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August 12, 2017 18:06

The design of children's bedrooms .8 ideas of interior children's room

Children's bedroom for two (teenage bedroom for two)

spacious children's bedroom area of ​​18 square meters.m. is made in pastel beige tones.Bright coloring makes the room more spacious.

Design a child

design children's room for the brothers.Boys and girls.Photo 1

Wardrobe compartment in the children

cabinet compartment in the children's bedroom (sand blasting).Photo 6

Dark blackout curtains help create an atmosphere of privacy, because teenagers are very vulnerable psyche, they sometimes want to hide from the all white light.Also curtains add a bright contrast environment that gives vivacity quiet interior light shades.

couch dark color is selected , to balance with dark shades curtains.The room is zoned into two parts, a small closet with diagonal slots, shelves.On the far side of the room with a stylish wardrobe, decor

ated sandblasted geometric ornament.

Teenager Children's room in the attic

small children's room of 12-14 square meters.m. The interior is equipped with only the necessary attributes.The asymmetric shape of the premises identified the lack of symmetry in the circuit arrangement of furniture.Grey and beige tones are dynamic wallpaper pattern.Under their pattern is matched and pattern of the carpet, only with asymmetric patterns and picked up the pillow on the couch with a similar ornament.


Children's room for a school-age boy.Photo 7

Brown children

Brown children's bedroom 12 square meters.m. Photo 8

White furniture, white doors and light curtains create a harmonious unity, and gave up the room freshness, style and elegance.In this room the child will be comfortable to work, it's nice to relax and to dream of a brighter future, standing at the huge windows from floor to ceiling.

Pink Children's bedroom for the girls

Colorful children's bedroom 15-17 sq.m. The design pleases the eye all the wallpaper and interior elements.Expression bright colors edging furniture and wallpaper behind the bed balanced use of a large number of white and pale pink shades.

Design a child

Design a child's room for girls 6-11 years old.Photo 9

Design pink child

Design pink child's bedroom for the girls.Photo 10

On one of the walls placed applique trees with leaves in the shape of hearts.sleeping area separated by a transparent curtain with lambrequins.In addition to a stylish wardrobe and chest of drawers with contrasting edging on the outer perimeter of the bed are a lot of small cabinets, essential to store all the toys, books, crafts and all kinds of other things.

Teenage bedroom green

Children's small size, 12-13 square meters.m. The noble shades of green, very fresh blend with lemon-yellow accents.Beige koloristki elements introduced elements of elegance in bright colors.The room is divided into two zones - recreational and educational area.

Bright and juicy nursery for a boy .Photo 11

bright and juicy nursery for a boy.Photo 11

Wardrobe in the nursery green.Photo 12

Closet in the nursery green.Photo 12

On both sides of the table is very conveniently located cabinets with all the necessary baby things.A dark green table top is good that all traces of creative experimentation children not be visible as a light table.Above the bed is located natural light and lamp lamps for evening reading.

Children's bedroom in blue colors for boys and girls

Once in the children's bedroom in soft olive hues with sky-blue light wallpaper, creates the impression that you get into a fairy tale.The bed is located in the far corner of the door, away from the noise.Above it, there are additional lighting for reading in the evening hours.

Interior design children

Interior design children's room 12 sq.m. Photo 13

Design of a small child

Design small child's bedroom.Photo 14

Near the door is located in a wall-mounted cabinet, stepping into the room once the child can hang their belongings in it.Educational or work space area forms a desk, shelves and two roomy locker.Bright colors create the interior design of the room the illusion of greater space than it actually is.

classic children's room for a girl

Children's bedroom in the attic is for girls.This is evidenced by the gentle pink and red hues, giving the interior a romantic atmosphere.The colors chosen for curtains flower pattern wallpaper.Bows on furniture, crawfish, shade and lots of cushions, all of this will help the child feel comfortable in the nursery.

Design of a small child

Design a child's room for a little girl.Photo 15

paintings at the entrance to help develop the concept of taste and aesthetics.Bright shades of interior demand akuratno relationship, it will help the girl to grow neat person.

Teenage children's bedroom orange shades

Interior design children's room combination bright beige almost white shades with bright vibrant orange hues.This is a good reception of the designer - lying on the bed of the child calm light colors environment and help to relax and getting out of bed a child falls into a completely different - a vivid world of wakefulness and energy.

Design of a small child

Design small child's bedroom orange.Photo 18

Working area - table and cabinets made in light beige, honey agaric that returns the child to calm and balance.Soft transform chair - the dream of every child, because it can not just sit and jump, lie down and even climb on it.

Kids bedroom for the girl with high ceilings

Child Teenager bedroom is formed of contrasting colors.This design for an energetic child restless.Small ottomans, cubes with patterns in the form of puzzles will help your child to stay a designer, placing them on their own.And there are convenient to receive guests-friends in the part where the owner decides a child's room.


Children's room with high ceilings.Photo 21

Super-fashionable chandelier will help your child not to miss falling asleep - you can dream up on what she looks like.Yes, and all the elements in the interior of the push to experiment request, to dream, to create something unusual-new.