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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose and install intercom independently

Installing intercom

intercom installation in the stairwell of an apartment building is performed by employees of a specialized company, in agreement with all living in this stairwell.But if you own your own home, setting intercom with their hands can save a decent amount, and will allow you to implement their own solutions.

In this article you will learn about the types of door intercommunication systems, their advantages and disadvantages.Below will be given detailed instructions on installing the intercom and gave the necessary guidelines for independent work.

The door intercom - Photo 01

door with intercom - Photo 01

What intercom

All intercoms are divided into two groups:

  • audio systems
  • Videophones

Types intercoms audio and video - Photo 02

Types intercoms audio and video - Photo 02

Any intercom system can be considered as one element of protectionhome because the door is always locked and you can only open it from the inside.Open the door from the outside can be a person who has an electronic

access key.

CCTV - a device equipped with a video camera.Setting intercom with their own hands is not so complicated process than it might seem at first glance.Let's start with the acquisition of the intercom.

Choose intercom

audio systems virtually tied for homes because it is often important to not only hear the voice of a visitor, but also to see the surroundings, sowe will choose the video intercom.Such a system can be installed on a private house or apartment equipped with video intercom at the entrance of a house.Any video intercom consists of the following components:

  • Outside panel .In many models, combined with the video camera
  • Monitor , united with handset and control buttons
  • electromagnetic or electromechanical lock .
  • PSU

Installation scheme intercom - Photo 03

experimental setup intercom - Photo 03

Outside panel includes the 'Call' button, microphone,speaker and camera.The best option outside panel includes infrared light, completely unnoticed, but providing the camera work in complete darkness in a radius of at least 1 meter, and the very camcorder made by anti-vandal technology «pinhole» - eye of the needle, in which the camera lens hole is less than 1 mm, which makesit practically invulnerable.

Driving outside panel intercom - Photo 04

scheme ringing intercom panel - Photo 04

monitor can be color or black and white.Black-and-white CRT monitors manufactured by technology and have a high durability and low cost.Newer LCD color system made of a liquid crystal are significantly more expensive.On the monitor cabinet set the handset to communicate.

Monitor intercom - Photo 05

monitor intercom - Photo 05

In current models, the power supply is made by a pulse circuit and is located on the cabinet.Electromagnetic lock, keeps the door closed and if a strong electromagnet de-energize the system, the door opens.Electromechanical lock consists of a valve connected to the solenoid, and if the network is disconnected, the lock will remain closed.

Wiring video door with electromechanical lock - 06 photos

Driving video intercom connection with an electromechanical lock - photo 06

Installing intercom own hands

To ensure greater security, can be equipped with video intercom apartmentin the stairwell of an apartment building.This can be done in two ways: to install a video camera on a common access door or panel mounted with a video camera at the door of the apartment.

In the first method, the most difficult - is to install video cameras.We believe that your apartment is connected to the common intercom and you have an audio conference, lock control button is enough and the camcorder from the monitor to get a personal video intercom.

Video intercom with electric lock on one door - Photo 07

Video intercom with electric lock on one door - Photo 07

For example, we are using a video camera mounted in the door panel, which is sold bundled with the monitor.Acquiring the electronic lock is not necessary, since it is already available.

work begins with the acquisition of the required number of cable.To connect the camcorder is better to use twisted pair wire in a screen-type FTP 4 X 2 X 0.5-5e.

drilled into the hallway dowel holes for mounting the monitor and the hole on the landing to output wires that go to the camera.In each entrance there is a vertical shaft, where the television, telephone and intercom wires.

from the outlet to the mine drill holes for dowels and screws to install the cable channel.

With our lead sinker omit the shaft to the first floor.From out of the mine wire exit points to the door as we lay the cable channel.

Installing the video door - Photo 08

installation of video intercom - Photo 08

At the front door, next to the intercom panel drill holes for mounting the outdoor panel and the central hole for the power cord and the video signal line.

Connect the wires according to the diagram and screwed to the door panel.Close cable channel, remove the excess wire into the mine.

Paving the wire from the mine to the apartments, connect it to the monitor and the power supply to the network.Video phone is ready for use.

disadvantage of this method, for all its simplicity, is the presence of two units in the apartment, but if you have experience, it is a snap link and a lock control to transfer to the monitor unit, and all unnecessaryremove.

intercom installation with their own hands and implies the use of a single video camera, which can be put into vandal-proof housing and install in any place that provides a good overview.

By the same principle of personal video intercom installs directly to the door of your apartment, in addition to a common driveway intercom.The only difference is that the outside panel is connected completely, including the audio channel.Wires, thus, the minimum quantity is used.

Many models of video door phones, for example, CommaxCDV-35Apozvolyaet connect to the driveway audiodomofony via connector boards.

Installation of video door - Photo 09

mounting video door - Photo 09

intercom installation with their own hands at a private house, located, as a rule, the country is different selection of the device.For private home ownership is characterized by the use of multiple video door entry panels and additional video cameras connected via a multiplexer.These requirements are fully responsible Model SHT-3005