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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to work grinder .Tips masters .Required Reading before working with angle grinders

Recommendations for safe working with grinder

The Bulgarian - Photo 01

Bulgarka - Photo 01

Bulgarka (angle grinder or LBM) - one of the most traumatic hand tools.The reasons for this:

  • high speed (more than 10 thousand rpm.),
  • no blade circular protection cover (just most of it is open),
  • absenceopportunities rigid attachment tools.

Work with grinder - Photo 02

Working with grinder - photo 02

probability to get injured at any time is high, but knowing how to work Bulgarian and respecting these rules will successfully cope with LBM any woman.

Protective equipment

When cutting a variety of materials grinder to protect the body and respiratory required:

  • goggles or face shield, which protects the eyes from three sides,
  • clothing, which should not hang loose, to be tightened rotating mechanism,
  • resistant footwear, flat shoes,
  • heavy gloves, better leather,
  • respirator for respiratory protection, if the Bulgarian is used for cutting stone, porcelain, ceramic or glass tiles

When working with grinder needed protection - Photo 03

When working with grinder needed protection - Photo 03

Check of serviceability and readiness tool

Before how to work grinder , should always be pre-check serviceabilitytool:

  • proper installation and durability of fastening of a protective cover.It should be securely mounted and positioned so that the spark and the cut pieces of material are not flown in the direction of the operator;
  • integrity of the blade, the absence of defects on it.Any defect can lead to injury.If the saw blade has fissuring, chipped, cracked, it must be replaced.It is not necessary to save on disk, buying cheap Chinese fakes, it is better to purchase the brand trusted manufacturers: Kronomax, BOSH, LugaAbrasiv;
  • uniform rotation at idle and maximum speed of the spindle for 0.5-1 minutes.Strong vibrations should not be.

The components of the instrument - Photo 04

Components tool - Photo 04

Protect surrounding surfaces from damage and inflammation

If the instrument is used in a room for cutting water pipes, plastic and decorative materialsbefore, how to work grinder , should be protected from sparks flammable objects adjacent walls and floor with a damp cloth or thick asbestos cloth.

use a special disc for each type of work

most frequent injury when using angle grinders operators receive, if the disc is torn to pieces, or breaks off the spindle.Parts of it can fly at high speed by an unpredictable trajectory.

Hazardous sector in the destruction of the disk - Photo 05

Hazardous sector in the disk destruction - Photo 05

Professionals who know, how to safely operate the Bulgarian , give the choice of working drives a lot of attention.Each of them contains the purpose of the application.

  • Use wheels should be exactly as prescribed.Depending on the purpose of the cutting blade used to select the number of revolutions.When cutting tile or porcelain plate on red-hot metal above 600o C chip material will fly in different directions.The same will happen if the cut tile with the number of revolutions per minute, exceeding the 3 thousand. If a diamond blade to cut the iron, the tool can wrest from the hands.
  • not use grinders to work with wood, even if it saves time.When cutting plywood due to overheating will be released poisonous vapors resins, and in contact with cutting blade on a limb wood machine will pull out of his hands.
  • not place angle grinders on the cutting elements of a circular saw, even if they are perfectly suited to it.
  • not sharpened metal side surface of the disc.This will lead to breakage and injury to the operator.

correct position of the cut pieces of materials

Before how to work grinder , is required to prepare the site, and pay special attention to possible interference.

Work with grinder - Photo 06

Working with grinder - photo 06

  • When cutting metal should be remembered that, in contrast to the tree, he is breaking almost to the end of the cut.
  • Cutting should always be provided in the direction of rotation of the disk to break parts, rather than squeezing them.
  • Dangerous sawing metal fixed ends on two supports.At the end of the cutting tool will clamp and snatch from the hands.
  • should pay attention to the fact that there are no distortions, and the cutting plane in the process has not changed.
  • to put pressure on the cutting tool is not necessary.If the work is progressing slowly, replace the cutting element.

Reasons rebound grinders - Photo 07

reasons rebound grinders - Photo 07

Mindfulness and self-discipline in the

Any little thing is important in the use of angle grinders, so recommendations on, how to workBulgarian , should be observed strictly.

  • If a material is to saw a stone or other hard object that could fall under the drive, there is a strong jerk, breaking the machine or operator injury.Therefore it is necessary to exclude such possibilities and be very careful.
  • recommended to ensure When the sections of concrete walls in the absence of reinforcement in place of the incision, hidden pipes, electrical wires.This can be done with a metal detector and Electrical detectors.

Caution in working with Bulgarian - Photo 08

caution in working with grinder - photo 08

correct position of the tool

  • grinders should always keep both hands.
  • position of the body must be very stable to hold the tool at impact.
  • When cutting the cut line should be held to the side, so that in the event of jamming the tool of his movement was to the side of the operator, and is not directed at him.

The correct position of the tool at work - Photo 09

correct position of the tool at work - Photo 09

correct start, stop, breaks

Knowing, how to safely operate the Bulgarian , starting and stopping of the machineIt must be followed correctly:

  • launch angle grinders only with the free drive position;
  • inserted into the cut only with a rotating blade operating speed.Do not let the car out of the hands up to the complete cessation of rotation.Stop the rotation can be, for example, wood.Putting grinders with rotating working disc on the floor or ground should not be;
  • change their workplace can be completely stopped at the car;
  • fixing the cutting element in the car should not be much to tighten the mounting nut wrench.It is enough to pull together with a drive arm;
  • cutting should take breaks in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

Work with grinder - Photo 10

Working with grinder - photo 10

Working with angle grinders significantly reduces the time of repair and installation work.Following the recommendations of the manufacturer that, how to work grinder particular brand and the instructions about the safe use of power tools, everyone can protect themselves from possible injury.