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August 12, 2017 18:06

Two bright interior nursery.How to make a unique children's bedroom

Children's room - one of the most complex planning room.It must perform four functions at the same time - to be an office, a bedroom, a living room and a game room.All this must be taken into account and properly assemble, to choose the right color scheme.

The child is very important to have room for childish activities.And this room should be a safe and environmentally friendly.When designing the interior of children, we should also take into account the fact that children grow very quickly, and they often change interests and hobbies.In these embodiments, the designers perfectly cope with this task.

Design children's interior.Enchanted forest

first baby is a fabulous garden area, where sat two funny cat, and on another wall on one wall on a branch, light green balcony of a spreading tree - the tree hang funny houses for birds.It continues the theme of the garden and the carpet on the floor, decorative pillows.Yellow children's curtains complement the interior.

Design children

Design children's bright interior.Photo

Drawing a tree on the wall in the nursery.A photo

Fig tree on the wall in the nursery.Photo

Yellow- white wardrobe in the children

Yellow-white wardrobe in the children's room.Photo


Design children's interior.Photo


main colors of the situation - it is white, and yellow.They make children's interior design bright and cheerful.Furniture made in the basic color scheme is similar to the village, which gives the room a special style.Children's interior design was created for active, loving to move the child.There is a swing and a staircase, and under the tree is soft mat-mat, where you can lie down and tumble, or read a book.One has only to reach out to the outdoor cabinet desk.

Original shining lights-balls like little suns, make the room light in any weather.

Interior design children's room.Spacecraft

second baby is designed for two boys younger and middle-aged.Children's interior design resembles its design compartment large space comfortable ship.There are few toys, simple and austere environment.

room is divided into three zones: a bedroom, and a game room.Berths are arranged in recesses of drywall constructions.They are similar in form but different in color solution.This is done to ensure that children feel equal.They are decorated with art posters with the Latin alphabet.Above each bed hung sconces for reading.On the ceiling, as if in a large porthole, seen the starry sky is illuminated linear lighting.


Children's room with a starry sky.Photo

in the room each boy has his own workstation.And children do not interfere with each other and they did not dispute over water boundaries, desk divided the small volume-spatial partition with shelves.There are two comfortable pillow-armchair for watching TV.

Blue and yellow colors in the interior of a child

Blue and yellow colors in the interior of a child's room.Photo

The decor of the room is used a lot of flowers, but they are not bright, muted.Therefore, they do not conflict with each other and create pleasant color combinations.

Beautiful children

Beautiful children's room.Photo