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August 12, 2017 18:06

The design of the room 14 square meters.m . Photo selection of the best design projects

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  • 1 room design 14 sq.m.for teenage boys.Austerity - For a young man
  • 2 room design for a boy of 14 square meters.m. In the ancient jungle
  • 3 room design 14 sq.m.for a teenage girl.Room for peace and work
  • 4 room design for a little girl of 14 square meters.meters.Riot of colors and shapes for a child
  • 5 Design a child's room 14 sq.m.for two children
  • 6 Classic Art Deco - interior bedroom
  • 7 Design room bedroom 14 square meters.meters gray.Classic - to help each
  • 8 For connoisseurs of saturated blue.Bedroom
  • 9 Design living room of 14 square meters.m. The Scandinavian classics
  • 10 Design bright living room of 14 square meters.meters.Minimalism in

European-style design of the room 14 sq.m.for teenage boys.Austerity - For a young man

desizhn - room , 14 - meter - photo4 desizhn - room , 14 - meter - photo3 desizhn - room , 14 - meter - photo2 desizhn - room , 14 - meter - photo

Photo bright room for a teenage boy

Even for a young teen can create a 14 sqm room designin the laconic style.It is assumed that soft unobtrusive walnut beige shades will not distract the young man and give him

more opportunities to focus.To keep the total area of ​​the room places for storage, it was decided to establish on the sofa bed in the form of hinged shelves.Due to the glossy surface and shelves mounted spotlights do not look massive.A large work desk by the window.Mat on the floor in a recreation area relates to eco-style.The same coarse linen texture and can be seen from the sofa upholstery, and even in dense Roman blinds.The only bright decor, you can count the hours, the dial of which is installed on the structure in the form of broken lines.

room design for a boy of 14 square meters.M. In the ancient jungle

bright, unusual, sometimes even frightening - so you can describe this design teen room 14 sq.m.Every square centimeter is used to the maximum benefit.

desizhn - room , 14 - meter - Photo8 desizhn - room , 14 - meter - Photo7 desizhn - room , 14 - meter - Photo6 desizhn - room , 14 - meter - photo5

  • Sleeper - the second tier of a bunk bed, the lower part of the structure is occupied by stylish outdoor tables.
  • Desk at the window - a small but very comfortable, and you can move around the room quickly and without getting out of the seat because of the chair on wheels.
  • shelves design on one wall allows you to combine items as you wish.Here, the designers used the classical method - floor and hanging shelves, separated by a space.
  • looks quite original modular pattern in the place where there should be television.
  • Finally, the most important thing in the room - this is an obvious passion for the ancient inhabitants of the forest - dinosaurs.Here they are in the pictures on the walls.On the shelves you will notice dozens of decorative figurines of ancient animals.Even from the lamp on the center of the room may be surprised to discover a dinosaur gets out.
  • Photo Wall Mural Jungle in the sleeping area to help get used to the role of observer.Actually, the colors of the room are also created using shades of nature - sand saturated with green, black and gray stone.

room design 14 sq.m.for a teenage girl.Room for peace and work

This design room 14 sq.m.for girls was created with the use of neutral colors: sand, classic gray, walnut.In the recreation area, where there is a sofa bed, shades lighter, and where it is necessary to work and deal with - rich and dark, which helps to intensify its internal forces.Of course, the room for the girl can not do without a large wardrobe a wardrobe.

desizhn - room , 14 - meter - foto12 desizhn - room , 14 - meter - foto11 desizhn - room , 14 - meter - Photo10 desizhn - room , 14 - meter - Photo9

room 14 sq m for a teenage girl.Photo

large full-length mirror on the wall will help the girl to adequately assess the outfit, and in general is necessary for each young lady.The main lighting in the room - the point, in a recreation area to relax with a book helps lamp with a classic bubble in the form of a washer.Curtains in the room of two types: dense Roman and in addition - a classic hanging onto the ledge.As decoration is recommended to use the photos on two opposite walls.Black and white photos of gamma helps to better understand and appreciate the idea of ​​the photographer.

room design for a little girl of 14 square meters.meters.Riot of colors and shapes for a child

This design room bedroom-living room 14 sq.m.created for young connoisseurs of style in the interior.Not one thing can not be called randomly here.For a start it should be noted cheerful turquoise color of the walls.When such active walls to the floor, it was decided to use the classic laminate wood.

desizhn - room , 14 - meter - foto13 desizhn - room , 14 - meter - foto14 desizhn - room , 14 - meter - foto15 desizhn - room , 14 - meter - foto16 desizhn - room , 14 - meter - foto17

turquoise walls in a room 14 square meters.meters.Photo

Large and cozy bed with padded headboard upholstered in bright cloth, patchwork print is very similar.Soft knitted blanket on the arm of the bed suggests that young housewife appreciates this place.Round rug in the middle of the room is made of many small balls, studded with colored bright fabrics.Shades - the same as in the upholstery of the sofa: turquoise, purple, yellow, gray, coffee, white, aquamarine.In contrast to this soft and fluffy zone on one of the walls created by a pattern of broken lines, in its form resembles a spider web.Board for drawing here can become an object of art, and further coverage in this area will help to create such an impression.Table classic white.Above it - a shelf in a plurality of passages in the maze.Finally, stand at the entrance in the shape of an inverted purple cat looks funny joke and irony above all norms.

Design a child's room 14 sq.m.for two children

desizhn - room , 14 - meter - foto19 desizhn - room , 14 - meter - foto18

This design room 14 sq.m.for accommodation of two children, as evidenced by the bed on either side of the entrance.

  • to save space under the beds, it was decided to create a place for storage - racks.
  • Extra Storage window, which are arranged as mirror-like bed.
  • table in the children's room, a single, and two comfortable chairs on wheels will help to feel their personal space and to delineate it.Central lighting in the room - a chandelier with a large canopy.Spot
  • directional light fixtures would be useful in the event that power is required to increase the light in some areas.
  • LED lights around the perimeter of the room emphasize the contour.

Classic Art Deco - interior bedroom

desizhn - room , 14 - meter - foto23 desizhn - room , 14 - meter - foto22 desizhn - room , 14 - meter - foto21 desizhn - room , 14 - meter - foto20

This design room bedroom 14 sqmin the style of Art Deco.Glossy white surfaces built-in wardrobes perfectly combined with opaque dark blue walls.On either side of the big bed designers are small tables with candles and pull up the mirror, speaking thus, that every man should be a place for easy night reading.Round mirror above the headboard with divergent "rays" - a little joke, which makes the room warmer and more comfortable at the level of intuition.Designers did not deprive the TV households, placing it right in front of the bed.Spacious stand under it can be used as storage space.Finally, the extended ottoman at the foot of the bed - a great place where you can sit down and rest in a minute a day of rest.

Design room bedroom 14 square meters.meters gray.Classic - to help each

desizhn - room , 14 - meter - foto27 desizhn - room , 14 - meter - foto26 desizhn - room , 14 - meter - foto25 desizhn - room , 14 - meter - foto24

Photo bedroom

This design room 14 sq.m.for a young person may be at the same time and study, and a bedroom and living room, where he would take his friends.Home decorating techniques - wall at the head of the bed, where the surface is very similar to Venetian plaster.Bed designers located in the center, thus denoting priorities.Mounted and floor shelves opposite the bed have open compartments for books.At the window designers have placed a desk.The absence of legs hanging in his designs - a great idea to facilitate the interior.The same method was used for the bedside table.Wardrobe in the corner looks very inconspicuous.In general design of the neutral enough and can become an individual and personal to any individual.

For connoisseurs of saturated blue.Bedroom

This design room 14 a modern style as much as possible helps to relax before going to bed.The color scheme for this designers picked tested: sand, coffee, beige diluted bright ultramarine.Designer bed in the middle of the room has a soft side from all sides, which creates a feeling of comfort and security.

desizhn - room , 14 - meter - foto29 desizhn - room , 14 - meter - foto28

Photo bedroom room 14 square meters.m

At the head of the bed on both sides -. comfortable outdoor tables with lamps, graceful curved legs which resemble trees.The picture on the bed can be considered an entire wall at the head of the main design techniques, because it used all the colors of the interior.Even modern bedroom can not do without the TV, and the designers decided to place it traditionally - opposite the bed.Wardrobe is located in the built-in wall niche.Spot lights around the ceiling look quietly and with quite powerful.Deep indigo used in doses - on the carpet and bedding.

Design living room of 14 square meters.m. The Scandinavian classics

desizhn - room , 14 - meter - foto31 desizhn - room , 14 - meter - foto30

you design a living room 14 sq.m.executed in the best traditions of modern times.No piles of furniture, all only what you need to relax, hobby or light conversations.Large sofa along one wall may well be used as a bed.Rich Green upholstery color is perhaps the most striking accent the room.Directly opposite - elongated floor stand.It is not full-fledged, has opened branches, and can even withstand a lot of weight due to the interesting metal structure.Big TV on the wall - the need for a modern living room.In the corner of the designers have placed a small round coffee table.Simple and elegant floor lamp with three separate lamps is very convenient: the lamp can be directed, thereby adjusting the light output.This is a deliberately simple and eco-friendly looks carpet on the floor.

Design bright living room of 14 square meters.meters.Minimalism in

This European-style design of the room 14 modern style in simple measure.The main idea of ​​designers - the minimum filling space furniture and other home furnishings.

desizhn - room , 14 - meter - foto33 desizhn - room , 14 - meter - foto32

photo living room of 14 square meters

  • Big wardrobe and a long almost the entire wall - the only storage place where you can fit all the necessary things.
  • Corner sofa if necessary, easily converted into a bed and shelter can be soft knitted blanket.
  • Before sofa - coffee table with metal legs fused, very stable and easy to use.
  • On the far wall - the TV.Suspended table can be used as a work area under it, and as a place for reading and decorate it with decorative figures, if desired.
  • main chandelier lighting is given in the form of a washer on the center of the ceiling.
  • Spotlights direct light along the perimeter and diode lamps on the contour of the room will help create any type and power of illumination in the room.
  • Curtains designers deliberately made long, so that they create soft forms and gave comfort room.