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August 12, 2017 18:06

Painting a radiator so that it looked like new.Tips and tricks

Find someone who has never held a brush in his hand is very difficult.Therefore, many do not think about how to paint the battery, believing that there is nothing special in the process.In fact, in no particular attention to the radiator will be the same as before the repair: a rusty, with peeling paint and swollen.That is why many are forced almost every year to update the look of heating elements, rather than to learn how to paint the battery correctly.But then you can return to this problem does not occur more than once in five years, and even decades.

battery What can and should be painted

traditionally need updating any painted radiators, especially iron, as over time the paint starts to chip them, and in open areas appear rust.It not only spoils the curtains, but also destroys the equipment.

Paint radiators

Painting radiators - Photo 1

aluminum or steel covered with a new sample battery factory enamel not usually paint, especially on the grounds that it is not like the color or want t

o change it.Otherwise, their appearance will be ruined, and the heat from them is reduced significantly.Therefore, it is better to disguise the best decorative screen.

Colors Review Radiator

most common options - a enamel paint.They can be acrylic or alkyd.First established in the organic solvents.They allow you to create a beautiful, glossy finish.The second - very durable, easy to clean, virtually erased.Alkyd enamel also have a huge advantage - a wide color gamut.Their drawback - they include white spirit, which has a sharp odor.

traditional paints that contain harmful substances, are gradually moving to the side.Although they are quite effective - give lasting color, uniformly applied and are resistant.In addition, the cost of such material is different accessibility.

Nevertheless, they can be replaced with more environmentally friendly materials - the same water-soluble paints .They are absolutely safe, dries quickly, precisely applied and do not emit carcinogens.However, when you buy should be careful - not all such products are like to use as the water causes corrosion of the metal.Because it is better to choose a paint based on acrylic, be borne in mind that the radiators will still require careful surface preparation.The disadvantage of these materials is also that they are not resistant to abrasion, and can spoil curtains.

Alternatively, you can use enamel in spray cans with , designed for radiators.Though it is not entirely safe, but it can help to get the job done in minutes.However, it allows only refresh the surface without penetrating into the hard to reach places.

Required tools and materials:

  • small brush with soft bristles or foam roller;
  • for hard to reach places need to take a brush with curved handle;
  • drill with paddle as a wire brush;
  • sandpaper;
  • film;
  • spatula;
  • paint, primer, solvent.

Fast surface preparation

choosing which paint to paint the battery, it should be noted that their training in each case will be different.Also, a lot depends on what kind of results I want to get in the end: to refresh the surface of the radiator or to give a new kind of factory products.

Battery Preparing for painting

battery Preparation for painting - Photo 2

First we need to clean all surfaces of dust, dirt, spider webs.If time is short and I want to perform the procedure quickly, it is enough to clean off loose paint with a spatula, sanded to remove burrs and rust with sandpaper.Further, all formed recess should be treated with a primer, which protects the metal from corrosion and putty.All these steps are made for painting enamel.

Careful surface preparation

In this case, the remaining paint is removed completely.Here's how:

  • warming radiator with a gas torch;
  • then break off large chunks of paint with a spatula;
  • surface is thoroughly cleaned with sandpaper, but better: a drill with an attachment from an iron brush.

After these procedures, the radiator is wiped with a damp cloth in order to degrease and get rid of the dust.If the right to paint it after such a procedure, it will definitely look like new.

the way that he is also working as if he had just brought from the factory, you should perform additional procedures.Namely, it is necessary to remove, drain the water, much heat, allow to cool, then disassembled and cleaned of accumulated debris and rust inside.Then, carefully assemble it back by using as the rubber pads, cut from conventional tires.


Now consider, in fact, like to paint the battery.First of all, you need to dilute the paint to the state 1% kefir.That is a very fluid, but not watery, and so she ran a brush is not less than 30-40 cm at a time.Next, gently apply the first layer, starting from the inner side of the battery.

Then you have to wait a day or in some cases, 7-8 hours, depending on the product quality.Then you need to paint the radiator again in the same way.By the way, the second layer of acrylic paint (if it is used) can be applied immediately, without waiting for drying.

Can I paint the hot battery

Many professionals do not recommend to paint the radiators at the height of the heating season.However, using alkyd enamel resistant to high temperatures, or sprays, it is possible to paint the hot battery.Only it should be done carefully, accurately and quickly, and to not get burned, and the paint is flat.The last to do is hard enough as on a hot surface of 50 ° C, it dries almost instantly.

radiator color variant

radiator paint option - Photo 3

If you doubt that you can quickly and accurately perform the procedure, it is better to wait for the completion of the heating season.Or, if time is short, do not just paint the hot battery, and pre-tightened supply of heated water in them.And if that does not succeed to perform on their own, you can contact the housing office.

Useful tips

to during work does not stain flooring, baseboards and wall coverings should be thoroughly insulated areas with the help of the film, which is desirable dot stick stationery tape, so that it does not move.Newspapers in this regard is worse - they are torn in the process, when they paint falls.

battery Painting

battery Paint - Photo 4

If you need to paint the battery more thoroughly, it is best to remove it, otherwise do not work.If it is not possible to do that, then you need to start with prokrasku inside, where access is difficult, so the probability of getting dirty is reduced.

If you've never used a paint note, that at first you do it very slowly, you will be uncomfortable, everything will stop.Such is the specificity of the case.Therefore, beginners painting hot battery is not necessary, because the result was not very good with a 90% chance: can stay stains, streaks, enamel will fall unevenly.