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August 12, 2017 18:06

Construction dust : let it penetrate and carry out the cleaning after repair

Whatever the repair, overhaul, or cosmetic, and as if he had not carried out carefully, still will not be able to avoid construction dust.Working with a drill, construction mixer, grinder is always accompanied by a dusty cloud.


Do not start repairs without prior training facilities, while during the harvest does not arise suddenly the question of how to remove construction dust.

sure to:

  • remove curtains,
  • bring potted plants,
  • small items packed in boxes and prepare and away from the work area.

The less things will be in the room, the easier it will be renovated to restore order.

  • household small appliances to make the best, and it is necessary to an overall package.

Static electricity is well attract dust, which can easily penetrate unprotected equipment.

Preparing the room to repair - Photo 01

Preparation room to repair - Photo 01

Obstruction to dust

Next will be divided repairable room on the sector.Isolate better every room in the apartment, regardle

ss of whether or not the repair is done in it.

Doorways can be curtained dense tissue or building wrap.Use for this can be the old curtains or sheets, as long as they fit the size, leaving gaps on the sides and bottom.

cloth fabric better wet to wet the fabric and absorb collected dust settles construction.As the drying fabric and pollution will need to rinse and then hang on the opening, so tightly her nail will not work.

Training furniture - Photo 02

Training furniture - Photo 02

PE film can be mounted on the perimeter of the door opening, lousy along the length of the zipper.A little easier to make a temporary screen of the two pieces of film construction, securing their lap.Suffice it to 20-25 cm of extra centimeters, which will cover the connection.

artless erecting a protective structure can be neatly out of the work area, the rooms are not dispersing the precipitated dust.Then you do not have to think, how to remove construction dust in the other rooms.

Protect furniture from the repair of dust - Photo 03

protection from furniture repair dust - Photo 03

Wide transparent film and can be curtained windows.If this is not done, the smooth surface of the glass will be a magnet for all that "dancing" in the air and covered with thick dust.It will be impossible to sweep a broom or a vacuum cleaner to collect.Windows have to be washed several times with water to achieve the same clarity and transparency.

Protect windows from dust and dirt - Photo 04

Protect windows from dust and dirt - Photo 04

Protected against dust and the floor can be, if not intended to repair.The better and more accurate it will be laid out with the less it will remain in the dust.But we must take into account that high humidity during repairs under the film may suffer parquet and laminate.

Protect the floor from dirt repair - Photo 05

protection floor from dirt repair - Photo 05

Interior decorations, which at the time of the works are in the living room, it is necessary to reliably hide, to wrap, swaddle.This applies not only upholstered furniture, but also the body.Here, too, the film is useful construction.The wider it is, the less it will remain unprotected places where dust can get.Wide film web will allow to hide a large surface without joints.To be sure, it can be put into two layers, and sharp angles to lay a soft cloth to prevent rupture.

The result is that, preparing the room for the repair work, it is necessary to do four basic things:

  • collect and take away from the work area small items and equipment;
  • cover the floor;
  • cover that can not be moved;
  • curtained doorways.

How to prevent construction dust or minimize it

dust is dangerous to health, especially construction.Chemical substances contained in it, can cause an allergic cough and shortness of breath.She ruthlessly clogs the lungs, settles on the bronchial mucosa, irritating to the eyes, if you do not apply when the basic protection.At a minimum, you need a respirator.If not, then the lower part of the face in the drilling or milling time can cover a wet handkerchief.

Respiratory protection from dust - Photo 06

Respiratory protection from dust - Photo 06

summer in calm weather windows wide open the better.As part of the construction dust will float away to the must be closed only during cleaning, the air flow is not lifted off the floor already precipitated dust.

When working with a drill, it is possible to make so that dust does not scatter in all directions, while moving the flow in the right direction.It's enough to put to place drilling scoop or vacuum cleaner next turn, precisely guiding the tube hose.Still, there are special nozzles, dust collectors, is a small plastic container.It is easy to put on the nozzle of the drill, and drilling waste during the fall directly into the container.

Respiratory protection respirator - Photo 07

Respiratory protection respirator - Photo 07

when removing old wallpaper, paint or whitewash layer, be sure to moisten the surface.Here, the water can not regret.The softened surface is easier to remove and less dusty.

To help you during repair, it is necessary to take care of three simple things:

  • plow windows;
  • use dust collectors;
  • periodically humidify the air.

Humidification a security element with the repair of dust - Photo 08

Humidification a security element with the repair of dust - Photo 08

When to start harvesting from construction dust

Cleaning must be carried out in stages, resulting in the order of each joba place.This is important, although a bit tedious.But the observance of this rule will save time and effort in the subsequent final cleaning.

After working with a drill dust is particularly large.Therefore, before proceeding to the next step, we should not be lazy to collect it.Here we have to think how to remove construction dust, so she did not pull a train to the other side and not scattered around the room.

If dust hangs and does not settle, you can sprinkle water not only air, but also the surface of the floor.Slightly moistened construction dust will be collected easily.

Cleaning of construction dust - Photo 09

cleaning construction dust - Photo 09

When the scheduled day of work completed and it is time to relax, it is necessary to lead contaminated "planet" in order, as used to say everyone's favorite Saint-Exupéry.Despite the fatigue and reluctance to engage in such seemingly useless labor, it is necessary to make sure that the dust and debris after the repair did not accumulate in large amounts.

When, finally, the repair is completed, the walls, floors and ceilings repaired, working space is transformed into a territory that needs to be put in order.If the plaster, tile, wallpaper scraps can be collected in a bag hands, and debris with a broom to sweep, the dust from the construction to handle much more complicated.

to clean the apartment after the repair was easier to do cleaning:

  • stages;
  • daily.

Construction dust after renovations - Photo 10

Construction dust after renovations - Photo 10

How to destroy residual dust

Even when collected tools and made garbage bags, dust after the repair is aroundroom.Windows now open not desirable, so as not to frighten away those of its residues that lurk in corners and huddled in a crack.Here the question arises, how to remove dust after repair.Smetana dry broom can not be.So you can only create a gray cloud, which gradually settles back.Dry rags here will not help, it is necessary to work with a vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning the dirt with a vacuum cleaner - Photo 11

cleaned of dirt with a vacuum cleaner - Photo 11

Appliances with this load can not cope.Cloth bag quickly clogged and choke cleaner just fine dust.It needs a machine equipped with paper bags or plastic containers that will collect dust after repair and will not give her a chance to get back.It is better to use a special vacuum cleaner construction.It is more powerful air pumps, therefore easier to capture fine dust particles.

construction dust Cleaning after repair - Photo 12

construction dust Cleaning after repair - Photo 12

It is necessary to go with a vacuum cleaner on all corners, nooks and crannies, crevices, baseboards where dust can linger portion.The nozzle must be flat with a cut-off angle.Linoleum vacuum is meaningless, it is better to walk on it with a broom or brush moistened with a long handle.This should be neat slow movements, so as not to disperse dust.

Cleaning after repair - Photo 13

Cleaning after repair - Photo 13

After working vacuum cleaner, you can begin to wet cleaning.To do this, you need to cook a few rags because they are dirty and quickly come into disrepair.You can use a microfiber cloth.It is easier to cope with the task and clean herself well.Wipe with a damp cloth will not only horizontal, but also all vertical surfaces.Water should be changed frequently, rags to rinse in plenty of water.

Before washing the floor, it should be slightly moistened with a broom to sweep up.The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise just get dirty pool.Slightly moistened dust crumpled, and it is easy to collect a brush or mop.Strongly do not need to rub it on the floor, will only appear divorce.Paul will have to wash a few times, constantly filling the bucket with clean water.

The room is renovated - Photo 14

room renovated - Photo 14

Curtains with doorways removed last.They can also be pre sprinkle with water and gently fold.

basic cleaning task is performed - the dust is removed after the repair.Remaining after the repair in the dense trash bags migrated successfully in garbage cans, washed the floor, but dust will have to fight more than one day.