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August 12, 2017 18:06

Three project design children's room 9 sq .m for boys

Article Contents:

  • 1 Children in the Scandinavian style: functional comfort
    • 1.1 Light - the basis of style
    • 1.2 Lighting child
  • 2 Children 9 sq.m, as part of the natural environment
    • 2.1 Features color combinations
    • 2.2 Making balconies
  • 3 Nursery 9 sq.meters loft-style: unusual decision
    • 3.1 Design solution
    • 3.2 Lighting child's room

Children in the Scandinavian style: functional comfort

project design children's room 9 m Scandinavianstyle is used infrequently.And in vain.After all, this area is characterized by the use of natural materials, creating a spacious, bright room that could not be more suitable for a baby's room.

Light - the basis of style

The color concept is based on a bright range of colors, which are complemented by splashes of contrasting black elements in the form of a door trim, computer, TV, home appliances.Snow-white painting of walls, ceilings, floors, spacious wardrobe helps visually expand a small volume.


Design a child's room 9 sqmPhoto

Against this background, look great bright accents, refreshing and decorating the room.Perfect "revive" the interior:

  • gray-blue walls and the sofa, which when folded creates a comfort zone for socializing, watching TV, and transformed into a comfortable sleeping space when needed;
  • blue pieces of furniture representing the facades of large drawers, which placed a huge number of baby supplies to school, games, hobbies,
  • saturated green curtains in the nursery, which make the interior a pleasant natural touch;
  • bright floral pattern wallpaper, trim using world map and ceiling in the form of halves of the globe decorate the room and performed in a single solution.

Lighting child

peculiarity of Scandinavian flow is to create a very light premises.This is understandable lack of sun during the long winter.Large balcony unit transmits enough of the solar spectrum, it is good to highlight the child during the day.

dizayn_detskoy_komnaty_foto4 dizayn_detskoy_komnaty_foto5 dizayn_detskoy_komnaty_foto6

Often windows absent tulle. In our project, the children's room 2016 openings are decorated with curtains of translucent organza that do not hinder the passage of light .On the contrary, good dispelling the bright rays, they make the room cozy.

Black and white balcony with Roman blinds is its stylish sequel.The modest size does not prevent it from posting a spacious hinged cabinet and floor, bright bag chair to get more area to play or relax.


green curtains in the children's room 9 sq.meters.Photo

Scandinavian design in the children's looks appropriate, harmonious, modern.A small area is not cluttered with a lot of pieces of furniture and accessories.At the same time, it has everything you need to practice, recreation and full development of the child.

Children 9 sq.m, as part of the natural environment

small children's room looks spacious in 2016, due to the fact that framed in a modern, minimalist style with elements of Scandinavian destinations.Bright interior seems riddled with sunlight.It is harmoniously joined into one piece with the nature theme, as a result, children have views of the sunny lawn surrounded by trees with birdhouses, loved animals and birds.

Features color combinations

used for coloring paint walls a warm cream color, with application over the delicate mesh of fine geometric pattern.It enhances the effect of white furniture and bright carpet on the floor, pattern, repeating the decoration of walls.


Photo children's room 9 sq.meters

dizayn_detskoy_komnaty_foto10 dizayn_detskoy_komnaty_foto13

pastel painting visually pushes the boundaries, as a result of professional design children's room 9 m makes it spacious.Contributes to this and built-in wardrobe with mirrored doors, doubling the size of the premises.

as color combinations are used:

  • natural shade of green - in the trees on the wallpaper, decorative pillows, upholstered chair, desk lamp, Roman and conventional curtains;
  • pale yellow cabinet with open shelves not only improves mood, but also allows you to store a variety of items without cluttering the room;
  • bright accents of red, turquoise, terracotta in combination with the natural shades of the floor and parts cabinets form a cheerful interior nursery for a boy, balance the sterile white finish;
  • traditionally Scandinavian direction in contrast to the white parts are used in black, manifested in the shelf elements, the original lamp in the shape of a tree branch, the TV, the facades of the cabinet drawers, original globe.

balcony Making

Minimalist design a child's room with a balcony is continued in an interesting design of additional space with loft style elements - masonry wall, a lamp in the form of a lamp, large doors and windows.

dizayn_detskoy_komnaty_foto15 dizayn_detskoy_komnaty_foto16

Balcony combined with the child's room.Photo

If you wish to retire, you can open the door and be in the snowy area for games or sinking into an armchair-bag, relax with a book.At the same time, a small terrace area is used with advantage, allowing to lay down toys, magazines and small items in boxes and roomy table on open shelves in the entire width of the wall.

non-standard solutions used in the manufacture of the frame of the balcony - it is made in the full height of the opening and has a flap-open door.Full glazing increases the amount of light entering the room.

Nursery 9 sq.meters loft-style:

unusual decision Minimalist direction for several decades out of fashion and become the object of attention of professional architects and interior designers.Contrary to the belief of many, the modern idea of ​​a child's room is quite compatible with the practicality and functionality of the industrial flow.This style allows you to create a comfortable interior, getting rid of unnecessary clutter elements, leaving room only the most necessary items blend harmoniously with each other.

Design solution

presented a children's room in 2016 has the potential to appeal to a child.It is full of unusual devices for gaming in the form of a tepee, drawing boards, which, when considering the sliding doors are roomy closet compartment.



Brick wall in the nursery.Photo

Due to saturation ethnic style elements, ceiling beams under simulated, the room seems a part of nature, surrounded by the cold snowy plains.Gray-blue interior balances warm brick wall staining of natural shades of green, bright boxes, colored open shelves, natural tone of the furniture and the floor.


Practical design children's room 9 sqm, despite its modest size, creates a spacious interior, which is enough space for entertaining with friends, organized a work area with a desk, set a comfortable bed.

Lighting child's room

In the daytime the room is filled with sunlight from the huge windows in the rug, it's nice to dissipate translucent curtains.If necessary, reduce the amount of light, thick gray curtains will help create the right atmosphere for sleep or rest.

dizayn_detskoy_komnaty_foto21 dizayn_detskoy_komnaty_foto20

modern nursery in 2016.Photo

The room is well organized artificial light, allowing a form as a general bright light and the zonal illumination of individual sections.For this installed in different places white lamps original cylindrical shape directional light.

dizayn_detskoy_komnaty_foto15 dizayn_detskoy_komnaty_foto16

Children's room with access to the balcony.Photo

In general, baby looks bright, stylish, neat.Paintings in the clear dark frame with photos of unusual animal supplement unconventional design.