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August 12, 2017 18:06

The interior of the bathroom .How to create a cozy corner - design tips

Modern bathroom interior - an amazing mix of ideas of rationalism and higher comfort condition.Sometimes designers unable to present the most unexpected, but it is quite clear and simple solutions, combining seemingly incongruous.The interior of the bathroom like begins to emit an invisible energy that creates a unique atmosphere tangible comfort: quality plumbing, expertly matched in tone tile furniture, presence of accessories

As a recommendation, I would like to remind you that the most preferred, as a rule,are pastel shades of blue, green, beige.The secret only in how to use the color: to continue the chosen colors in accessories or build a bathroom interior at the opposite emphasis.

Beige bathroom.A photo

Beige bathroom.Photo

In the process of creative search, remember that the color blue is relaxing and calming, green - copes with the effects of stress and nervous strain, and neutral beige and milky colors evoke serenity.

Designer bathroom interior in gray room.A photo

Designer bathroom interior in gray room.Photo

If you want a morning charge of vivacity and energy.This "owns" the active red and its shades, and not necessarily to repaint the walls of the bathroom in a rich red color, or lay a red tile.Use the appropriate accessories, such as towels purple or crimson flowers.

Red interior bathroom for the charge of cheerfulness in the morning

red interior bathroom for the charge of cheerfulness in the morning

Festival of colors in the interior of the bathroom .A photo

Flower Festival in the interior of the bathroom.Photo

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The dark matte tile in the bathroom interior style minimalism

dark matt tiles in the interior of the bathroomstyle minimalism

Choosing interior style bathroom

So, it's time to decide on the overall bathroom design style.This step, in the future, affect the choice of materials for finishing the bathrooms, furniture design and appearance of the plumbing.Even the type of lighting will be dictated by the stylistics of this room!

There are many ideas, but do not dream of something unearthly, because layout and total area of ​​the premises remain unchanged.Based on this

not always desirable fits perfectly into a reality - you need to be realistic.Not at all, not every style looks equally good in different areas.In the end, dare to compromise, using a laconic perfection of Provence with its purposely exaggerated simplicity and luxury accessories with gold.Think of the eternal and ageless classics, experiment with bright improvisations, and the interior of the bathroom will be transformed!

Interior bathroom with red decor items

bathroom interior with red decoration items

Choosing a bath

Most plumbing shops can satisfy the most daring design ideas.Nevertheless, among the great variety of the range, believe me, will still have to look for what you need!

Acrylic bath in the interior green .A photo

green Acrylic bath in the interior.Photo

ultra-modern acrylic baths, as well as all the usual iron and steel, hot tubs - the choice depends on the financial capacity and the needs of everyone!

Proper lighting in the interior of the bath

important detail bathroom design is the lighting.Most often, the lack of natural light source is easily eliminated by properly spaced accents of light.

Bathroom with good lighting

Different materials in the interior of the bathroom

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Important techniques to create the perfect interior bathrooms

Typically, the interior of a bathroom with a lack of space requires attention to detail, even.

Pay attention to the little things

Pay attention to the little things

First of all, you should contact the reception installation (to the interchange plumbing).This is the surest way to increase the useful area: free up additional space, masking unnecessary to review the sanitary elements (attachment of the toilet, drain the tank and pipes) with the fasteners.

Hanging toilet and decorations on it .A photo

Suspended toilet bowl and decorations on it.Photo

Combination of color in the interior of the bathroom

Combined color in the interior of the bathroom

Carrot- red color in the bathroom .A photo

Carrot-red color in the bathroom.Photo

The picture in the bathroom .A photo

painting in the bathroom.Photo

interior bathroom with corner symmetric (asymmetric) bath - the perfect solution, in which will be able to put the most compact bathroom fixtures and furniture.

Shower cabin - as an option to save space (almost double), although functional, none of them will be obvious competition tub.

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Useful tips for creating unique bathroom interior

few tips on how dueevery designer "stuff" and techniques can transform the interior of the bathroom:

mat - a necessary accessory for the bathroom, the highlight in the form of a dolphin, foot-track, or an apple.In contrast to the fast moist fluffy coating, rubber mats with characteristic holes - a very worthy and practical choice

Homemade panels, planters with live and artificial flowers, paintings or wall applications, real sea "stars attached bath charm and originality

linens for sauna (bathrobes, towels), shower curtain, soap and even cups for toothbrushes, sponges - all should repeat a single color, or create it clear contrast

Pay attention to the design of the ceiling in the bathroom

note the ceiling designbathroom

Bath textiles in the interior.A photo

bath textiles in the interior.Photo

Natural materials in the interior of the bathroom .A photo

natural materials in the interior of the bathroom.Photo

sincerely wish you new ideas to create an interior bathroom!