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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bathrooms with corner bath .The advantages of such baths

Corner tubs made a real revolution in the world of plumbing and design field.This invention completely revolutionized conventional ideas of interior bathrooms.Bathrooms with corner bath became a model of refined style and space requirements.Current models are complemented by different features and looks great.Corner bathtubs are huge demand due to its undeniable advantages.

Advantages corner baths

Custom bath can turn home water treatments in a real pleasure.Their size and unique shape promote maximum relaxation and comfortable bathing, and the operation does not cause any difficulties.

Corner bath with a podium .A photo

Corner bath with a podium.Photo

In addition to ease of use and convenience, these models have a magnificent appearance.This unusual plumbing easily fit into any decor and will become its main decoration.Therefore, bathrooms with corner bath are very popular among designers and fans of luxury.

This is especially true for small apartments.Thoughtful and well-formed design corner bath allows yo

u to use the space more efficiently.Such models are profitable look in the room where the walls are of different lengths.In this case the installation process does not differ from the installation of a conventional bath.

Dimensions and equipment

Making interior bathroom with corner bath, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the room.Standard dimensions of these types of plumbers do not exceed 150-160 cm in length.In addition to this index it is important to determine the desired height, width, as well as internal and external form.For tiny bathrooms small models suitable length of 130 cm. The spacious rooms can accommodate asymmetrical interesting options with additional structures.

Bathrooms with corner bath

bathrooms with corner bath.Photo

Installation of additional equipment for hydro-massage, air massage and water disinfection.To speed up the process of filling a bathtub Cascading mixers are used.To control the amount of water and drain connected automation a special control system.A nice addition would be the presence of radio, telephone or embedded player.

Materials and coloring corner baths

Modern corner bath made of acrylic.Enameled cast iron models are extremely rare.Their production is very labor-intensive, and the cost is much higher.Steel baths are not so easy and not so beautiful in appearance, but attracted by its price.Acrylic models are lightweight and easily restored.This material construction allows creating different shapes and sizes.Therefore, it is so popular today.

Corner bath with shower .A photo

Design corner bathroom.Photo

Selection of acrylic baths is huge.But do not chase the cheap models.Acrylic quite brittle, so you should give preference to quality reinforced products, resistant to chipping.The number of options colors will delight you.You can stay on the models in white or abandon the classical standards.Variety of colors allows you to draw the design corner bath in a unique, unusual style.

Interior features with corner bath

Interestingly decorated bathrooms with corner bath turn an ordinary bathroom into a masterpiece of design art.In such an interior bathroom becomes the center of the total composition, and all other elements of its complement.It requires an unusual angle finish that will stand out from the crowd.

in the bathroom have to be a lot of light.In addition to the main light source, use additional lighting.For example spotlights mounted in the ceiling.The light beams should fall on the walls and not in the eye.

walls can put a bright mosaics, create an image of a large tile or strengthened decorative glass panels with fotoprint.Corner products look beautiful on a special podium and surrounded by halogen lights.In this interesting ceiling design, oval curvature or severe angles complement the big picture.

Fans can pick up an extravagant interior asymmetric model.Non-standard forms of modern design suitable for corner baths or hi-tech style.Versions with smooth lines and cut corners to fit perfectly into the interior of the Art Nouveau.

Accessories bright colors, mirrors and lamps in the shape of the chandelier will help create a French style.

Mosaics on the walls in the bathroom with corner bath .A photo

Mosaic on the walls in the bathroom with corner bath.Photo

products with transparent walls, reminiscent of an aquarium can be part of a spectacular maritime decor.However, the angular models will look great in any design: from classic to modern.The main thing is thinking over the design corner bath, do not be guided by the usual scheme.Unique plumbing requires innovative solutions and special approach to interior design.