Built-in shelves of plasterboard and suspended toilet.Photo


chosen accessories contribute to the overall picture of the combined bathroom with toilet integrity and completeness.Fluffy purple rug lying around the shower, in harmony with the color of the tiles, and elegant vases in niches, leave an impression of tranquility and comfort.

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