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August 12, 2017 18:06

Design a child's room with wallpaper for a teenage boy 7-11 years

Bright, dynamic children's room designed for a teenage boy .The main focus of the design is made on the boy's enthusiasm for the mythological hero - Spaydermenom.It was he who, incredible size Spiderman, looks at incoming from opposite walls.

Repairs in the nursery for boys 7-11 years old .Photo 1

repair in the nursery for boys 7-11 years old.Photo 1

room has three functional zones: sleeping, working and sports.

sleeping area includes a spacious bed, a bedside table with lamp and a floor mat.Motley, uncomplicated carpet coloring in harmony with the bright yellow bed.Spider-Man sitting in the night sky, as if guarding the sleeping boy.

Photo wall in the nursery for a boy .Photo 2

Photo wall in the nursery for a boy.Photo 2

And in the morning, waking up, the teenager sees through the wall bars Spider-Man, hovering over the huge city.The image of this superhero is tempting to think of the supernatural powers of man;about what can be achieved through hard work.His deeds and actions motivate boys to train their muscles, to overcome difficulties to achieve significant results.

Design project for a boy child 9 to 10 years.Picture 3

design project for a boy child 9 to 10 years.Photo 3

near the window, on a low podium, is a work area.Backlight, mounted the podium in the panel, not only clearly separates this area from the rest of the room, but also allows you to make major additional lighting in cloudy weather or at dusk.Convenient swivel chair on wheels, white cabinets and curtains help create a business environment.This interior is not only configures a working mood, but teaches teen to neatness and cleanliness.

Interior design for a boy child 7 , 8 , 9 years with a podium .Picture 4

Interior design for a boy child 7, 8, 9 years with a podium.Photo 4

Photo Wall Murals on the walls here are the most favorable solution of the interior.After a while, the boy grows up, he will change the interests and hobbies.And Mural easily can be replaced on the other side of the room or place a completely new way.

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