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August 12, 2017 18:06

Design a small bathroom.Proper design and Tricks

Creating a literate design small toilet - a problem faced by most of the owners of second homes.New buildings have long been decided small toilet problem by increasing the space.In any case, if not very lucky with the meter, the competent design of a small toilet is quite able to smooth over the situation.

Where to start repair the toilet

Design small toilet should begin with the definition of the general concept.You must choose a direction, to take into account the compatibility with the style of the whole apartment and the bathroom in particular.Now, with the advent of the internet, choose something suitable is quite simple, you can copy the idea, changing color, some of the materials.

Design a small bathroom.A photo

Design small toilet.Photo

In addition to defining the concept should draw up a specific project, which specify what type is a toilet, a sink, type of materials used, dimensions of the room, the door type, and so on. N.

Determine the need to and the colorrange

At the initial stage of

the selected materials is necessary to calculate the flow rate, it was easier to make the purchase.

Criteria for selection of finishing materials for toilet

design task a small toilet - to increase the space visually and functionally.Traditional decorating techniques do not work here.For example, wallpaper is not desirable to use as they do not increase the space.Mirrors, though undoubtedly increase the visual space, but what will be watching myself from the outside.The most hygienic material for latrines has been and remains tiles.

Design of a small closet by rusu ruslan.A photo

Design small toilet by rusu ruslan.Photo

Perfect solution for the design of the toilet .A photo

excellent design solution for the toilet.Photo

Now there is such a variety of sizes, colors and textures of the material that is where to turn fantasy.

With walls more or less clear, there increase in space will depend on the color of finishing materials, and combinations with other surfaces.And what to do with sex?It is also better to decorate granite or tile.Although in recent years the popularity gained self-leveling floors.

Photo Design of small size toilet

photo toilet design small size

Note that for visual extension of the space, the floor should always be darker than the walls, the tile is better to put on the diagonal.The floor should not be large figures and ornaments.However, in respect of polymeric floors with three-dimensional effect, this principle does not work, since any pattern of this kind gives depth and a feeling of extra space.

Repair and design a small toilet

Repair and design a small toilet

suitable for ceiling spotlights and any gloss finish, so it will look higher.Top best to do monotonous.Massive lamps, lanterns and lamps should not be used.

Choice plumbing in small toilet

Choice plumbers to design a small toilet limited size.The color can be any, but it will be the most harmonious look plumbers color one shade to the walls.Alternatively, you can use the toilet outboard design.In the design of a small toilet is permissible to include the sink, but it should be a mini format.

All pipes and slips better hide, leaving the windows for closing the valves in case of necessity and for counters, if they are here.For this easiest to use gypsum designs that take up a minimum space for installation.

Useful tips

For the full effect of the expansion of space, the design of a small closet is preferable to use a sliding door.If this is not possible, you should choose a lighter tone door better with glass inserts, without ornamentation.Carpet on the floor in the bathroom is not desirable, is more appropriate "warm floor".But if you had to buy it, the amount should be minimal, the color shade of the walls, but lighter and with no pictures and inscriptions.

The door to the closet with lighter accents .A photo

door to the closet with lighter accents.Photo

Bright, small toilet with a column .A photo Design project of a small closet .A photo

chrome fittings are used for the completeness of the entourage.This embodiment looks like a mirror, and as it dissolves in the space.This style must be all metal parts of a small closet design:

  • paper holder and freshener;
  • brush with stand;
  • door handles;
  • faucet on the sink.

Pink toilet.A photo

Pink toilet.Photo

As a result, I want to assure you that if you choose the right materials, colors, patterns, lighting, the most ugly and small bathroom turn into a spacious, stylish and attractive common room.