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August 12, 2017 18:06

Decking - types, forms , features

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  • 1 Ribs in Bent - classification
  • 2 covered with sheets of corrugated

Decking is a sheet of cold formed steel having stiffeners (flutes) trapezoidal, sometimes wavy orrectangular.Decking is practical modern building material, which is characterized by high reliability, durability, service and resistant to adverse environmental effects.Applications of corrugated board are very diverse: it can perform a decorative function, used for the cladding of buildings, used for roof construction or to act as a self-bearing element.



Modern industry produces various types of corrugated board, which differ in a number of qualities and each of which is suited to their tasks.

Ribs in Bent - classification

Corrugated stiffening ribs

sheeting stiffeners

main criterion, which is the basis of the classification of types of corrugated board - the height of stiffeners (flute).It is on this parameter depends on the bearing capacity of the material.For decorative finishes of walls or ceilings, as

well as for the production of gates and fences fit the sheets with a small ribbed - up to 20 mm.In cases when the decking will act as a bearing element, the requirements for increased loads on it, so you should use a material with a large rib.

Depending on the height of the corrugations is used marking sheeting, guided by that is easy to pick up the material with the desired qualities:

  • With - 8-44mm rib rigidity.It can be used to create fences, gates, etc.
  • H - rib more than 44 mm.Profiled extra load.Used to create ceilings, sheds, permanent formwork, insulation of the roof of the old
  • NA - rib -35-44 mm.Suitable for creating flooring and wall fences.

All kinds of corrugated board in Moscow from: EnergoStroi.Thus, the name "N114" corresponds to the sheet corrugation 114 mm having improved load-bearing capacity, and "C20" - the sheet with the corrugation 20, etc.

covered with sheets of corrugated

However, species differences corrugated board and its quality can not be reduced only to the height of the corrugations.corrugated sheets may have different coverage, affecting its appearance and resistance to adverse environmental factors:

  • polymer coating - used as a roofing material
  • Paint - used in interior decoration, private construction
  • Uncoated - used to create the overlap, permanent formwork
  • Bilateral protective layer - for the creation of fences, gates

There are types of corrugated board, which have a narrower and functionality best suited for a particular type of work.

Roof has an attractive appearance, nice color and is an organic look, giving the roof a modern and neat appearance.This type of corrugated board has high resistance to temperature changes and adverse weather conditions and is able to reliably serve for decades, protecting the roof from leaking, are not deformed by the snow, ensuring comfort and excellent weather in the house!


wall sheets can be provided with additional functional elements - locks, fasteners, etc.
To create a strong overlap or permanent formwork for walls and basement suitable carrier profiled having an increased resistance to stress and long life.
Choosing material for decorative cladding of buildings with a high protective capacity should pay attention to decorative corrugated board.

On the contour and fullness Profile distinguish symmetric and asymmetric profiled.

Thus, knowing the main characteristics of the sheeting, it is easy to select the material that best suits your needs.