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August 12, 2017 18:06

Design a child's room for a girl .60 photos of design innovations

Article Contents:
  • Important factors design a child's room
  • Zoning child's room for a girl and boy
  • Design a child's room for girls from 1 to 3 years,room with a balcony.Photo project
  • Design a child's room for girls from 3 to 5 years with a balcony .Photo project
  • Design a child's room 12 sq.m. for girls 4 years .Photo project
  • Children's room for a girl with the division into zones by a partition.Photo project
  • stylish design children's room for two girls.Photos successful project
  • Bright children's room for a girl in the Scandinavian style .Photo project
  • Design a child's room for creative girls.Photo project
  • Children's room for a girl with an unusual design .Photo project
  • Design a child's room for a teenage girl.Photos of the design project
  • room teen girl of 16 years.A room in a high-tech

Important factors design a child's room

Children's room - a private space little housewife.When making a room for adults shou

ld be followed not only their own ideas about the interior, but also take into account the interests of the child.That is why a better deal decorative design with the child.

Zoning child's room

functional approach to the organization of space will help create high-quality interior, in which the child will be interesting.When arrangement is necessary to provide a working area, a place to rest (double bed), dressing room, game space.In order to limit possible to use a variety of partitions or just restrict komponovaniem furniture.Divide the room into zones children can be and with the help of temporary elements.

seating area is recommended to make out in the blue-green tones.It does not require bright lighting.Note the absence of traumatic elements.

workplace suitable yellow and orange shades - the colors of creativity.Take care about the coverage and functionality of all elements.

gaming space should assume full freedom of action.It would take cupboards and drawers for storing toys.Pink and red colors will help in the design.

Design a child's room for girls from 1 to 3 years, combined with a balcony

Availability glazed balcony allows you to expand the area of ​​gaming space, saving space in the room.It was on the balcony of the child will be comfortable watching and drawing, to perform gymnastic exercises and lay toys.To maintain the ambient light in the evening on the balcony it is necessary to hold the light.

Note the interior decoration: it is not overloaded with features.Only the main color palette used in the design.The drawings on the wallpaper and in harmony with each other on the cabinet.The point here is that one wall is lined with white wallpaper, on which a child can easily learn to draw.

desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki2 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki3 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki4 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki5 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki6

Design a child's room for a girl 3 years.Photo

Design a child's room for girls from 3 to 5 years with a balcony

This room is decorated exclusively in pastel colors.Pink is the primary, and the rest - by the subsidiary.All the furniture is extremely functional, its simple lines and straightened.Drawings on the walls styled in a natural style, and allow the child to learn how to draw representatives of fauna and flora.Several small tables allow you to engage in various kinds of creativity.
set of drawers in the cabinets allow systematize any toys on arbitrary criteria.

Dressing area taken out separately.The room has plenty of space for relaxation and creativity.

desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki7 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki8 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki9 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki11 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki12 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki13 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki14 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki15 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki16

Interior design children's room for 4-5 years girls with access to the balcony.Photo

Design a child's room 12 sq.m. for girls 4 years

This room is reminiscent of a real modern office, adapted to children's needs.The main color of the room - white.It is visually expands the space and improved lighting.To make use of cartoon stylized elements and fabulous scenery.

furniture is grouped according to the main areas, which are clearly visible border.Simplicity and functionality - the main principle of organization of the nursery.There are no unnecessary elements, and the whole composition looks sound and harmonious.

desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki17 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki18 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki19

Design a child's room for a girl of 12 sq.m.Photo

Children's room for a girl with the division into zones by a partition.Project Photo

This room allows you to distinguish between the personal space of the two children of different ages.Art Nouveau is designed for the older girls, zone design for the younger more classicist.To make selected warm brown and sand tones with shades of dark greenish.In fact, the room is two completely different space.

stylish design children's room for two girls made in the interests of their development: senior workplace looks solid, and for younger expanded gaming space.Decorative translucent partition fits into the big picture.

desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki20 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki21 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki22 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki23 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki24

Photo Children's bedroom with the division into zones

stylish design children's room for two girls.Photos successful project

Room is a creative workshop adapted for painting and needlework.Bright and contrasting colors (yellow on blue) provoke a surge of creative energy and stimulate the development of imagination.In such an interior can not be thinking patterns.Hostess will only accept non-standard solutions.

Chairs transformers allow to use them as a game element.A lot of horizontal surfaces like are intended to unfold creative elements.Sliding partitions can be used for temporary zoning.

desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki25 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki26 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki27 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki28 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki29 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki30

Photo Children's room for two girls from the School of repairs

Bright children's room for a girl in the Scandinavian style

Thisroom two main colors - white and blue.Their shades give the room rigor and create the effect of expanding space.Closed cabinets are used for storing clothes and open shelves designed for a variety of toys.Study crafts displayed in a separate area.

Classic chandelier over the bed general interior adds solidity and adulthood.Austerity is penalized unless multicolored carpet of warm materials: it can move freely around the room, creating a play area.All toys are securely hidden in a closed cabinet that creates an additional order in illusion.

desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki31 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki32 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki33 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki34 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki35 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki36

Design a child's room for creative girls.Photo project

In adolescence, all aspire to originality and singularity.We present an unusual interior, in which the teenager will feel comfortable and at ease.The originality of the composition is extremely attractive to teenage girls wanting to stand out from their peers.

are used only 3 colors: yellow, white and black.Their composition allows you to find the original motives for decorating the space and creates an energetic atmosphere.Mirrored lights are making the conversion element in a straight line and makes the situation really interesting.

desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki37 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki38 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki39 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki40 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki42

Stylish and modern idea of ​​a child's room.Photo

Children's room for a girl with an unusual design

Interior is muted gray tones, creating a relaxed and calming atmosphere.On the creative nature mistress show pictures on the walls, floor and unusual items.In this room, a teenage girl is clearly relaxed and comfortable.This is a place for solitude and reflection of the eternal;It can be - even love.

Wooden parquet surprisingly in harmony with the ceiling, which appears covered with boards.Bed rest for recalls oriental canopy and is designed for high-quality holidays.Warm colors are used for the decoration of the bedroom area.

desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki41 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki43 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki44 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki45 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki46 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki47 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki48

Design a child's room for a teenage girl.Photos of the design project

Even in the classic style you can add raisins, speaking on the character of the individual.Decorative abstract panels on the walls are made in contrast to the office table.Pillow cases and curtains ornamental harmony.The room has a lot of lighting elements of different form factors, from floor lamps to modern imitation of the old lights.

unusual place for business and leisure located on the balcony: hanging hammock chair, you can practice various activities.Balcony is an organic extension of the nursery.

desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki49 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki50 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki51 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki52 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki53 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki54 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki55

Children's room for a girl of 12 years.Photo

room teen girl of 16 years.A room in the style of hi-tech

This room is unusual for color design: the basic tone here sets saturated gray.The only exception is the key of the yellow wall near the bed.Images from the film "Avatar", posted on the walls, give extraordinary personality traits hostess.Room for teenager unusual and unique.It created its own unique world, securely Guardian mistress from the influence of external factors.

Heavy dark curtains reliably protect the space from the natural rays.Artificial lighting is unevenly distributed, emphasizing the atmosphere of mystery and enigma.

desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki56 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki57 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki59 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki58 desizhn_detskoy_komnaty_dlya_devochki60

room design for a girl of 16 years.Photo